The Verizon Union Strikers In Tandem To Political Staturers In A Modium Of Issue Rinsing That Pertains To How Effective Management Of The Country Is In Realism About Business Management In Its Need Too

The company does not have the in place correct management for how to direct their long term longevity in the lasting value proposition Americans as shareholders of their nation are deservedly forthright in expecting and is pursuant to how forces of business engagement has thrust the livelihood or Americans to the brink of totally being constantly on the brink of being a disaster because business leaders and then the government for the people failed to material form a plan for how to sustain properly life liberties and equity for Americans at a realistic floor of maintaining life properly and then not any ceiling on how wealth spreads to bring about steady life sustaining and then longevity in all aspects of preserving all that in fortitudes that maintain business and living consistency according to the standards that Americans deserve properly about for Americans that deserve and not in Christian over terms in zealism then how to create a spreading of American opportunities worldwide that instead simply impoverishes Americans in their own rights of equal opportunity how this becomes an assessment of calamity is not by averaging in leaps of faith to how in spreading prosperity in America for signs of that that might be a sign of good tidings since that now incorporates too many not born here Americans but in assuring not one American born in that heritage is impoverished ever in then a proper constructed longevity model for America for Americans that steadily leads to prosperity for all in that in noteworthiness how the country is a nation of equity formations for Americans only.   

This began as

The concern in how workers had to decide to organize to preserve their rights is not properly being grasped while how competitive encouragement from all facets of sources of agendas was to make customer service better gave way to being the lowest price offers for products and services sold without recognizing that companies formed in America as American companies were first for Americans in how services provided extended to employment too and then only next to other types of customers as end users and then as employees too observing that is does cost to live in America and pundits for Verizon here are not recognizing the management theory is still on how to provide the lowest cost for services and products sold while keeping the living standards of Americans realistically lower than actual costs to be American with life liberties and then the steady capacity to seek happiness. There is no proper leadership or vision for how to parcel a workforce in the enormity needed while sustaining the tendency for American as people to want to be able to seek a private ground of life too and not be treated as cattle that are moved around then making them as employees in the reverse another form of cash cow.

It is appalling if true that Verizon would prefer to move around their workforce unrealistic for their biological rhythms their religious rites and then for that their family clustering propensities which has about that the generalized outcome of developing their children too when that is involved or to be involved to be then lasting sources of educated employed or free traders of their skills.

It appears under the Verizon plan which might be inspired by the enforcement of diversity and then as that appears to be an obligation to hire foreigners to spread the worth to anyone not American on purpose and thus also give all of them a net return that is higher in value too than those in America expected to give up their rights to work for them while for who is Verizon management is the need to examine who they are and count how many social democrats wanting your children to also give out their lives in poverty to feed and cloth all of India and Africa too while they those counting on that and then encouraging that by enforcing that even at education institutions too can then receive their cherished and coveted awards for being so generous in their faith objectives and for saving the world out there while in that lack of progress in knowing killing off Americans too.

It is not easy to run a business and maintain long term stability unless the profit aspect is tailored to sustaining longevity while also preserving value for those whose employment engagements also make the longevity lasting and of value and that might take removing anyone whose whole focus on life is to build a piggy bank out of the stock worth so that in the totality of that it helps foreigners come to America and withdraw billions of now the missing wages of Americans as the accumulative worth of American companies has become in that sense stuck in the stock market and then is leverageable into different ways of being extracted to then distribute wealth to anyone able to access those derivative forms of extracted stock worth the fashion being how that is also accomplished through allowed over excessive valuation of new company worth and then how that is then distributed to foreigners whose untold story is they robbed Americans and then enacted a form of reverse discrimination by taking all of that money and spreading it to only their own objectives which is to spread the concept to more non Americans and then move them to America to replace real true hearted Americans.

My other ending to this commentary in my writing technique about event curves was about how it seems there is a desire to want those of American heritage to be just stupid silent happy to be pushed around instrumentors of other’s wealth and then to be pointedly averse to even address how that might be discrimination when giving the jobs to foreign workers instead and watching them become wealthy in dismay while in the management expected response from Americans is in kind a kind of gushy enthusiasm to join Facebook and be a fan of every now employed newly arrival in America who is now becoming loudly prosperous and then leave for them as a good fan kind Christian messages of love and kisses and promises of having the children also now available to be their servants for life too.

In my customary technique of Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were.

Source For Event Reporting Online Fox News April 13 2016 “Thousands Of Verizon Workers Go On Strike Amid Contract Dispute”

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