Price Escalations In The Welfare State of California Define The Sadness In How America Became Sodden With Cretin Moduluses Of Disgrace and Erosions Of American Liberties And Freedoms Giving Those To Anyone Coming To America Instead

My beginning ordeal homeless in Monterey County followed the theft of my home key in violation of constitutionality that occurring in Capitola By-The-Sea California May 26 2010 inside the Santa Cruz County dissidence of freedom area while in that no change in the demeanor of the parties to properly remedy their plethora of misconducted manners how that applies to the steady state process for the area and then for my experience in San Jose California the same in how police tactics seemed to take on a life of their own for how to form new laws on the spot the caliber of associations in the group that assaulted me for the most part in my recollection demonstrated an improper training modulus for how to be a people of America and then were amply modulating the concept of tyranny or totalitarianism splayed out in a small town concept where total autonomy over local control extended to boundaries presumably overlapping how that reached to local city counsel apparitions of power and then access to women freely in greed and money laundering and then for that in the total absence of proper legal husband perspectives in how to gravely change the modules of predatories in their onslaught of hunting down any legal husband and the father’s family members such matters of how to constitutionally resupply the center of gravity to a husband or father’s rights likely not going to be in any way formatively addressed by anyone as a US President over the broadening or how that has extended for too long nation wide then localized in police and also sheriff concepts of power in the problematic solution aspects which requires not a man as the US President whose father came from another country in any way and not a woman whose husband is slowly dying and then likely having to concede to other men taking the loop away from him and then for that the US President needs to be a man who can show how his membership in the country is formatted for how he is the people broadly still here as those who are of their common memories of who we are as they then in their avenues and struts of reach for their ancestral trees constructed the original ideas for freedoms defined and then inherited for their design and then how families and structures of organized initiatives worked in a state of sovereignty for the prosperousness of their own ideals while never in that holding back the prospects of how the resources had to be readily there for the many sharing in the equity and bindings and then for that in a context of freedoms to live one’s standards of life in a manner that did not violate another’s without proper access to a remedy.

This began as a sequential aerating of the issue of price gouging in the concepts addressing how people in California forced into homelessness or at poverty levels are more radically impacted by escalating prices needed for survival case pushing the  common reality for what should be tolerated and then that can be for how that measures for the most part how most price increases are political party driven in their gatings or provisionings or consequences of improper derivatives the issue of gasoline pricing in California appeared to occur as many from the Middle East or elsewhere but foreigners seemed to have moved into ownerships of gasoline service stations causing my suspiciousness of their gratuitous price gouging gaining enrichments at scalping Americans and then in how any gain pocketed enabled them to increase their numbers in this country noting for the most part the customer service of such stations may have declined to eliminate many of the standard way Americans approached problem solving automobile issues that cropped up during driving at any time.

From May 26 2010 onward when I was then forced into homelessness and then financial starvation the gas prices were astronomical and seemed to average about four dollars per gallon making any desire to conserve precious dollars or be cost effective a bleeding process of wasteful endeavor and then for that and for anyone who thought that might make sense driving around to find the lowest price on one gallon always remaining in the gas tank or be stranded anywhere that might be was an example of how others in their desperation for those with the capacity to purchase full gas tanks could also then drive wastefully just to find the better price and for that also not to be mindful of how gasoline mixtures are not even bargains for the price per ratio of compression and solvent matter which requires a fuel ingredient that more readily conserves the weaknesses in the waste matter of combustion which forfeits the cost of ratio to performance achieved by staggering the compliment of the proctored ingredients promoted to decrease alcohol emissions consistently.


Gas prices did not start to drop until the City of Gilroy’s concept of how to cater to homeless dogs one year before their $250,000 allocation of city funds to build a homeless dog shelter was not responding to my request in dire conditions of concern for a financial grant to assist me as a forced to be homeless veteran to repair my vitally needed Dodge Grand Caravan SE which I happened to have purchased in 1999 from a dealership in Gilroy long before the day before Easter vacation started for the weekend for all there in 2014 when it was stolen from a Lowe’s parking lot where I had to live in it while it was disabled and needed engine repair or an analysis too of whether a just occurring sheriff deputy operation had tampered with my car’s performance causing it to misfire and then be permanently stalled the thievery by a towing operator salvaging such stolen properties as a business aim depriving me then of how my own property was providing me a safety net of sorts from the forcibly being kept homeless ordeal caused in Capitola By-The-Sea by the City of Capitola and then in association with the sheriff contingent of Santa Cruz County the sheriff has since retired and presumably is all tucked away every night in his own home and bed then also in how the City of Capitola was providing unique services to a fitness club Spa Fitness Centers of Capitola as that was the business headquarters then the owner immediately selling his holding there in time perspective to how long I have been homeless because of him too in the then immediate time period following his role and the role of his subordinates in the kidnapping of my marriage and then my wife leading also to the still unexplained immediate death of three pets I never saw again in a suspiciousness of circumstances and likely neglect caused and then in their agony caused too that if I had been an immigrant or other California catered to disenfranchised franchise the entire world of attorneys of California would have immediately leaped up to provide me free legal aid to address the matter of the injustices there and every news reporter world wide would be in support of my need for remedy too likely shrieking it out at any moment to pound in the effect of that too while in the tragedy there my two grown up daughters being in their own households as adults were spared death at a young age then.

Refer to my January 31 2016 preceding publishing and my statements about what is needed to recuse the exploitation impact of cost overruns due to price gouging also benefiting how cities and counties contributors to homelessness in a broad statement that needs to be made benefit in undeserved ways for the totality in derived benefits obtained in being able to pay for over the top executive privileges and then for that also employ those foreigners whose cultural composure cuts out American values and considerations the key areas to focus attention to even in corporate America is when they occupy decision roles over even settlements of claims submitted for proper just settlements requested or in their hiring and influencing of benefits for then anyone salaried as being truly American.

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