The Presence Of Religious Laws In The Divide Of Constitutional Cause Imprisons Any American Male When In California

The focus in California in the out weighing of any woman’s rights over men in any matter is about overriding all exposure and then equal treatment of women’s own entrenchant abuse of men in every California corridor in the read of a shift in preferred assignment of a judge in a case under management of the Democratic party as every instance of focusing on any acts of white males is about associating in discolors intentional the opposing political agenda in the premise of consistent application of civil remedy in theory of their own bastionings to then counter religious warfare of California bastions a issue rearing into constitutional infringement of the masses which does promote without any matter of being concerned any religious warfare advantage the presumption of innocence is also about age factors and then degree of warranting causes that promote degrading of constitutional liberties which under religious laws of counties of California for those cases submerges reason and then common sense too about when any minor is still a minor and then improbably able to be outside the reach of being dysfunctional by dysfunctionings nearby and then in the regard for family extent then incapacitated by lack of judgement which prevail in a context for that to counter influence the family instillations of any matter of presences of mind for how any inebriation incorporating that to incorporate any unsteadying influences of other features of college aspecting in behavioring for radicalizations causes which rule over the concept of judgementalisms as families are able to properly develop in their own offspring when in control and then also assured colleges are not in that distorting and converting to contra intervene the issue for young males is the distancing from their fathers that colleges may in fact promote to achieve consistent delivery of postured social agendas while the issues of behavior of youths in the presence of all of that may in fact foster inappropriate concepts of well meaning. The read in the Stanford case in the judge implementation of the afore mentioned matters for a case of two parties in equal incapacities of life still shows specific callous disregard for both sides being incapacitated and then for that is focusing on white males not inside the police state reach of then being the police state in their heads the surface details of the news reports may in fact have removed the evidence that supports the appropriate for the matters of facts known at hand in the judicial administration of the case outcome which does allow for alienation abhors and then rights to be in law venue properly too always difficult interstate for the appellate causatives. AFTER seeing and then reading a news report online 26 August 2016 when seen in the online scene unsigned by an author in the BBC about the move of the judge to a different avenue of judicial performance delivery since there was still evidence of religious tampering and then management by the Democratic machine. The matter of how religious clause rules district attorney cause in California is how that effectively manages the police state edge and then the women on their ledge for any reliability and assurance on trained tendency to contribute to constructive causes to degrade any non police state male’s constitutional right in this case against false imprisonment without equal treatment of the clauses of inebriation.

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