About Uneven Registrations Of Public Reactions To A New CFO In Action

The growth in year over year ends to make women the only end is not about proclivity and then proper biology tribulations but about obliquely replacing men with women in their roles regardless of how biology tolls in this brief relapsing of the resolve not to point out the obvious to all in how this public spectacle of lamenting the ‘vanishing the breed of men as CFO agenda’ of company’s like Google partaking in their excess of how effective the wealth can be stolen in that way of describing how easy it is to ‘control them’ when catering to what the political strong arms of the parties insist on to enable proper policying¹ of the people which is about ‘running with the bulls’ as only women can do and placing all men inside compartments that say can do if only they can prove they are not straight and narrow and about being men as men can be and not choruses in carol instead is when we wonder how long the money will last if no man is controlling this CFO’s daily task.

In my customary read of events seen in the scene a profiling of what is viewed is about a quickening in the intake of the energy caused and then about infusions of saliences dribbling around all of that caused incorporating even the image seen in the scene and then factoring in how ambiance is also all about and then before hand affecting ambiance as it is all about. ²

My first take of the developments reported about began …  This is registering in their favor about California’s registry of their favor which is about women in charge where ever they can place women in charge producing for this venture a bonus of having less focus on the CEO’s own leisure of spending the missing wages of America since the company is doing that too in now a better terrain of favor for even the Governor whose own penchant is that once he is retired only women will control the wealth being drained from California’s divide or being sunk into drains of more wealth in California beside so that when it is all over all of the law enforcement groups can retire to another country instead since less room will be available anyway in California where the entire country of Mexico will be living too having moved in while everyone was favoring women only to do everything too. ³

Source –  The Wall Street Journal WSJD provided 7:36 am ET after clicking to there from the Starbucks WiFi news lineup seen

¹ policying and policing overlay.

² In the development of my ‘readings’ a profiling of events as they are then infused into analytical grade for the inside meanings or what is really being said subsequent explanations often are forming of now a profiling of the profiling in this specific occasion being more about how any profile can be quagmired in overlays of meaning.

³ This was too controversial to be the first impression of the profile while also in complexity overlaying a number of issues ongoing in the California area of the ‘American depletion and ruining theme’ interpreted to over emphasize how policy in aggression to serving diversity interests which has surpassed disbelief to become unbelievable about how that has evolved into immigration allowances which has compromised the defense posture of the nation as just one adverse outcome and now compresses all Americans as a category of having been born with the papers to prove that into onerously being deprived of freedoms to have freedoms to survive is then how this has to be spelled out to mean housing affordability and selection capacity and then jobs that enable to their inalienability elasticities but also warrant in guarantees to American born ranking to be in one’s own country legally and not have to step aside and then experience hardships in a religious overtone too that now is a collision of how poverty caused seems to be about finding God causes too or else suffer suffer and suffer until one then dies instead to the fortune of those invading and taking over too.

Reading news online implies a process of buying into payment terms as supplied for a optimal business model for also correctly being able to pay the writers well so that in proper value exchange the value is properly leveled to every level of contribution too and then ranked for how the value exchanged is ranked too while not forgetting the experience has value as well. There is a presumption I am correctly allowed to read this cited source through their alliance with Starbucks if so.

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