In Genetic Winding Distinctive Equations Are Forming And Maturation In Mind Enjoinment Are Relative and Conjoining While Reasoning Capacity Caters To How Congealing In Energy Of Sentience Forms Lasting Insentience In Form And Casting

Review of peer work is always an issue of personality and trademark traits rooted in how different cultural leanings incorporate views of the world around subject to different quantum states which affect each individual as a factor of their world viewing capacity using a concept only to describe how each individual’s world view is similar to being seated inside a different glass jar too out through which the glass twitches and stitches quantum states outside into a cohesive view for the viewer’s mind to understand about what is outside subject to factors affecting how the glass jar is specie specific too. ¹

In nature is reoccurring nature too and any method of making anew any specie is always subject to views too while in quantum energy the casing outside of quantum mechanical casings of energy too must meet the stringent obligations to be observed in quantum phasing plurally phased into phasing too. Cohesion is corrected to cohesive in my republishing of my writing inserted into a comment.  ²

¹ My writing in comments following a news report seen from September 13 2013 at comment five and then at 9:49 AM. This resurfacing of a event cued provocation of my Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were while earlier instances of my writing in this subject matter appear in my gestation series particularly the case of matrimony clasping in how humans form lasting casings of energy formation concept to increase motility of mind formations.  This writing in a running writing in comment series is in regard to a news reported about grant awarded to a Vatican backed research study concerning stem cells in which the article noted inconsistent peer results and my event read suggested cultural dysfunctions were at the root of the peer study while not in any way evaluating how that might have affected the original research.  The news reporting by AFP through Yahoo! News and my appended writing were cataloged in my Shaw Conkling Nunn Yahoo! profile and then later placed for preservation purposes in my The Writing Slate By Michael Nunn Stone well before the profile features and then the catalog of all my writing in comments were deleted inappropriately by Yahoo! Inc.  See as an alternate source this one from

² My model for The Writing Slate was to incorporate further thought provocations to my republishing of my writing in comments which I pursued as a study too for how I could collate and then properly record my copyright for those writing pieces too.  To that aim this one paragraph piece is the lead-in added.

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