The Death Bell For A Credit Score System Is Only One Settlement Provision For The Return Of America While Clemency And Then Amnesty From Further Prosecution Or Dishonor For Those Creating A System That Abuses And Created Classes Of Disservices To Cause Dishonor And Sentencing To Punishment Of Discrediting Services

When we are the memory of who we are we can be the creators again for who we are as Americans

When we gather to our posts and build the wings of our desire to have also been the creators of our infrastructure of a company called the United States of America did we not expect less or more from our own in how to resolve the cords of disharmonizers to our very weigh of being and did we not create the essence of never being waivered from what we are and then how in that only how we can be what we can be.

The FICO credit report must be made to go and no landlord must ever be able to penetrate the inner privacy of any individual or his wife too by demanding their soul be bared for then an unworthy scrutiny and judgements derived and never the social security numbers when those enact punishment to be judged and sentenced to a scoring system that builds in scorning too which could be likened to tribute taking when a family is involved too or bowing and then begging on one’s knees for praise at being a good human if only one had a wife to offer in tribute in how that sways the very humanness we have to make those who have been compelled to submit to then grovel for the FICO¹ scoring they wanted to be flogged to have or as that is to be daily judged to be able to be equal in any rights to have when equal rights are supposed to be all Americans to have is why even laws that devote guns and men to the task of behaving our liberties provided in our right to have the liberties we are endowed and then entitled to be allowed to have must be liberally recalled and then rescinded and replaced by the truth in faith resolve which every religious county must ante up to their God and then help all by never failing them for exercising their liberties to be who they are and then “Save the Queen” only when anyone’s individual or family rights had been unceremoniously violated as the laws provide or suit into a litigation frame of now demanding proper equitable relief and not death to anyone who could pay in relief in which death can be described to be imprisoned for long enough to equate that to death for any as a person then while not in any way serving the justice if required of the people to the person.

My related Google+ notice about this publishing provided a characteristic introductory centering of the background facts that matter for the record. See my November 28 2015 9:15 AM post as that is reproduced in entirety from My Google+ Index Of Posts.

¹ The instantaneous in thought provocation in profiling parlance is about not editing out what is interspersed when resolving the return from thought memory the localized references that are then dispersed.

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