Disfavors Not Liked By Favorers Of Disfavorings And Dislikes

Any constant obsession is always a concern and likely out of conception terms for how biology is termed how this does not apply to the rule of men to properly apply justice when it is the cause for justice and then the remedy for how men must be for how their own domains must be | The as seen in the online scene news reporting of testimony of men before any body of other men may need to be rinsed of women’s rights initiations and other factions of how law enforcement policy over decades crept into the inner minds of primarily women and males raised by women thinking they were supposed to be father without recognizing they were in fact fatherless and then in a conduit made for them by policies of armed men wearing badges and then in the process of how manifest destiny proctors procedures of conveniences to those who can wield control of the women making any testimony a policy statement and the furthering of that policy enacting which for law enforcement is sadly reeked with a promise of showing how any male or man not law enforcement is one of several categories of labelings concocted in religious concepts in California itself constructing its own platform of the laws of the country by ignoring those in favor of religious lessons likely coming around the parlor of families when their own children encountered in the streets and in schools originally wayward men and then women in a godful concept of religious conduct likely created by a type of YMCA for males and the YWCA for young women then which for that is cloudy regarding how the single letter in their labeling for their religious cause was meant to berate the father concept the country and then the Catholic church stood behind as the rigors of man defined. Just a quick glance at news reporting requires also just as quickly ignoring any female’s reporting of the FBI manners being presented in the Congress road to how to reimplement religious laws after being defeated by real men in the election the rallying forth of that is also sadly a riddling of truth with police legacy in how any male accused by them is in their procedures craftily presented in so many constructed patterns of not liked behaviors that the world is supposed to shriek and shriek in dismay and then with some desire for that too as a stoking of that presents for women usually a pattern of obsession for more of that and then not just throw tomatoes since now the police policy wants to draw on Roman times for how history says people were thrown to the lions all of the time | A slight manner of proper due diligence to attending to the facts that matter and then in how to properly identify how to define how to procedure through a proper review of what is the legal matter of concern for anyone following the tracking of the Democratic Party wing in how it has made news reporting messy and in the halls of justice for their religion that aspires to be ministries of young men and women in communities together holding hands pledging these youngsters in their heads for life for any cause that also incidentally rewards those behind administering the communities with the police as their guards in terms of easily acquired wealth or pillars of regard reinforced by how effective their use of mental health is about brainwashing anyone who is not law enforcement in their regards. Yesterday’s pose for the day was also soap operish in the online read of the news regarding the penchant for garnering sympathy and then devotion for a fired now former policy shaper for the FBI with probably a lot of money in his bank account to be able to retire and then not in any way be impacted by policies the FBI might have allowed locale police and sheriffs to cause that are bleeding Americans of their wealth and liberties in favor of religion tires and mock crucifixions of mainly any real men not instrumenting police policy as how those now somehow running high technology companies and then fortuitously rolling in overvaluated stock worth from in fact drawing upon the missing wages of Americans stuck in the stock market diverted the proceeds to any cause that inspires youngsters in their heads for life to hold hands with anyone and then in anonymous calls accuse everyone they dislike of anything they dislike or is on the list of not liked for that being labelings of behaviors conveniently not favored and then in opposition of being an obedient follower under guard of course of the police state mentality double that to also be now a properly indoctrinated social media inter-gender exchanger where upon the excitement of following a fanning of disfavor is completely infectious for these youngsters in their heads forever | Brambly and Posed | Michael L Urquhart | Michael L. Nunn | Shaw Conkling Nunn independent publishings

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Callousness of Indifference In A Caldron Of Deception And Defeat Is How America Faces Its Future When Women In Coven Use Police To Abuse October 26 2016

The Presence Of Religious Laws In The Divide Of Constitutional Cause Imprisons Any American Male When In California  August 26 2016

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When The Country’s Worth Is Abling Of Crediting That Too The Basic Allowance For How Life Is To Be Borne Still Is Then Underwritten And Balanced In Levers Of Interest Stake Holds And Equity Returns

