The Momentum Of Progressive Wades Interiorly To Progressives In Pause Of Superiority In Thoughts Of Providence

When we wave our flag of concerns we are also the flagging of our allegiance too in how we presume to be who we are in our destiny to be. When we rise to our crest in our calling we have to reunite our calling too by remembering what we became as we became again what we were to construct the mighty to be how the mighty was always meant to be and then offended no one in our earnestness to construct the castles of our desires while in our minds became the causes of our inspires to cast out the realm of our many masts of our fortitudes to create the conditions where our prospects and our goals had magnitude and then fortunate magnitudes as well for how our familes became the fortunate swell of how we sealed the bastions of others in their unwillful disobedience to laws of our biology too for how the sewing of our needs was about sealing away the soilable and the seepage of unease and then unrestful disboweling of our rights to be the people of will striking back at the ableness of many to dischord the unity of aplenty where the goal of fortitude and then reasonableness of life and pleasures too was about being together again in mind while collecting indifferently to how each can and be independently their own time.

This began in compounding beginnings as Election polls are instruments of the Democratic policy to always be in charge of behavior too for a proper understanding of that each poll needs to provide a substantial hearing format for how to evaluate the persons behind the polls some of the data suggests they are not married or married with children and then have lovers who are not their husbands while in that messing up their children while other data suggest they might have traveled and stayed in a Mexican beach resort and hotel and talked with the men there who may have suggested life coursework or worked on it with them other data may in fact effect confusion by suggesting that sex the night before with a person not legally a husband may have impressionably altered the scope and capacity to understand the poll collection process too while other possible reveals about the poll taker is really about being able to poll that too since it might suggest who not to vote for and then who to vote for too while for all of that if any poll taker is having an affair with anyone who is technically illegal the poll has to be thrown out while anyone related to the US president or even the Governor of California has to be disqualified immediately from even asking one question and then finally the actual way the  poll was taken is about wondering if a computer program is used to just say anything the poll taker entered into the computer and for that inside which company Google Yahoo Facebook LinkedIn Microsoft or any company run from India did that occur.

This began originally as  The read of the surface detail of the current US president election shows bias toward men still and then hatred of anyone who is a real man and then finally a constant threading of how no one can allow anyone to be a US president unless they are a woman or a bilateral male or any immigrant whose father happened to impregnate their mother as a US citizen if she really was in a strategy to gain citizenship and then left behind strained concepts of how anyone who is supposed to father children has to recognize how to conceive them properly for the proper memories in life progression too and not be about being a “Johnny Appleseed” of planting offspring every where the cold facts about any one allowed to be in a leadership posture as a woman or provisional US citizen in that behind the scenes control is exerted for the circumstances of biology too by others who normally are in control of the seems for the California case of a former governor of the Republican camp  a real man the Democrats controlled his wife and had him punitively divorced after leaving office using a woman counselor as she told that story in the news for public relations needed by the LA superior courts of sin and discipline but without proper medical attention to the prerequisite in primary physician care protocols which does require any counseling of a woman alone by a counselor even now when they are women only against men to be evaluated for cause by the physician before referral is allowed and then for the husband a proper review with the family’s legal counsel too to root out when the wife is no longer actually in assembly for their combining in biology at all and then causing or planning personal injury to him and then who is the instrumentor of that the usefulness of a previous non married at the time he was governor before according to the knowns as an attorney general was in truth his signature required to make any changes actually manifest for the State of California for any woman in charge and married her husband has to counter sign any law in theory or any contract formed of fact or in the absence of soundness of marriage the American people are going to have to be worried about which present case seen then for any man around the woman or in the past onside of the marriage chamber if she is the president is in charge of her on the spot or is it a group of women instead controlling her basic instincts their basic nature is to castrate men in nature and find them in the womb and have them aborted too which at times seems to beg to exclude any immigrant male’s male offspring only. The final complex of that is how cultural behind is also at play to keep the influx of culture  in the woman’s arsenal of being able to say she has moved on again! to better changes in her life while leaving her husband in the dark behind about the change mongers deliberately altering her in her advice and vice too and then in the protocol of family not required by the Democrats in wing formation using police or sheriff deputies to control all men and then any man fingered by women and then immigrants too the favorite conduct of immigrants in California where every missing white male is going to produce a household with a woman ready to swing easily away from America and the solid background created with men and their families when the country began.  Refer to my past statements regarding how the country defeated itself what creates the backbone of America and why every married man needs to have a gun to protect their own family which in the awl of that is their right of all.

Lessons for Democrats

Sending them to their room to watch old episodes of “The Rifleman” or for females  “Father Knows Best’ and “The Rifleman”  and then after “The Rifleman” “Father Knows Best” again.  Not intended in this lesson to remind them what Americans look like to the rest of America now being left out by billionaires spending the missing wages of Americans on funding immigration integration or behavioring and then causing housing to be missing for Americans too.  In California several million homes are in fact missing and need to be located and may represent a kind of theft of America while replacing those with benches to sit and then gifting money to refugees and those arriving through Mexico so they can afford housing is about electing a Democrat as a US president and then asking to be flogged every day too which is a kind of horror experience that might come with a offer of being allowed to provide charity afterward without any way to say no thank you and finally a visit to a local jail too to meet the jail god.

“Lessons for Democrats” came to mind after composing the second two paragraphs of my writing preceding “Lessons for Democrats” which in truth is too short a list for what is needed to remind them of America and then who Americans were when we began and then who we are are today in case they are having problems locating them in as one example California.

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