A Production Now Complete Needs To Distribute The Profits Equitably

When we grew up in California no one taught us as Americans how to become American only that the rights to attain any rights to attain any right may have to be fought for every day without relating that into modern words and then forms of conduct observed in how any man or women in any class of religious charm is always going to receive a defensive army paid for every time our model then was how American we are to know that we can be every time we need that to be as we glance quickly at old news our homeless situation in Alameda has worsened too in how conduct and antics are never appreciated with leadership is what we are supposed to be about in how to model our concepts of life and then stand by our rights.  My concern now for the missing $40 every homeless male deserves to create the parity described in how this individual ascribed homelessness to survive in California too and how that could be paid for by the Republican party not in any way deserving of being left with the bill.

After reading about a Fresno homeless stunt performed with $40 by a man who wants to be a governor of land.

After wondering how to enroll in the actor’s guild to be paid for being an extra for a week since I am really homeless in the land.

After wondering if the profits raked in for his entertaining is being properly distributed to all of the homeless extras like me while those in Fresno of American origins can argue for more than that presuming a basic wage is paid when due for being one of the stars there too.

Observing the referenced governor idea has establishes the minimum grant to be given weekly to every homeless male in California as forty dollars even.

In Reference  Search California Governor Hopeful Homeless In Fresno July 31 2014