As We Hold Our Ground About Language Forms From Thoughts We Form

Our encouragement to not actually let us know how we are all being replaced by Democratic Party waste to make diversity be so complete that no one recognizes the composite in how breeding any line of people must conform to how genetics form the thoughts too. When we model how to think the model conveys the thoughts to those who know the model conveyed so that all like minds are rhythmically in pace while time forwards and winds and then refines the times to pace.

In this event read too about an unneeded poet laureate role we are embroiled in overlays of event reads that materially form as well for how the news report of the assignment in a background of consignment derives from our own mistreatment in California where white males are no longer allowed except in law enforcement second to how Catholic priests are not required or tolerated probably to also mean no Mormon family need apply to be a family applied worse if married in Utah where those laws in California might not even abide our own case of a Puerto Rico marriage venue lost in space of providing preferential services to our missing wife instead or just to all those who had penetrated and then made decisions in her head and then also took our home and made it disappear causing needless homelessness to instead appear¹.

The successful burying of a nation formed to be a nation as formed by how a poet laureate assigned in conspiracy defined to augment the nation’s passion for being the nation of compassion is about damaging the concept of how American values derived and how passions are confined the nation in this turn now being rapidly reduced in its case of being a nation conserved by replacing its people in democratic fumbling and concerns and enforcing foreign nature².

How due process must meet proper and weighing of justness and order too is how ranking this assignment case is about ranking weight of those deciding too and how they represent the nation as a whole or just own properties abroad and are defecting when that opportunity becomes their goal.

When we materially aspire to be our own people the steeple becomes the aspect to avoid how also not to become feeble. In this case we are concerned the only goal is written in the plan for a woman candidate for president following her selection to be one gay male to also be the next in line too so that California can be given to Mexico in gratitude for how miserable the Republicans and all the people of the other parties too are made to feel every day for in fact how they represent the real people of the Unites States born to convert thoughts into literacy of English when generations of memories are steady state and in the connection.

We now request anyone who wants to be a governor or president to be able to show they are not conferred to another nation in any way since the people of the United States of America have a right to presume their leaders are American through and through and the discoloring aspect of foreign intervention in thought processing causes a remedial formation required to correct how that misaligns the constitutional predication of the laws of the United States of America.³

The source for this event read is the 10 June 2015 seen report by CBSNews.Com ‘Nations First Latino Poet Laureate’ as reviewed also for identifying just who made the selection and then who were the rejected.

¹ The separate Michael L. Urquhart lawsuit developments website is the best place for all that while due to preoccupation with this publishing task a delay in the report of a new case development to be published next as status that follows in how sleep arrest came about on the night before June 10th with sinister players behind the scene left to be still fully identified and a small size white pickup truck involved the vehicle’s driver’s side door embossed with a city or county emblem seen parked and then hurredly driven away in the night before later we were apprised of their complaint in how that always is about inconveniencing or causing mischief and mayhem made-to-order too. Conspiracy Formation Again In How Sleep Arrest Stalking Has Spread From Risk To Death Desire To Something Similar Now That The Motor Vehicle Has Been Expired Leaving Exposures To Exploit And Then Cause More In Misery In How that Makes The Driver Without The Protecton Of The Automotive Easy Disposal For Less Cost Then Surviving In The Body Vehicle.

² This entire paragraph is one of several first titles arrived at.  The other is How due process must meet proper weighing of justness and order too is how ranking this case is about ranking weight of those deciding too and how they represent the nation as a whole or just own properties abroad and are defecting when that opportunity becomes their goal. Another that came to mind when reading the reading is When We Aim Our Shooting Due Do We Shoot Ourselves Too.

³ This original part of my event profile was left apart unspellchecked and inserted into its proper position at 1:42 pm after making sense of my jumbling of the text as I wrote that out under conditions of hardship and handicaps caused and then how that has led to problems with use of equipment I would have preferred not to have used to augment the keyboard in my laptop made impassible as a keyboard due to coffee spills over the keys while struggling with sleep arrest consequences or as that might be described for the lack of adequate rest under conditions my physical body needs sudden shock and then wasteful sleep attack.

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