Gold Flux And Silver Fuss Reducing Total Measured Weight Proportions

About A Previous Gold Pricing Assessment During A Event Read In 2011 August 13

Gold pricing is still not high enough until three thousand per gram per dollar weight in troy bounce is high enough to weigh and silver absorbs the premium between palladium trace and iridium plus so that silver price and not gold premium is equal to one hundred percent of the medium of gold premium over palladium price

The dilemma of how my writing was to appear in the public domain was about how to also encourage income flow for my business concerns using my different profiling techniques to build a rapport with readers able to pay me for how my different assessments were a trade for value back to me too choosing Facebook as a default case of need after my wife disappeared inside under the control of even a man from Peru transporting himself from Virginia he claimed having a cell phone number to match at a suspicious time for his emigration concept for immigration woes there and in nearby states to then become a local Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz County plier of women’s voting instincts using a brazen strategy of instructing them in  a dance exercise fantasy that incorporated even innuendos of sex with even him or as that might be for the fantasy offered to his enticement of other illegals where to go to find the sex for free.

In this recap by reference and then excerpting too of my Michael Urquhart Shaw ‘Wall’ entry from August 2011 I am following a briefer assessment provided in a publishing using the note formatting convention at my Shaw Conkling Nunn Facebook Page that then following also correspondence sent even before that which in a different category of gold pricing spelled out the issues of a country that did not properly weigh gold in equivalency for total worth and then decapitated cash flux potential.  The issues of the former USSR in cash reliance covered in a recent publishing here is also about the problems of gold manipulation by privateers causing wreckage in country level political structures and then endless barrages of bartering in which the cash exchange minuteness engages incessant margin borrowing of country reserves to then equate that into private wealth garnering only while not then in any way assuring balancing of the weighted gains in how that leaks in reverse to create unhealthy wealth capacitance in apathy of free market dynamic exchange of value and worth making in that careless disregard for how the country of the United States of America is a divide equally shared by Americans only and not every wayward arrival seeking now equal rights that better even those whose constitutional rights are supposed to warrant without any constraints even their own rights to survival.

Gold pricing is still not high enough… August 13 2011 As Michael Urquhart Shaw © 2011

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