How Large The Missing Wages Of Americans Can Be In Reducing The Relief Already In Arrears When Leveling Wages Too Late Is Also How Excise Taxes Must Level Personal Wealth For Grandfather Claws And Then Derivative Causes Denying Americans Their Just Return When Forced To Accept Lower Wages And Total Compensation Before

How wages are credited to Americans entitled to a better share of their country’s fortunes is how wages are debiting value absorbed by immigrants in on any wage balancing in the cases of higher minimum wage each state has a different valuation gauge while the cost of living is about adjusting the loss of quality and the compression causing that too so that only those entitled to receive that then have the wages they deserve for how education they receive when graduating properly from American high schools is a high value equating to a higher minimum Federal wage base which must be $11.23 for most states not providing tax relief in any way. How entitlements are grandfathered in is how minute the calculation required to fairly involve all Americans in while how age factors when entitlements in subsidy arise is different for when dividends of per capita equity can be due and then paid too. Minimum wages standards are about American standards when wages are paid and then what wages are and how wages must be leveled for leveling inequity in value transfer so that Americans and not immigrants are always the better in wage balancing and value transfers. The adjustments for how equity in preserving value exchange is how labor is about transfer of work energy and how that replenishes too and when we analyze the government tables and examine the daily meal rate too we arrive at the minimum Federal hourly wage as well at two sixteenths of the daily wages paid.

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