Urban Prison Life In California Strife Management By Folly

The United States of America paints a sordid scene in every country where it appears regimes govern rights and restricts every day life and then in that double standard or as best as it can be described in a world epic lie converts billions of dollars of taxes taken from Americans to create urban prisons in broad daylight replicating so many historical pasts that are supposed to be pasts that in any one of them men primarily are subjected to women tyrants teaching them daily lessons they concoct for their own right to subject men to a conversion process of their own concepts of life or punish any man who fails to actually convert on site or for that matter perform for them the tricks they want to see and show how to beg correctly.  In this sad tail end of an already presented horror tale of civil litigation worth prey also men and now women from other countries using American money and plights they created too to politicize their own concepts and countries while not in any way observing how they made worse and then caused more of the problem itself by stealing the jobs and then the money and then the housing every American needs for themselves while in that tragic backdrop a truth about even California that forgot to disclose a religious beginning and how that led to a worshipping of charity and then a faith that only Christian faith could reeducate men and make them good women or promptly obedient to any one too while forcing them never to really materially reach freedom or seizing that from them when their opportunities vanish in that receding freedom as jobs over decades and then policy of counties to be the family for all demolished the values that made America tall.

My ordeal of a vanishing rights scene in plain view too when a California county level court system allows women primarily to dissect marriages merrily leaving it to the counting on the police state they are truly not aware of in terms of how that really manages the women together as assets on tethers began probably as soon as my wife and daughter and I arrived in San Jose in 1978 being allowed to remove myself from Naval intelligence operations to pursue an approved science opportunity in the broadening high technology stride not in any way being anything more than an American born in California who knew his rights then and today are about U.S. laws that all states must obey. By 2000 the job discrimination had taken its toll and the increased job theft rate by foreign workers had become structurally difficult to impede while only last year it seemed or by 2013 a large company named InfoSys according to the news while catering to stealing American jobs by placing thousands of foreign workers into consulting positions was unmasked paying presumably only the government for penalties thus far to that resolve but in no way compensating anyone whose job vanished for their casualty and losses enduring and ensued while by 2002 I lost a job to workers like that too and never could ever regain structural correcting for my right to be American even in my own home State of California and now I am condemned by people I am suing their joy in how well they cultivated my own family to pursue me into doom while corrupting them too and sentenced to urban prison life where all  homeless and enduring ongoing casualty and losses leading to housing loss are disciplined daily into oblivion in places used to store them as sardines in cans.


•  The correct model for housing for someone whose housing has been taken or deprived while being an American entitled to survive is a private apartment where they can live temporarily or permanently  –  The right to private quarters is probably a unstated civil right while the only times sharing quarters is in any way normal for humans in life is when there is marriage and then partnerships by agreement only or only when they are the same larger family or genetic profile with close family connections in that profile likely to the cousin level only and not a mix of different species of people whose thinking model can alienate a different thinking model sometimes at the first meeting and never management by the wrong gender for men primarily which is never women at all.

•  The Wrongful Termination Of A Hire  –  How job discrimination is applied in practice at high technology companies generally when founded with at least one foreign born founder or after hiring into key positions foreign born executives. The technique is arcane and rooted in misapplied psychology and is about wondering if an applicant is smart enough to recognize their application is really just deleted.

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