SuperBowl Benefits To Ownerships And MuniciPALS Causes Event Timing And Undeserved Enrichments When Americans Caught In Dire Circumstances Are Forced To Pay Escalated Prices For Needed Services To Survive Or Forego That To Then Further Increasing Of Endangerments And Damages Suffered To Tort Causes To Amend

Price gouging by operators of hotel and smaller hospitality lodging services who are not American in their original birth case may have received trusted financial terms in their acquisitions and then transfers of property instruments to gain footholds of advantage in how rates of exchanges produces costs and causes of discomfort and then losses in value to Americans.  Is this offensive area of so called American capitalism where market demand meets prices adjustments to increase enrichment for exploitable resource allocations in how that might be described as an event happening too for the case of foreign ownerships in properties falsely deriving profits engaging enrichments of many profitable satisfies too while causing disservice to Americans trapped in plights caused by in those numerous causes also the increased exploitation by foreign interests and then how that spreads to controlling services delivered to Americans in America and then in that more damages that are caused and then even transferred wealth now with prospects gone from America for Americans to foreign interests instead and causes to cause in the increasing discomfort alienating of Americans from their rights to purpose life in liberty and equal prosperousness opportunities which might also be accomplished by removing the FICO scoring scene and then the remedying of the scoring of social security deposits too in how anyone not originally American and then for those cases grandfathered by having grandfathers as US citizens then into fiduciary entitlements of investiture provisioned properly for total costs derived in quality and comforts defined for Americans.

Such foreign ownerships must pay penalties or a form of a price when elevating room rates in impoverished areas such as Alameda or anywhere in California above cost realism for their cases of being American or residents provisionally as every case will and then does increase pain and suffering for Americans in need of lodging services and then being forced to consider that because in equal suffering Americans are being forced to forgo advantages in obtaining housing solutions of any variety that properly remedy how costs are running up because of infiltrating measures designed to cater to foreign occupation and then of their acquiring property ownerships but also in stride to how also real estate operators closely aligned with cities and counties in a madness which is about American exploitation of Americans by Americans have also run up property valuations to then even skyrocket them higher and higher to increase their own profiteering in tandem with county needs which as MunciPALs are stock market aficionados focused obsessively on year over year increases in income from “revenues” of publicly taken money to stay the course of profiting from “revenues” from publicly taken money and then of course to be able to properly pay the over pricing of executives aligned with MuniciPALS incorporating that to then describe them as cities too including police chiefs and sheriffs and then any Superior Court judge in on county profiteering as that might be discussed or as that was if so in their compensating stages of achievements and finally for the injury to all Americans in the proper standing to define who they are in how higher pay to district attorneys constantly must have been reminding Federal judges to inordinately feel financial discomfort and for that in how cases of constitutional rights violations constantly being created by  cities and counties in religious exercise then increased inordinately the stresses in case loads at the Federal level required to be properly remedied again and again.

How it probably works best to allay the damages pursuant in the transaction process so that anyone foreigner involved in the lodging service delivery does not unduly benefit too in then undeserved enrichments is to provide a grant of good will obligation each American can carry with them to present at the point of service delivery when the room is available and then just being priced higher in price gouging theme and likely even kept empty to  contribute to the perception that spitefulness to prevent delivery at a lower cost demanded and entitled to be received may be now materially causing an injury too encumbering even employees to now be inflicting the intentionally thought out harm. The failure to be able to remedy that for any American caught in dire living conditions is also an egregious harm if no legal remedy can be afforded at all for the tort measures redacting the inflictions received. Any American registered with their constitutionally formed state of record and able to demonstrate poverty conditions are ongoing in their daily provisionings would be entitled to present such demands of obligations to receive grants of good will at the delivery point of service.

Foreign entity formations then in property ownerships would have to drop out any price increases not allowed even in speculation to event timing to then accommodate proper structural cost residual formation for the unitizing of the lodging property assignments alleviating the American claim to damages in losses materially caused transferring before the fact the in theory settlement due as a properly structured room rate for the American now remedying the cause of claim of purposeful damages to exploit alleviating prospects.

How this may not work is how counties and cities are being managed by easily conquested instrumentors of how immigrant integration or how that forms to being constant foreign intervention in American life is about readily embracing being conquered in the biology such as when women easily transfer allegiance because their nature sometimes intensified by the excitement of exploiting their own preferences for being in their own abandonments leaves out what really happens in the interplay when they are also tending to be complying as the conquered in biology and then for that leaving behind in potential the concept of the traditions of being American for Americans.

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