Rigours Of Modeling California Christian Models For Women’s Rights Only

The standing record for homelessness in California may be about how to stand around while homeless when your automobile is deliberately stolen and then the discovery of how that instrumented by police and a sheriff or too to protect the Governor’s strangle hold on Mother Teresa converts if only he knew what God knew too since he might have thought a background in the grounds of priest hood would be also sainthood one day if only he knew what saints were for and then how they were never really saints at all but carefully put together political expressions of a politically attired religious movement much like how the YMCA with the support of the sheriff system of California and then how they took over every single YWCA to infrastructure rape crisis into a worldwide year or year objective to also overthrow the rulers of any country say like Syria where the man in charge is now apparently abusive too while for how Libya fell in a ‘who done it’ aura of needing a good British sleuth to in painstakingly fashion show how the US President and the Governor of California may have caused that by unwittingly giving women control everywhere while not in any way noticing how police people and then sheriffs too and then their deputies control women everywhere too causing the audience in that movie about the British sleuth on patrol now a thriller to be already ahead of the plot plan and then having narrowed down the cause of it all to California where it began.   In my customary technique of Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were.

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