Indecency To People’s Rights And Then Formations Of Childish Advice In Law Enforcements Of Adapting Religious Chains And Obedience Retrains To Common Law Policy And Then Policing Indiscriminantly Independently Relying On The Lay Of Biology

The threat of casualty and losses from false arrest spreads rational coursework for how to stem the sliding in American rights while in evaluation the intensity in law enforcement public relation policy which has endemic proportionality embedded too is about separating out decades of advancement in manifest destiny so that no one even knows there exists a threat to American rights at all.

In the examination of routine arrests across the nation the case specifics is how biology governs the specifics and then how governance of the matter is really about pushing out due process to the field encounter and making it due punishment instead for not being in tune to being obedient and in discord to common reason not properly confessing then too even when the confession is read to you while how sin is involved is further elevating to the causes of false arrest too.

In how this stages in epidemic relations and then how Hollywood beckons all to come up with a unbelievable hero story line for all to worship with you is to tell all about what to worship is then constant pressure on police policy and public relations independently worked out to the law enforcement individual to always be on alert for the best selling story line to share in that distortion field in how Hollywood is now being overshadowed by ‘want to be overshadows’ in social media enterprise and how easy it is to tell the story for free for them because everyone works for free except for law enforcement people working now for them and also inside the cities and counties to achieve benefits better than the people but not better than members of Congress and not better in that proportional comparison than any immigrant receiving social security disability or retirement income and then for those illegal in now a fade away effect to make everyone excited for saving them while giving them subsidized housing in California primarily where more babies are born and are apparently dropping from trees while those in proof of being America’s Americans are made homeless courtesy of being scored too in ridiculing financial scoring of their rights to afford to be American too after and then during and finally while their jobs were occupied in the absence of inalienability clauses.

This began with

The evidence rising and then producing of steady state phenomena to case and issue is how biology in law enforcement enterprise compromises constitutional rights.

The prospects of expecting a vanishing threat of being nailed to the cross just by encountering any policy staker in law enforcement garb is still not within the just return for being American.

No arrest was ever supposed to material form into motion in stride on that day.

Common sensibilities in development of men is supposed to properly transfer gauges in how emotions and then habits in fashion are routine and ‘work around’ for how to properly bring encounters to their ground. ¹


The training of women in law enforcement procedure reduces biological conforming patterns of behavior and instills unlatching precedents for how different biology sponsors through training patterns of ideology that clauses law enforcement policy into patterns of unnecessary behaving.  In the case of cooperative attributing in chemical bonding the woman in law enforcement is trained to see all male encounters as adversities in biological selection which compounds ideological formations to increase violence proposals in syndromes of programmed response to overcome fear of loss of survival.  The training for men is eliminating the clauses for proper biological segregations which is how male and female repose to proper biological suppositions of positions.


¹ This was first said as ‘Common sensibilities in development of men is supposed to properly transfer gauges in how emotions and then habits in fashion are routine and ‘work around’ for how to properly bring encounters obligated by city and county and then state allegiance clauses to religious mores while liability transfers back to the entities formed for improperly sponsoring obedience chores’. ²

² This ending was first ‘obligated by city and county and then state allegiance in their bastions for obedience and prayers and God loving people’.

Source   The New York Times July 24 2015 title in part the ‘autopsy details how she died’  paragraph five after clicking beneath one level more from clicking to there from the Starbucks WiFi news lineup seen.

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