The logic of precedent law is how inheritance claws and how men primarily for that were endowed with their understanding of the common law too how much was sensibility and then conferred from precedences in life enacting the precedents too is how the country of the nation of the people’s purpose to be their own interest in stead was about monarchy opposed then and how in earnestness to appease disquality and morassness of the human stature in equanimity to categorize how to capture those avenues of proper resolute order to be in absolute calm and restive in the proceeding to gain the present then course of enacting restive nature to calm and then restore order of the land was about also enabling the constructing of the land in fortitude for the common good too and then enabling the coursing to prosper in the fortitude of all in how the rights to life promulgated to prosperousness in a wealth divide. When we course the aim of the people’s interest we may in fact have to recast and recall the people anew and then format the ordering of how they are the restorative and then also in that the originality in the vesting format too and then properly in that due for their wholeness again too while how religion may stride out the measures of proper spiriting to the avenue of return is also about unwinding the interest stakes unwisely for the aim of how to provide aplenty a prosperousness to a wealth divide which in that may be a class act to allowances to draw upon the equity stake holds to underwrite inherent obligation in presumes and assumes and then to be whole and in that be enacting of the concepts of will and servitude to the independent desires to be novel and inventive too as long as that respects the rights of any other’s own nature as well and never allows the depletion for foreign interests only.

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When We Begin Again To Be Again We Are Forming Our Memory Anew And Then Remembering Our Memories Too

The cadence of semblances in formation begins to begin the formation of how people can be able to be who they are when they become about how to become again the people they were and then who they can be again is how we see in sadness too how the transition in return must enact the promulgations of how to fact the moorings and then oar away to where it begins to soar away. In the read of the aftermath of the US president election a callous of harm in how the pithiness of the race to be the proper candidate for the people of the country’s founding had to also be about biological calling and in the stable nature of man from the origins we became in forging how each has to be and then be remained in the end is how for the creation of just one new creation of one of then two the causes and semblances of order orders biologically how to order leaving any in that a disordering to be able to be too as a weakening of how the people have to have trust in faith in biology too.

In the aftermath of a difficult election process to follow in how the policies of a failure to adhere to the design of the country’s fathers now casts in sobering enactments of courses to procedure procedures needed for how to remedy already the harms to the people of American beginnings caused by insisting that the country was formed to fill in bastions of different people without regard for how heritage and the country’s laws are about faith in trust together in equity return together too which is then about how to vest and properly adjudicate how the vesting is adhered to too. In faith are we to be the trust too and then the fateful in how to be entrusting again and again is how we forge the proper balance of how the country is to be about the people who are born to be the people and then about any that follow to become the followers too in how that always required perseverance in acquiring their vesting then which needed to be in a generations slide how to form generations of stead that enact properly for the case of then being the American.

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Callousness of Indifference In A Caldron Of Deception And Defeat Is How America Faces Its Future When Women In Coven Use Police To Abuse

In my characteristic read of the news seen in the scene are problems of a country too in then how effective leadership is about being the leader and not uncommonly for men the led leader then characteristic in the biology for women the enraptured or contained leader instead how this is relevant is about when the woman becomes the led and where the separation of power is then about not being bled.  In interpretation for those not in their memories correctly leader is performing double duty in meaning still and film is about how the contour of the meaning is being fulfilled.

