Being The U.S. President Assures White Hair In Residence When Having To Grapple With God Country And Then Women In A Cavalry And Coven Of Need

When danger is about self worth and making sure history is worth the worth is when the country made a President a celebrity and then forces each one to compete incessantly is when we examine how roles are defined and how that risks the country’s own definitions about how country is the definition that time.  Our read of the rolling of the dice to create a historical occasion for all to recall in that where rejoice and the singing in hymns and then how that must be for Him is whether the concept of how religion is really how frenzy can become religion really is why we wonder and then ponder how a woman AG African American represents the large population recently described as in America as immigrants from African roots complaining for equal rights too and then how she might not like those from South of the Border unless they are lined up in pews respectfully singing too is how we know that might be a problem in California where non profits rally and round ways to bring in illegals using women to praise how that might be God’s work and then also now the Attorney General task too while singing the hymns and praising her God again and again in pews too.

How this began in the read of the news on Internet MTV 24 April 2015 about the assignment and then the vise and in a side issue should anyone care to review did they remove white from the race tables at the U.S. Department of Justice too my discovery of that happening in California as well.

The actual read from the event seen in the news scene.

How tasks are related to how a woman becomes elated is how frenzy is related to panic is also how age onset symptoms in patterns affect women more than men until age sixty begins for only a small minority of them.  When we see votes cast in Congress for her we see respect for the male President only and then a burring and adoration for how effects are always a product of time and then beginning on time. When we task immigration woes we see that women see immigrants in tows and how that relates to church depends upon how a minister is at work and how many are in rows sitting in the pews praising the sermon and the due’s while also being illegals too.

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