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The Shaw Conkling Nunn publishing presence began July 23 2010 as a Page at Facebook about two days after a man Sean E. Camp and his just turned eighteen year old son both long term residents of Santa Cruz County California assaulted Michael L. Urquhart from behind inflicting severe permanent trauma and then causing a publishing strategy already in motion but not completely a plan on that day to become urgent and then critical for preserving the case particulars and then the right to sue and then to provide the evidence of judge disorder too while the increased risk to further personal injury and the now caused again shock and traumatic effects necessitated the evacuation from Santa Cruz County entirely and then to the nearest surrounding area then homeless as it began in Monterey County while the man and his son having now assaulted Michael L. Urquhart persisted to persecute him using the district attorney and sheriff deputies and then a judge while obstructing before and after those facts the lawful access to his property and marriage and wife and then in that mess caused the mysterious demise of three favorite household pets never really seen again in any way that would be the same for the right of being with his wife in privacy and harmony alone also never allowed again.

Michael L. Urquhart who is also today and when he was born Michael Lee Shaw Nunn is Shaw Conkling Nunn using his true birth details about his mother’s birth surnames of Shaw and Conkling and his true father’s birth surname of Nunn all of which was explained at his Google places originally and also now forming a part of his publicly available profile as viewed in part from the sidebar while much of his relating about life in California and the continuing record  of the wrongful acts carried out by others upon his marriage and civil rights too is described there as well and as it was first begun using the Shaw Conkling Nunn Facebook page adding much of the supporting material fact by storing that at his Michael L. Urquhart Facebook spaces conveyed to him too while that appeared to have been subjected to the company’s reversal in the engineering of the presentation objectives when writing as that could be easily viewed became reorganized to suddenly seem to have been made to disappear which caused confusion in the reading of it all too and then much to have been missed about the truth being told without examining completely posts and then documents by page stored as images of the writing and then expanded captions and comments added in any place captions and comments could be added to keep the ongoing pace of recording facts and then surrounding inhumane treatment.

All individuals identified by name are being properly disclosed and have committed wrongful acts and are being sued. This specific individual was informed before and after the fact of his assault and battery on Michael L. Urquhart July 18 2010 which this individual had calculated to create a disarray of marriage concept in the mind of Edna B. Urquhart as the wife of Michael L. Urquhart since December 30 1973 in order to rape her mind and then her body with others while imposing such demands on her physical mind embodiment as to then create circumstances still not readily understood that led to the mysterious inhumane demise of three favorite feline pets from breeding lines and fortunately for Mike and Edna Urquhart’s two daughters fully grown not their deaths too. A demand letter for Camp’s initial payment for three hundred thousand dollars to Michael L. Urquhart was emailed to his business email address and then publicly posted for that to be known. 


The science writing begun on Facebook with revenue objectives is now being consolidated at the author’s spot Michael Nunn Stone The three primary company facings have revenue collection features as well to establish payment avenues when readers realize gains and losses used to establish profit clauses from any manner the knowledge transfer results in derivatives and cost savings or paves the way for immediate relief in any clause of life saving. See the payment explanations for increasing awareness about proper exchanges of labor for effort and concepts and revenue changes.

See the author’s spot Michael L. Urquhart for the discussions and references to the complex civil litigation case in progress with progress in progress. Diligence in due proportion is critical for grasping the background rationale for suing for wrongful acts and then violations of civil rights and persecution of one’s marriage religion. Suing for remedy to wrongful acts is a constitutional right.

This site was originally cast as A Shaw Conkling Nunn Stone Author’s Spot which was a impression created and then appearing clearly below the name identity I established for multiple writing sites.  This branding approach is no longer in use at my WordPress sites while I still may refer to each as my author’s spots.

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