This began as The present US president election campaign is still about remembering how men are in their biological rhythms which for real men does not normally incorporate having a police man by their side to beat up anyone they dislike the favorite concept of life trained into every woman who grew up in California and then spread to their mothers for any case where the mother grew up without the Democratic principles of a police state in truth indoctrinated into all of them over a time period since about 1962 when the police state of California emerged into its hegemony after manifestly destined into a probability of how World War II had killed too many astute men whose loss caused significant deferrals of common sense in how life in the US pertained to the Constitution of the United States and not to concepts constructed out of the fight against those fought against during WWII as one course that became since other predications of concerns regarding rights involved evolving out of the moral code conduct edicts that took over counties and cities and then offset freedoms applied in common sense and then to memories of proper sensibilities too by instituting regimens of controls over behavior as ministries and not Catholic conventions focused on women’s initiatives that ministers bred into congregations of communities contained now inside borders of counties mainly men in those ministries then for those presumed to be non Presbyterian from my experience and non Mormon too in comparison for the theory and not necessary how Congress forced the religion into distortions at that time not exposing the religious contortions inside Congress itself.

The reason real men do not need police males by their side armed and ready to cower anyone they face which is what woman want to do and then carry out with in truth what that means their husband police person is about real men being the instrument of their own power in accordance with their constitutional rights to take charge and be in control of any confrontation needed to stave off another whose own case for life is to degrade one’s own freedoms in any way which is what women in this election are being cast into the role of by the conglomerate police state mentality and then in the evidence of what is being seen in their public scenes a posse like manner of expressing what also seems to be an out of control madness that women might actually be able to muster up in group force dynamics without recognizing how that works to make them just function together as a unit with someone else thinking for them  instead if someone is not able to step in for each individual woman involved to stabilize a tendency to take their now mob like emotional upsurges to group warfare to even cause the murdering of all men which might be avoided by just covering their bodies entirely when ever they are near men so that they can feel assured that no one will ever even see them and then admire them at all or in perfectly normal case feel attracted to them too the case for how society evolved to cater to what is sophisticated and then appreciated and also sensible is about life evolving too and is never really about uncovering sins and then cowering all to the historical evidence and not to how  all concerts are played all the way through the issue in the news seems awful from the women’s perspective which is really buttressed by a police mentality immersed in behavior psychology which is epitomized by the Los Angeles Superior Courts of Sin And Discipline where fashion became how to take any celebrity as one example of anyone in court in happenstance of finding themselves in court facing a judge usually in a contrivance brought about by over tautly applied behavior discipline instrumented by police and deputies of each county to then create an example out of shaming who ever it is so that all of California would now not only take notice of the women judges behind all that and bow to them and then invite them to walk the Hollywood carpets with all of the other models but all of the citizen of California would cower at even contemplating even before birth any now considered to be sinful act which might still even be sleeping in one’s car or having a proper drink at dinner and then driving home as one has a right to make every attempt to arrive to their home and not face armies of police people waiting with blow torch like manners to trap anyone into now forced labor in a life of being monitored for any further sin in how effective California is a prison state for all.  Under the wiring of all this is also the tendency to cause financial ruin as a type of strategy of capitalism in reverse in a reserve of concern for how it robs anyone now trapped in violations of their fundamental liberties as those are warranted and then promissorily made manifest by rights of birth status of being a proper American of citizen rank while the other side of the coin for that when men are married and then being targeted is to drive their wives to divorce them to drain away the funding for any legal work needed in a partition of under California concepts of that “commune” like community property which in California parlance for that is really owned by the State of California for any woman’s part since all women are assets of the state even when born in New York or another country it might be considered fashionable for any woman married to a wealthy male from another country to lure him to California for a divorce since California in callous indifference too ignores marriage conventions of religion and venue and would enable any woman to seek sanctuary just by claiming her husband abused her which in many cases is cultural contusion of what is abuse.  

Disruption in the service provided after logging in said to be server maintenance still in progress as it seems at the specific time scene kept this from being published 25 October 2016 before 731AM PDT. The matter or exposure to how infrequent stays in hotels allowed for being kept still a prisoner homeless in Alameda by the state’s posture to give away the country to anyone not like me which in specifics is a white male of the people who created the country as many are who are still alive today in their descendancy arias and then with the memories it appears the Democrat conventions and the “police state hoods “in their many dissentions about rights and then bearing badness in behavior protocols opposed to liberties too want to erase so that all of the new arrivals have no clue the laws can not be changed for anyone born in the USA with grandfathers born as US citizens too while the country is a country governed by the people for the people born as American citizens in all those graduations of how that is even a graduation to be understood and then applied to how the equity in the country for each is about three million dollars a piece.

