When We Begin Again To Be Again We Are Forming Our Memory Anew And Then Remembering Our Memories Too

The cadence of semblances in formation begins to begin the formation of how people can be able to be who they are when they become about how to become again the people they were and then who they can be again is how we see in sadness too how the transition in return must enact the promulgations of how to fact the moorings and then oar away to where it begins to soar away. In the read of the aftermath of the US president election a callous of harm in how the pithiness of the race to be the proper candidate for the people of the country’s founding had to also be about biological calling and in the stable nature of man from the origins we became in forging how each has to be and then be remained in the end is how for the creation of just one new creation of one of then two the causes and semblances of order orders biologically how to order leaving any in that a disordering to be able to be too as a weakening of how the people have to have trust in faith in biology too.

In the aftermath of a difficult election process to follow in how the policies of a failure to adhere to the design of the country’s fathers now casts in sobering enactments of courses to procedure procedures needed for how to remedy already the harms to the people of American beginnings caused by insisting that the country was formed to fill in bastions of different people without regard for how heritage and the country’s laws are about faith in trust together in equity return together too which is then about how to vest and properly adjudicate how the vesting is adhered to too. In faith are we to be the trust too and then the fateful in how to be entrusting again and again is how we forge the proper balance of how the country is to be about the people who are born to be the people and then about any that follow to become the followers too in how that always required perseverance in acquiring their vesting then which needed to be in a generations slide how to form generations of stead that enact properly for the case of then being the American.

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