A Study of Their Plan to Create a Plan Uninvited to Change How Intelligence is Controlled Too Weighing In Their Own Desires to Define How Only They Can Define Intelligence Too

My chance discovery of another individual possibly in the class of being foreign born and then using American concepts of science matters able to work at Google in a preference in their position there from being likely via Stanford being only the preference in his hire noting no biography of record is substantive enough to gather in the intelligence there while he has now moved to a new non profit concept that smacks of communism in a different garb as “OpenAI” where everyone sits around the bar being served love and kisses for mankind and then yacks about how to take all of the existing technology already paid for and derive from it all without paying for anyone’s original contributions in a proper royalty or licensing manner.  The problems in graduate programs is how pick up artistry exists too which is about collecting the works of others as one’s own or be influenced by their work in the industry and then parlaying that into one’s own concepts for their decree standing and then how that applies to every minute way they think about how only they can think about thinking about thinking about.  Colleges then are difficult to use as proving grounds for anyone’s promissory in future innovation for such classes of need without first recognizing how patterns take hold and then egos become bold and then how this is injury in finance terms for the losses to those dislocated and kept purposefully out and then in how that leads to unequal staying power or opportunity to even travel by jets into private worlds where deals are parlayed around to garner more cornerings of who decides who are Americans and then what Americans and now the world can do every day in their freedom to be in their own country which for the American relief where freedom seems to be about how wealthy one is wealthy.

Founders of the “OpenAI” concept seem not to be deeply invested in the American legacy since perhaps that was not in the course material at Stanford for how to recognize the American people and then how Americans need to be able to afford to live in the United States of America and then how that is also a requirement to be able to work in their own country and then to earn money and not expect foreigners to arrive and then reshape that to mean not Americans of the legacy of being Americans and then after reducing every potential work concept into now a non profit replaced initiative in how this seems to be an evolution on how to bring on more pain and suffering and replacement ideas for one’s own right to work too and then earn the money needed to afford to live.

The basis for my original writing about interest stake holdings of wealthy was that wealth capacitance is not properly returning to cash flow and then to float too and is then stifling prosperity for Americans in that being all Americans and then not again only those arriving from other countries being enriched by benefiting from any new patched together solutions to correct how those in the past were diluted in their American worth and then not for those in their egos of concern controlling job hiring and then wealth construction creating that harbor for only alumni of specific colleges like Stanford and then their love and kisses preferences from other countries allowed in on the plunder all lost in sitting around a bar and yacking about how to make more money for themselves and less for anyone else while delivering anything they can pay for to be delivered that they believe everyone needs for free and forgetting only they can afford that to be free.

Source – The Wall Street Journal December 11 2015 from the Starbucks WiFi news lineup seen December 13 2015 referring to the Digits Tech News & Analysis From The WSJ title “Silicon Valley Kingpins Commit $1 Billion to Create Artificial Intelligence Without Profit Motive”.

Profit is never really defined properly for when profit is profit in time properly

See this earlier original publishing as a note at my Facebook Page from August 11 2010 Our Spending Our Wealth Depends On How We Spend Our Life Understanding The Equation Of The American Way Of Life writing as Michael Lee Urquhart Shaw Conkling Nunn.

Good American citizenship expects that there be respect for each to own property, to work, and to persevere without exploitation that undermines the individual’s inherent right to live through diminishing of their financial standing and staying power or removal of their job. When business interests overwhelm the guarantees thought to preserve inalienable rights to be treated equal in all respects and have afforded reasonable opportunity to create and maintain a life of reasonable comforts, the government presumably for the people should intervene to restore equal access to the individual’s right to the pursuit of equal happiness.  An excerpt from my writing from September 24 2008 in a brief episode of sending email to a California U.S. Senator as stored in my online reference to a collection brief I prepared later as ToCASenator011909 which is indexed from Michael L Urquhart Public Files

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