When We Route Evidence Of Affairs We Also Justly Aim For The Cause Too

The problem about religion is really culture collide and then compression without any room to shift to the side and then be in a privacy abode where the tendency to be naturally offset by any cultural upset is no different for anyone until suppressed by religion which does not remove in any way the instinct always returning in traumatic stress and then for those in review puzzling for how they always seem to miss the truth about how root cause can also be the injury in its truth said.

When we should panic in the United States of America the U.S Department of State is run by a woman. When we panic anytime more the case of being the U.S. President is another choice of concern when a woman wants to wage war. In our estimate for how the country has a company head too the head of the U.S. Department of State must equally be a man who is also a President in his head. Since our emergence from the dishevelment of the Middle East which culminated in the quest to remove an “abusive” man as the head of Syria the out of control women’s rights’ initiatives that seemed to spread out from California from before and then in this incident cited caused by the women running the U.S Department of State our then present better choice for being the Democratic party choice for U.S. President if there had to be a Democratic Party choice at all conserving our concerns for the demolition caused already in the United States by the Democrats coming out of California and then hoping by the time this candidate we note had become officially the U.S. President it would be seen as about good character and being American and then presence and even experience as an American and then for his tour more like a Republican coming out of New England as we noted before had to be for someone like him and so for that his present role has been to clean up after the mess she made when it seemed it was more about women showing men they were the men instead which in that total time seems to have taken until this day of December 20 2015 while still being in fact more time left to finally cause it all to end in how that means when it began too and Congress became feminized and then focused on all man’s behavior worldwide. How to read this the current U.S. Department of State is the U.S. President when cleaning up the messes created is how a cultural shift in thinking caused about a 82% error rate in the current U.S.President’s selection of heads of departments causing more gray hair to emerge for him barring how that was also the issues of wailing women since there is no doubt his intentions were better than the selections’ intentions.

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See also my index of posts and entry reproduced verbatim and then in entirety from my dismal December 15 2015 6:21 AM publishing about the U.S. Department of Education and its outsourcing of finding money in A discomforting disservice in discrediting is how my social security retirement payment now being forcibly reduced by about fifteen percent in the amount received…

Since before September 2008 my writing has focused on our memories of who we were before and how we become what we can be when we remember who we are and then how we are our memory.

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