Disfavors Not Liked By Favorers Of Disfavorings And Dislikes

Any constant obsession is always a concern and likely out of conception terms for how biology is termed how this does not apply to the rule of men to properly apply justice when it is the cause for justice and then the remedy for how men must be for how their own domains must be | The as seen in the online scene news reporting of testimony of men before any body of other men may need to be rinsed of women’s rights initiations and other factions of how law enforcement policy over decades crept into the inner minds of primarily women and males raised by women thinking they were supposed to be father without recognizing they were in fact fatherless and then in a conduit made for them by policies of armed men wearing badges and then in the process of how manifest destiny proctors procedures of conveniences to those who can wield control of the women making any testimony a policy statement and the furthering of that policy enacting which for law enforcement is sadly reeked with a promise of showing how any male or man not law enforcement is one of several categories of labelings concocted in religious concepts in California itself constructing its own platform of the laws of the country by ignoring those in favor of religious lessons likely coming around the parlor of families when their own children encountered in the streets and in schools originally wayward men and then women in a godful concept of religious conduct likely created by a type of YMCA for males and the YWCA for young women then which for that is cloudy regarding how the single letter in their labeling for their religious cause was meant to berate the father concept the country and then the Catholic church stood behind as the rigors of man defined. Just a quick glance at news reporting requires also just as quickly ignoring any female’s reporting of the FBI manners being presented in the Congress road to how to reimplement religious laws after being defeated by real men in the election the rallying forth of that is also sadly a riddling of truth with police legacy in how any male accused by them is in their procedures craftily presented in so many constructed patterns of not liked behaviors that the world is supposed to shriek and shriek in dismay and then with some desire for that too as a stoking of that presents for women usually a pattern of obsession for more of that and then not just throw tomatoes since now the police policy wants to draw on Roman times for how history says people were thrown to the lions all of the time | A slight manner of proper due diligence to attending to the facts that matter and then in how to properly identify how to define how to procedure through a proper review of what is the legal matter of concern for anyone following the tracking of the Democratic Party wing in how it has made news reporting messy and in the halls of justice for their religion that aspires to be ministries of young men and women in communities together holding hands pledging these youngsters in their heads for life for any cause that also incidentally rewards those behind administering the communities with the police as their guards in terms of easily acquired wealth or pillars of regard reinforced by how effective their use of mental health is about brainwashing anyone who is not law enforcement in their regards. Yesterday’s pose for the day was also soap operish in the online read of the news regarding the penchant for garnering sympathy and then devotion for a fired now former policy shaper for the FBI with probably a lot of money in his bank account to be able to retire and then not in any way be impacted by policies the FBI might have allowed locale police and sheriffs to cause that are bleeding Americans of their wealth and liberties in favor of religion tires and mock crucifixions of mainly any real men not instrumenting police policy as how those now somehow running high technology companies and then fortuitously rolling in overvaluated stock worth from in fact drawing upon the missing wages of Americans stuck in the stock market diverted the proceeds to any cause that inspires youngsters in their heads for life to hold hands with anyone and then in anonymous calls accuse everyone they dislike of anything they dislike or is on the list of not liked for that being labelings of behaviors conveniently not favored and then in opposition of being an obedient follower under guard of course of the police state mentality double that to also be now a properly indoctrinated social media inter-gender exchanger where upon the excitement of following a fanning of disfavor is completely infectious for these youngsters in their heads forever | Brambly and Posed | Michael L Urquhart | Michael L. Nunn | Shaw Conkling Nunn independent publishings

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