Orbital Equation Twist In A Earthquake Of Lava Mass Inside A Spreading Density Mass

How a Chilean volcano is shedding no weight is how in a distant horizontal quake the motion in time interval spacial’ness is about energy dissipation and fashion’ness affecting an immediate bounded orbital sway and then weighting down any curb to stay a long distant formation in formation to qualify formation logic and then adjust for disturbing terms and then form formations that disrupt the planetary terms how orbital logic and then how the global intensity in equations of dimensions and slips is not positioning precisely where precisely precisely must terminate the sliding slips in quantum mechanical settlements as slides and ceiling sealing’s needed in small intensity equations to precisely redistribute the sway and motion density shifts and then the repositioning in the planetary orbital equation disturbing locating and swaying too inside the outer solar body so that as the solar body is repositioning around a distant point and how that is distributing inside the outer body too and then in a outer solar body spread of equation volleying to repositioning equations as well so that all bodies following and then those that add to the solar bodies too do not present impotent inertial causeways causing the entire planetary motion in just one orbital place to be abruptly swayed indifferently causing wide spread disruptions in localized geophysical positioning of ambiance and sediments in place.

Michael Nunn Stone  3 March 2015

Source “Chile volcano erupts, shooting lava into the sky” AP March 3, 2015, 7:23 AM CBSNEWS.COM 9:50 AM EST

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