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The Momentum Of Progressive Wades Interiorly To Progressives In Pause Of Superiority In Thoughts Of Providence

When we wave our flag of concerns we are also the flagging of our allegiance too in how we presume to be who we are in our destiny to be. When we rise to our crest in our calling we have to reunite our calling too by remembering what we became as we became again what we were to construct the mighty to be how the mighty was always meant to be and then offended no one in our earnestness to construct the castles of our desires while in our minds became the causes of our inspires to cast out the realm of our many masts of our fortitudes to create the conditions where our prospects and our goals had magnitude and then fortunate magnitudes as well for how our familes became the fortunate swell of how we sealed the bastions of others in their unwillful disobedience to laws of our biology too for how the sewing of our needs was about sealing away the soilable and the seepage of unease and then unrestful disboweling of our rights to be the people of will striking back at the ableness of many to dischord the unity of aplenty where the goal of fortitude and then reasonableness of life and pleasures too was about being together again in mind while collecting indifferently to how each can and be independently their own time.

This began in compounding beginnings as Election polls are instruments of the Democratic policy to always be in charge of behavior too for a proper understanding of that each poll needs to provide a substantial hearing format for how to evaluate the persons behind the polls some of the data suggests they are not married or married with children and then have lovers who are not their husbands while in that messing up their children while other data suggest they might have traveled and stayed in a Mexican beach resort and hotel and talked with the men there who may have suggested life coursework or worked on it with them other data may in fact effect confusion by suggesting that sex the night before with a person not legally a husband may have impressionably altered the scope and capacity to understand the poll collection process too while other possible reveals about the poll taker is really about being able to poll that too since it might suggest who not to vote for and then who to vote for too while for all of that if any poll taker is having an affair with anyone who is technically illegal the poll has to be thrown out while anyone related to the US president or even the Governor of California has to be disqualified immediately from even asking one question and then finally the actual way the  poll was taken is about wondering if a computer program is used to just say anything the poll taker entered into the computer and for that inside which company Google Yahoo Facebook LinkedIn Microsoft or any company run from India did that occur.

This began originally as  The read of the surface detail of the current US president election shows bias toward men still and then hatred of anyone who is a real man and then finally a constant threading of how no one can allow anyone to be a US president unless they are a woman or a bilateral male or any immigrant whose father happened to impregnate their mother as a US citizen if she really was in a strategy to gain citizenship and then left behind strained concepts of how anyone who is supposed to father children has to recognize how to conceive them properly for the proper memories in life progression too and not be about being a “Johnny Appleseed” of planting offspring every where the cold facts about any one allowed to be in a leadership posture as a woman or provisional US citizen in that behind the scenes control is exerted for the circumstances of biology too by others who normally are in control of the seems for the California case of a former governor of the Republican camp  a real man the Democrats controlled his wife and had him punitively divorced after leaving office using a woman counselor as she told that story in the news for public relations needed by the LA superior courts of sin and discipline but without proper medical attention to the prerequisite in primary physician care protocols which does require any counseling of a woman alone by a counselor even now when they are women only against men to be evaluated for cause by the physician before referral is allowed and then for the husband a proper review with the family’s legal counsel too to root out when the wife is no longer actually in assembly for their combining in biology at all and then causing or planning personal injury to him and then who is the instrumentor of that the usefulness of a previous non married at the time he was governor before according to the knowns as an attorney general was in truth his signature required to make any changes actually manifest for the State of California for any woman in charge and married her husband has to counter sign any law in theory or any contract formed of fact or in the absence of soundness of marriage the American people are going to have to be worried about which present case seen then for any man around the woman or in the past onside of the marriage chamber if she is the president is in charge of her on the spot or is it a group of women instead controlling her basic instincts their basic nature is to castrate men in nature and find them in the womb and have them aborted too which at times seems to beg to exclude any immigrant male’s male offspring only. The final complex of that is how cultural behind is also at play to keep the influx of culture  in the woman’s arsenal of being able to say she has moved on again! to better changes in her life while leaving her husband in the dark behind about the change mongers deliberately altering her in her advice and vice too and then in the protocol of family not required by the Democrats in wing formation using police or sheriff deputies to control all men and then any man fingered by women and then immigrants too the favorite conduct of immigrants in California where every missing white male is going to produce a household with a woman ready to swing easily away from America and the solid background created with men and their families when the country began.  Refer to my past statements regarding how the country defeated itself what creates the backbone of America and why every married man needs to have a gun to protect their own family which in the awl of that is their right of all.

