Our Plan For Retirement Forced To Be Less Than Due Made Worse If The Next President Is Not From The Country Too

When we examine how elections emerge or diverge the people’s interest we never neglect to neglect how to examine the principles of the people or see in them what we perceive is the necessary to being instrumenting of our desires and then our aspires as people this became in this manifest of mistakes our own case for how not to ever be on Earth during a militarized presidential election where the regimentation is about the parade and then the music and now with women always worrying about costume mistakes and then proper hairdo and cosmetics chosen to sway the masses on election day is how we want to also remember strife has emerged to cause deaths in our midst as political struggles have become gender abyss and wanton cases for how one is better than the other while not in any way seeing how in biology all pit men against each other.

The immediate past publishing should be reviewed side-by-side. See As We Hold Our Ground About Language Forms From Thoughts We Form.

My Past Publishings Address Election Woes By Recording What To Know

From my June 12 2012 report with more – Our stature began in our founded beginnings in a process of resolution in how man survived in a different calling in a place of seclusion far from the reaches of how men had to be obedient to allegiance when allegiance was falling fallow to surrogacy and leeches. Thus as we note in a very brief side note the construction of the Company of the Country of the United States came about in commerce and legal concerns of property and treasures to abound by binding of testament and by fitness of congealing the family to create long lasting testament to how endowing of freedoms and compiling of congealments became annealing to cause of common persuasion in which allegiance and honor were family accords to honor and commerce in companies of company of man began the means and modicum for factoring raw resources into basis for cause for each unit of family clause to construct their castles for pause and harmony and pleasures of man where safety for their own became sanctuary to be renown and in spite of the odds then paving creative energy to create creative cause to create more energy to cause. Shaw Conkling Nunn June 16 2012 Report

From my June 8 2012 report with more – A relapse of a women’s memory relapsing is caused by excessive exercising and age onset complications including child birthing as noted in my medical assessment and concussion from a fall not properly understood for how women’s cranial injuries are more persistently onset and delayed at the same time while constant repetitious exercise in excise and in volume of stress inducement to focus body dynamics on stress induced reductions precede and accompany compulsive obsessive behavior often times seen in women after exercise easily lured to buy frauds or sign up for network marking ideas or be a willing subject to sexual advance while even married to another legal sexual advancer. Shaw Conkling Nunn June 8 2012 Report of several about women in injury conditions

From my September 12 2012 event read then – Premonitions of Diplomats Lost Are Never Really Publicly Known. How we measure our mettle and send our missiles away is how we evaluate how we created the day.  In our brief observation of Egypt and Libya again we note how it began with a foreign worker from another American company they claimed using Facebook to exclaim and involve the U.S. in toppling Egypt’s better grips. When we reverse our review and review our reversals we see that history and memory are at large to consume our excesses and prevent us as a nation from committing acts of ungracious expressive’s incorporating religious tones for how to quell another country’s tomes in which we feel once again for those missing our lessons and our agains that only we could know how to manage a region of diverse people by toppling and then having murdered two and more who knew better about their own people too our eulogy to diplomatic clause shows our emphasis on crying about a case we caused against our towering American clause in terms of injustice done is about how we topple and make other places shake and quake to save them for our own greed of being about selling our own saving of everyone too.  Shaw Conkling Nunn September 12 2012 Event Read

From my October 16 2012 reporting of intersecting events then – On the day of the evening of another lecture by the US democratic lectern we turn the page to California and their salvation desires about converting the entire nation to become a disease of compulsions about abuse by men desires and how to spend the entire budget of the United States for law enforcing a witch hunt for abusive men using a technique of business misapplied to create a market in hunting for abusive men to create a demand and then a fortuitous supply we note the entire US DOJ budget is designed to find abusive men and those opposing the give away of U.S. citizen women to immigrant men.  As Michael Nunn Stone October 16 2012. My new title for the compendium edition How American Women And The Police State Police The World Too Creating A Market And Then A Product To Sell By Buying The Purchaser Too.

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post script – My first title for this publishing began as Today’s Thoughts Are About The Election Rots.

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