A Problem In Accounting For Poverty Reaches Out To Improper Properlies

Their concept of how different roles are never really different tolls is how in America the government for the people may in fact be rolling along with different ideas about how to count too. The US Department of Defense cost of living tables are not being properly examined in this citation by the US Department of Education from a table just discovered for poverty indicators now under administration from the new head ED in how with one year to go for the current US Presidency why not see how dumb Americans can be not to see the problem with lumping all of the states together except Alaska and Hawaii two states not even in the divide one in which the current US President apparently wants to later reside.  Compounding the issues facing how Americans are treated in stresses caused by overcrowding from over populating the country with immigrants is that this table is provided by the US Department of Human Health and Services a properly mismanaged area of our present case of government for the people which is controlled by private interests of both parties to make certain poverty is properly applied while protecting anyone coming to America from poverty applied.  See my separate important to read January 3 2016 8:34 AM summary of misfortuning directly aimed at just me as that might appear by changing the US Department of Education head after I have already entered into the record my request for my loan cancellation too.

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