The American Cause To Dictate Country Clauses Is Absent Of Its Historical Case To Manage Its Own Devastating And Causes Before And Within Free From Being Weighted Down To Defeat Its Own Currency Claws To Then Defeat Its Own Correction Causes Barring When Fate Rears Ahead Instead

A reflection back about rate changes in Russia to shore up value which may be missing total value in currency worth by weighting currency to gold equivalency in total country worth by converting all worth to mean land value too in gold equivalency trust and then marking the target currency value to weigh one ore ounce to five weight dollar amounts translating that for the name of the currency in use and also presuming all worth incorporates all gem hoards too if conserved and then all earth materials in their in earth worth gold equivalency as well and all water where it can well noting in history water is always worth its weight in gold holding that land value appreciates on top when development raises the land sealing. How stock markets exchange current worth underfoot is also how governance for the people ranges value and division of worth in how that creates a ingredienting of when value is floor to ceiling value thence.

The better exchange rate in what has been said should that be properly remade into establishment due is then thirty two current value US dollars per one reconverted Russian rouble since the rouble would then weight more factoring then into how myriad barters in derivatives parlance adapt daily monetary  reconversions for proper release of the barter clasps and depletion minus astronaut contributions are depleted depleted ignoring how the rouble again was settled in cash by arriving from a different beginning day.

Should the United States calculate the total worth of water into gold weight and then do the rest as said too the actual value for each currency then should be about one for one not incorporating how companies eat that away in average cost and then in swaying of the work effort causes by axing the countries’ own fix models for how work and then supply and then demand are balancing against waste.

Due from our publishing storehouse a resurfacing of prior sent discussions and more elaborations too in case more is due while noting our value exchange model which is also a write ahead cache for storing cash capacity in our writing ahead of our revenue collection business model is truly long over due for some healthy payments through our payment center too causing our further work in this area to then be also a replenishing of work effort already expended and then for underwriting properly any further work effort expending too.

When depletion is known that creates ravages that sew is when cash markup is never going to replenish the replenishing of the gold.

How circuit boards integrate integrated components is not about how cash flows in equilibrium when gold weighting is the standard for all valuations and then all worth is properly amounted and then balanced properly into value exchange equations to recapture how depletion is conserving worth minus appreciation in usefulness and then working value and asset state observing how materials are recycled and then valued appreciably for how usefulness is recapturing the net offset depreciation above monetary scale and then reabsorbing value delivery assaying heaven.  When the material is reformed into new forms of faculties the land depletion is recaptured by multiplying the value received per capita less work depletion costs setting into equilibrium a free weigh value exchange in how conservation of useful life is recaptured every time every time.

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Russia makes drastic rate rise to 17% to stem rouble decline


Removed from relevance after adding circuit board analysis this paragraph  How methods are assayed is how Morgan silver dollars were made and when the U.S. created derivatives the gold standard waned while currency abroad kept itself apace making the stock market a waste when not withdrawing American dollars in haste.

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