Callousness of Indifference In A Caldron Of Deception And Defeat Is How America Faces Its Future When Women In Coven Use Police To Abuse

In my characteristic read of the news seen in the scene are problems of a country too in then how effective leadership is about being the leader and not uncommonly for men the led leader then characteristic in the biology for women the enraptured or contained leader instead how this is relevant is about when the woman becomes the led and where the separation of power is then about not being bled.  In interpretation for those not in their memories correctly leader is performing double duty in meaning still and film is about how the contour of the meaning is being fulfilled.

This began as The present US president election campaign is still about remembering how men are in their biological rhythms which for real men does not normally incorporate having a police man by their side to beat up anyone they dislike the favorite concept of life trained into every woman who grew up in California and then spread to their mothers for any case where the mother grew up without the Democratic principles of a police state in truth indoctrinated into all of them over a time period since about 1962 when the police state of California emerged into its hegemony after manifestly destined into a probability of how World War II had killed too many astute men whose loss caused significant deferrals of common sense in how life in the US pertained to the Constitution of the United States and not to concepts constructed out of the fight against those fought against during WWII as one course that became since other predications of concerns regarding rights involved evolving out of the moral code conduct edicts that took over counties and cities and then offset freedoms applied in common sense and then to memories of proper sensibilities too by instituting regimens of controls over behavior as ministries and not Catholic conventions focused on women’s initiatives that ministers bred into congregations of communities contained now inside borders of counties mainly men in those ministries then for those presumed to be non Presbyterian from my experience and non Mormon too in comparison for the theory and not necessary how Congress forced the religion into distortions at that time not exposing the religious contortions inside Congress itself.

The reason real men do not need police males by their side armed and ready to cower anyone they face which is what woman want to do and then carry out with in truth what that means their husband police person is about real men being the instrument of their own power in accordance with their constitutional rights to take charge and be in control of any confrontation needed to stave off another whose own case for life is to degrade one’s own freedoms in any way which is what women in this election are being cast into the role of by the conglomerate police state mentality and then in the evidence of what is being seen in their public scenes a posse like manner of expressing what also seems to be an out of control madness that women might actually be able to muster up in group force dynamics without recognizing how that works to make them just function together as a unit with someone else thinking for them  instead if someone is not able to step in for each individual woman involved to stabilize a tendency to take their now mob like emotional upsurges to group warfare to even cause the murdering of all men which might be avoided by just covering their bodies entirely when ever they are near men so that they can feel assured that no one will ever even see them and then admire them at all or in perfectly normal case feel attracted to them too the case for how society evolved to cater to what is sophisticated and then appreciated and also sensible is about life evolving too and is never really about uncovering sins and then cowering all to the historical evidence and not to how  all concerts are played all the way through the issue in the news seems awful from the women’s perspective which is really buttressed by a police mentality immersed in behavior psychology which is epitomized by the Los Angeles Superior Courts of Sin And Discipline where fashion became how to take any celebrity as one example of anyone in court in happenstance of finding themselves in court facing a judge usually in a contrivance brought about by over tautly applied behavior discipline instrumented by police and deputies of each county to then create an example out of shaming who ever it is so that all of California would now not only take notice of the women judges behind all that and bow to them and then invite them to walk the Hollywood carpets with all of the other models but all of the citizen of California would cower at even contemplating even before birth any now considered to be sinful act which might still even be sleeping in one’s car or having a proper drink at dinner and then driving home as one has a right to make every attempt to arrive to their home and not face armies of police people waiting with blow torch like manners to trap anyone into now forced labor in a life of being monitored for any further sin in how effective California is a prison state for all.  Under the wiring of all this is also the tendency to cause financial ruin as a type of strategy of capitalism in reverse in a reserve of concern for how it robs anyone now trapped in violations of their fundamental liberties as those are warranted and then promissorily made manifest by rights of birth status of being a proper American of citizen rank while the other side of the coin for that when men are married and then being targeted is to drive their wives to divorce them to drain away the funding for any legal work needed in a partition of under California concepts of that “commune” like community property which in California parlance for that is really owned by the State of California for any woman’s part since all women are assets of the state even when born in New York or another country it might be considered fashionable for any woman married to a wealthy male from another country to lure him to California for a divorce since California in callous indifference too ignores marriage conventions of religion and venue and would enable any woman to seek sanctuary just by claiming her husband abused her which in many cases is cultural contusion of what is abuse.  

Disruption in the service provided after logging in said to be server maintenance still in progress as it seems at the specific time scene kept this from being published 25 October 2016 before 731AM PDT. The matter or exposure to how infrequent stays in hotels allowed for being kept still a prisoner homeless in Alameda by the state’s posture to give away the country to anyone not like me which in specifics is a white male of the people who created the country as many are who are still alive today in their descendancy arias and then with the memories it appears the Democrat conventions and the “police state hoods “in their many dissentions about rights and then bearing badness in behavior protocols opposed to liberties too want to erase so that all of the new arrivals have no clue the laws can not be changed for anyone born in the USA with grandfathers born as US citizens too while the country is a country governed by the people for the people born as American citizens in all those graduations of how that is even a graduation to be understood and then applied to how the equity in the country for each is about three million dollars a piece.

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