Lessons for Democrats

Sending them to their room to watch old episodes of “The Rifleman” or for females  “Father Knows Best’ and “The Rifleman”  and then after “The Rifleman” “Father Knows Best” again.  Not intended in this lesson to remind them what Americans look like to the rest of America now being left out by billionaires spending the missing wages of Americans on funding immigration integration or behavioring and then causing housing to be missing for Americans too.  In California several million homes are in fact missing and need to be located and may represent a kind of theft of America while replacing those with benches to sit and then gifting money to refugees and those arriving through Mexico so they can afford housing is about electing a Democrat as a US president and then asking to be flogged every day too which is a kind of horror experience that might come with a offer of being allowed to provide charity afterward without any way to say no thank you and finally a visit to a local jail too to meet the jail god.

“Lessons for Democrats” came to mind after composing the second two paragraphs of my writing preceding “Lessons for Democrats” which in truth is too short a list for what is needed to remind them of America and then who Americans were when we began and then who we are are today in case they are having problems locating them in as one example California.

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The Presence Of Religious Laws In The Divide Of Constitutional Cause Imprisons Any American Male When In California

The focus in California in the out weighing of any woman’s rights over men in any matter is about overriding all exposure and then equal treatment of women’s own entrenchant abuse of men in every California corridor in the read of a shift in preferred assignment of a judge in a case under management of the Democratic party as every instance of focusing on any acts of white males is about associating in discolors intentional the opposing political agenda in the premise of consistent application of civil remedy in theory of their own bastionings to then counter religious warfare of California bastions a issue rearing into constitutional infringement of the masses which does promote without any matter of being concerned any religious warfare advantage the presumption of innocence is also about age factors and then degree of warranting causes that promote degrading of constitutional liberties which under religious laws of counties of California for those cases submerges reason and then common sense too about when any minor is still a minor and then improbably able to be outside the reach of being dysfunctional by dysfunctionings nearby and then in the regard for family extent then incapacitated by lack of judgement which prevail in a context for that to counter influence the family instillations of any matter of presences of mind for how any inebriation incorporating that to incorporate any unsteadying influences of other features of college aspecting in behavioring for radicalizations causes which rule over the concept of judgementalisms as families are able to properly develop in their own offspring when in control and then also assured colleges are not in that distorting and converting to contra intervene the issue for young males is the distancing from their fathers that colleges may in fact promote to achieve consistent delivery of postured social agendas while the issues of behavior of youths in the presence of all of that may in fact foster inappropriate concepts of well meaning. The read in the Stanford case in the judge implementation of the afore mentioned matters for a case of two parties in equal incapacities of life still shows specific callous disregard for both sides being incapacitated and then for that is focusing on white males not inside the police state reach of then being the police state in their heads the surface details of the news reports may in fact have removed the evidence that supports the appropriate for the matters of facts known at hand in the judicial administration of the case outcome which does allow for alienation abhors and then rights to be in law venue properly too always difficult interstate for the appellate causatives. AFTER seeing and then reading a news report online 26 August 2016 when seen in the online scene unsigned by an author in the BBC about the move of the judge to a different avenue of judicial performance delivery since there was still evidence of religious tampering and then management by the Democratic machine. The matter of how religious clause rules district attorney cause in California is how that effectively manages the police state edge and then the women on their ledge for any reliability and assurance on trained tendency to contribute to constructive causes to degrade any non police state male’s constitutional right in this case against false imprisonment without equal treatment of the clauses of inebriation.

