When Sponsorship Underwrites Indemnifications For Job Losses

Sponsorship by any U.S. company implies an assumption of risk that applies to compensation due to anyone removed from their potential to work in their own country or in any way forced to endure hardship while any sponsored worker gains enrichment instead. See my discussions at my writing spots publicly available from within the google domain with a well referenced following from my index Shaw Conkling Nunn Stone about the lessor known facts that any holder of any provisional status as a residence including green card holders and then approved to become U.S. citizens too are all linked by their assignment to their sponsors’s assumption of risk to any likely event they cause casualty and losses incorporating by a conveyance of assignment of risk assumptions to any sponsors that then hire them even when they become green card holders or now provisionally granted U.S. citizens instead directing all to the fact that as residents here they hold and can demand legal rights of their country of origin in any matter up to including capital punishment decrees which would have to be accommodating of their birth status from that other country if that country did not tolerate as an example the death penalty. Under U.S. laws a provisionally established U.S. citizen does not have the same rights as a born as a U.S. citizen and can be deported for suborning character and criminality or civil rights violations which could be carried out under employment conditions linking the employer to further liabilities too. Michael Nunn Stone 3 August 2013

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