Court Matters and Bad Manners In Superior Court Aggressions And No Due Performance By A Judge In 107FL143400

The process of transformation in California legal parlance applies to how effective anyone who is forced to experience transformation is also expected to experience contriteness obligated by law enforcement concepts that represses male ego for the benefit of pleasing a platform of politics in which a careful examination of the males in principle have to uncover how they were raised to see if they were removed from their father or participated in the emasculation of them under repressive control of a policed society or simply in characteristic outcome for how slaughtering a family nucleus shatters the biological predicates and often results in parenting without parenting which requires a mother and a father or incorporates a alien father causing every child then developing to develop into adulthood to join the Democratic Party or in truth as a Republican Party member instead easily swayed into Democratic Party beliefs in hysteria instead so that today the country is driven by a police mandate best understood as a law men society of every facet of law enforcement procedure encompassing too every woman judge and every male judge denied their real father at a young enough age to never really recognize how a father passes on traits that without them cripples should they ever become a father or a judge.

From the introduction to the folder collection of related case work by Michael L. Urquhart after discovery of his wife’s take over by others and how that portended danger to him and then complete financial ruin that then did happen too. The stakes raised the Puerto Rico conventional marriage venue was out side the authority of the Superior Court judges meaning the case had to be dismissed too and the other parties making decisions for Edna B. Urquhart and coordinating the case defused while Michael L. Urquhart’s effort to stop a foreclosure had closure in how the loan contract was never properly formed at all prompting him to request that the  judge only focus on canceling the loan instead since the woman judge had assigned the task to a property judge his job as it turned out was to be sacrilegiously the husband of both unlawfully giving the real estate broker the right to force the sale now representing too the buyers receiving undue instead a dishonest Bank of America exchange for Michael L. Urquhart’s property title. 

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