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Disturbing Hews of Discoloration Towards Anyone Opposed To Cultural Death Of The Founding Families Of The Country

My quick brief of concern in regard to watching Americans in their distress and troubled in the frenzy to unfeather from the faith the democratic wing hands to all to behave and then torment anyone who does not behave according to their hear say “it as we tell you to say it” concepts in how that is better described in how the police state of California survives to provide solace to anyone having to now face men in life is about how anyone can request any hearing of their peers be adhered to by assigning peer judges too before hand which is about proper structuring of dutiful process in due process a problem also discovered in California where judge types in their assignment to be from diversity collage simplifies a process of specific disregard to dutiful process in how to easily inadvertently for the disproportionality assign a judge of a different origin of life to the case specifics to assure an improper court experience is the experience for anyone targeted by those behind this in California too noting the culture misfitting applies to sexual orientation  and then to the fashion and passion to presume young judges unmarried and then in the wrong culture as in the same problem observed with medical doctors in the practice catering to veterans not their genetic memory and then to baby productions can even possess experience to recognize common problems or be in divination with the genetic memory for the Americas that is generations of heritage incorporation too.  This began about witnessing the free for all in the cowing in the news reports on live new coverage on TV to be fair in their confusion to the programming of their minds while having to knuckle to the Democratic Party platform of indoctrinating men to believe only a woman can be president even when they can not at least not without a man in charge of them too since that is how they work biologically but then who is the US president then and how all are supposed to believe that any man opposing any woman candidate is never nice the “basic instinct” behind the world domination strategy of the women in Congress and then those they like to see running state departments too to topple every man run country one by one and the hell with casualties of male diplomats neglectfully left unprotected in those countries and then the fact that there is simply no more room in California for all of the refugees that keep coming with all of Mexico coming too even from those states in the US where they may have illegally found themselves one day and then in a reborn all over again concept found California’s government beckoning them all to come and stay.  

Contusions of desire and harbors of malice towards men in evidence of how the concept of race order and then biological precedentials departs from science and origins of life and then remarks to witch trial formatting in the wishful outcome in the read of the events seen on various cable network news programs during two days of viewing TV news coverage indoors before having to be homeless outside again in Alameda California six years from May 26 after the theft of my wife the same date of 2010 then and still missing and then of my home too caused by stealing out of my pocket while forcing me to be falsely arrested my front door key that same day they stole my wife too and then from today also two years and two months after the theft of my already oppressed by them automobile in Gilroy California to subject me to ridicule on foot and then death by exposure then.  That and the associated ongoing cases as my lawsuit summaries  and then developments as those were captured and recorded online since July of 2010 is referenced from or covered generally at this alternate site  Lawsuit Pursuits To Remedy Constitutionality Denied Providing For Recompense and Restitution and Damage Dues   while many facets  in relevance and then as they cross linked to later concerning developments of denials of constitutional rights or as those can be seen in terms of assaults on my civil rights too are addressed inline to my commentaries and other event readings as those are presented within my writing online.  See then as one place to start my Posts By Link within this site and refer to in concert with the rest those specific named pages at my alternate sites which are all supposed to be viewable without any censorship still in concerning evaluation.

1. Hews in the overlay meaning is also hues too

2. “Founding Families” refers also to the composition of people who founded the country and then their descendants and genetic compatibles.  The pursuance of formatting to the common legacy of experience presumes how memory is served and then experienced.

3. The TV news coverage seen exposed a problematic matter of how a woman candidate for US President is only about the token filling in of the role and not on what the country really needs or wants.

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