Disturbing Hews of Discoloration Towards Anyone Opposed To Cultural Death Of The Founding Families Of The Country

My quick brief of concern in regard to watching Americans in their distress and troubled in the frenzy to unfeather from the faith the democratic wing hands to all to behave and then torment anyone who does not behave according to their hear say “it as we tell you to say it” concepts in how that is better described in how the police state of California survives to provide solace to anyone having to now face men in life is about how anyone can request any hearing of their peers be adhered to by assigning peer judges too before hand which is about proper structuring of dutiful process in due process a problem also discovered in California where judge types in their assignment to be from diversity collage simplifies a process of specific disregard to dutiful process in how to easily inadvertently for the disproportionality assign a judge of a different origin of life to the case specifics to assure an improper court experience is the experience for anyone targeted by those behind this in California too noting the culture misfitting applies to sexual orientation  and then to the fashion and passion to presume young judges unmarried and then in the wrong culture as in the same problem observed with medical doctors in the practice catering to veterans not their genetic memory and then to baby productions can even possess experience to recognize common problems or be in divination with the genetic memory for the Americas that is generations of heritage incorporation too.  This began about witnessing the free for all in the cowing in the news reports on live new coverage on TV to be fair in their confusion to the programming of their minds while having to knuckle to the Democratic Party platform of indoctrinating men to believe only a woman can be president even when they can not at least not without a man in charge of them too since that is how they work biologically but then who is the US president then and how all are supposed to believe that any man opposing any woman candidate is never nice the “basic instinct” behind the world domination strategy of the women in Congress and then those they like to see running state departments too to topple every man run country one by one and the hell with casualties of male diplomats neglectfully left unprotected in those countries and then the fact that there is simply no more room in California for all of the refugees that keep coming with all of Mexico coming too even from those states in the US where they may have illegally found themselves one day and then in a reborn all over again concept found California’s government beckoning them all to come and stay.  

Contusions of desire and harbors of malice towards men in evidence of how the concept of race order and then biological precedentials departs from science and origins of life and then remarks to witch trial formatting in the wishful outcome in the read of the events seen on various cable network news programs during two days of viewing TV news coverage indoors before having to be homeless outside again in Alameda California six years from May 26 after the theft of my wife the same date of 2010 then and still missing and then of my home too caused by stealing out of my pocket while forcing me to be falsely arrested my front door key that same day they stole my wife too and then from today also two years and two months after the theft of my already oppressed by them automobile in Gilroy California to subject me to ridicule on foot and then death by exposure then.  That and the associated ongoing cases as my lawsuit summaries  and then developments as those were captured and recorded online since July of 2010 is referenced from or covered generally at this alternate site  Lawsuit Pursuits To Remedy Constitutionality Denied Providing For Recompense and Restitution and Damage Dues   while many facets  in relevance and then as they cross linked to later concerning developments of denials of constitutional rights or as those can be seen in terms of assaults on my civil rights too are addressed inline to my commentaries and other event readings as those are presented within my writing online.  See then as one place to start my Posts By Link within this site and refer to in concert with the rest those specific named pages at my alternate sites which are all supposed to be viewable without any censorship still in concerning evaluation.

1. Hews in the overlay meaning is also hues too

2. “Founding Families” refers also to the composition of people who founded the country and then their descendants and genetic compatibles.  The pursuance of formatting to the common legacy of experience presumes how memory is served and then experienced.

3. The TV news coverage seen exposed a problematic matter of how a woman candidate for US President is only about the token filling in of the role and not on what the country really needs or wants.

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