When We Are Little And Big

Their aggregate might is too little to be even reasonable to discuss national security issues at all other than the few who could together impart a greater reach  in how the country has been breached such as CEO Tim Cook of Apple and Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt of Google and Executive Vice President and General Counsel Brad Smith of Microsoft and Chairman & CEO Randall Stephenson of AT&T noting the presence of the others diminish this group’s character overall.  For our U.S. President the tidings are not good in how he feels this group should replace Congress and help immigrants withdraw more of the missing wages of America from the stock market through carefully crafted over valuations of their technology contributions while of course for those immigrant cases of selected individuals creating rags to riches stories seeped with the backdrop of so many Americans born here seeming not to have the same spirit at all that outcome once their jobs are replaced by immigrants or taken away when taken away then through outsourcing to deliver the job and the cash flow to other country’s cash float systems creating in effect a decades long slide of fortune for those born American and in truth having roots that create the American truth.

Whining always seems to get  attention and this group’s younger crowd or the fans they listen too may be experts while as a set of not really needed to make vision statements ever are a handful of them.


December 17, 2013 Yahoo! News Elapsed Time 4 Hours Obama, Tech Execs To Discuss Costs Of NSA Spying

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