The Fall Of Never Is Never About Falling Ever

The panacea of pain and then cane is ably making its way by spreading to a different front how affronting religious cause is being diverted by cultural exchange displaced by years to make a president commit atrocity by error in causing the spread of disease to Americans in their teens while the dispatching of any Americans to help fight the cause of Ebola as the news says is our U.S. President’s intention to now contain that disease in another continent all that must be by volunteer only even to the command officers. The memories of a father’s memories still can move us to emotion and divert our need to be caution and conserving by creed not instinctively inward bound to memories of our father’s bounds averting the proper course to follow in any direction to instill instead now squandering our money on sending military personnel to their death in Africa if the news is correct and not a transgression of companies in the news fashion business to cast this as a President call that has not even been actually made at all which would then be a travesty and also hysteria forming as any American can see sending troops to control a disease is about never seeing them ever again at all since they could be all quarantined permanently. The read of the event folding and then revealing too about the Ebola spew produces a note to follow in how to take away a observation too that  a poisonous venom can be substituted to create a symptom in physiological reflex much like Ebola reacts too or in that regard for how to shape the business of world is the dogma of disgracing the American leadership in how that can attract networking in dissidence to create non stop crisis of any formation to draw out the inner historic basis of the President’s own still causing our suggestion in cases of this fashion to be a better look at the sources of information and then how dogma sources and sinks those who rely on the information too noting in our fashion a woman in charge of any disease control factors or military command could also be subjected to the effects of hysteria more than a man.

Footnote 09172014

The clarity in thought is never more difficult to convey when translating to word speak and not having a good day. My statement about ‘causing the spread of disease to teens’ should be viewed without ‘is’ which is how I first presented it and then without ‘in’ too as I corrected it moments later falling into the same pattern of second guessing my original writing when our thoughts are formed out of time and then rendered into words when it is time.

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