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The British call to order reigns to how not to be subject to false currency weighs and then ways and means as punitives too which causes bankruptcy in lessor known regions of cash flows as that can be for balancing for measure measures too and then causes caters to hire formations of weathering currency feathering caused by US presumptives as gumption then to use currency and then gold derivatives unwisely for pressuring upwards any derivative gains indirectly and then for that improperly too to forage for cash outs by as many as can be caused which by the dollar measure in seconds per dollar regimenting to form cash formations of derivatives too.

The balance sheets of each country needs to reflect proper waste accounting.

Immigrant woes weigh heavily to cause waste erratum and then inconsistency in proper balance to country needs which has to also guarantee benefits to proper citizenship in derivative heritage too.

After the UK votes to leave the EU June 24 2016


America’s stock market is changing pace and now in evaluatory legacy space in how amortizing the value split is necessary to sustain long life and valuations that properly spread ahead.  In the China horizon and then how technology and manufacturing harken in broadening wage balancing due are concepts of cost of funds that exceed the country’s cash basis and then how cost and value and then exuberance exhausts value and then impedes resilience too.

In the read of this title  “China stocks dive 7%, trading halted” USA TODAY January 4 2016 7 hours before 5:32 AM PST From Starbucks WiFi Portal News Headlines.


Owing to how measures beat the cost to Greece is exceedingly sweet since the total losses can be exceptibly stated to be what is gained by refactoring the Eurodollar for true value across country sheets which places in that metric form a reduction in total wealth by four hundred percent felt more in how the exact measure between Greece and France is reduced to what France really owes in Francs and not in U.S. dollars at all.

The event read of the table seen in the BBC news front scene for 29 June of 2015 in the World-Europe-33311240 report with a headline about Greece. The title is misgiving.

Afterthoughts  The Euro zone can not be applied in ceremony. The U.S. dollar is improperly weighting in how correctly exchanging dollar for dollar is delaying exact monetary differences that bestow the proper country dividends and preferences for interests. I  searched for ‘Eurodollar’ finding in the read too much confusion in mentions of the U.S. collar.


When we in gravity assess the process of our justice served our rights prevail to protest in that service that we serve.

In the second take of the event read about the wasteful killing in Tennessee of a music singer song writer too as reported the evening of 11 June of the year 2015 by 9:31 in the PM while showing up in the morning news at CBSNews.Com for June 12 2015 the link appearing to be specially there for a reading to see too.

The first cut in this event profile reading Why religious DUI laws have to go and then how bounty hunting is out of line with respecting another man’s rights to confront any wrongs he perceives as long as he does not harm another intentionally.

Afterthoughts  Much can be stated in memories we share how a sanctuary is the home a castle of our own repair and never to be in any way violated night or in any day as long as we remain inside and cause no one else any direct pain.

A minor issue about charges in dispute all minor religious fumes.

A driver’s license is a record of having compiled a proper recording of how to drive in customary care to standards derived in case liability disputes arise causing a judge to properly see how restitution can be resting and then a solution besides.

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Overwrought rots in district attorney cult logic to discipline all to discipline all is about alienation of the country’s people from their germane laws when venue is also about state birth and then birth state laws too and then one’s laws to bind one’s rights to too.

In the read of the decision noted in the news report seen from CNNMoney (New York) May 29 2015 to sentence Ross Ulbricht for life and then also seize $183 million dollars too the letter from the U.S. Attorney cited is not allowed for being alienation of the defendants rights casting concerns now about his tampering in the trial too and where did that exactly occur from 2010 onward.  In the defendant’s grandfathered in basis of his laws no one can be any less for how that influences the case.  In concrete terms his sentencing terms are outside the bounds of his rights in the case.  (5 years if really guilty of imprisonment needed when redeeming anyone in casualty and loss and where does the $183 million dollars in the forfeit go anyway is about how anyone is being redeemed if anyone is to be redeemed by him for cause at all in this after thought of it all)  31 May 2015 about 9:30 am PDT minutes after being seen in the news scene seen.

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Gold is drifting silver is glistening and diamonds are forever 

In the read of  “Stock plunge at the open. Dow down nearly 200” USA TODAY January 14 2015 53 minutes before 7:32  AM PST From Starbucks WiFi Portal News Headlines. One previous assessment of precious metals using an older assaying technique is publicly viewable at a legacy space occupied inside an U.S. online territory from August 11, 2011 Gold pricing is still not high enough….


Instant Takes are my very fast event interpretations of news as those may be correlated for bending time correlations.  I often only use titles of event reports as was done with my January 14 2015 Instant Take to arrive at a first cut only. Several takes may be needed to perfect a better correlation leading me to glance briefly as the news item. Fast Takes is my earlier commentary series deploying one of several event profile formats I use introduced originally at the Shaw Conkling Nunn Facebook Page.  Real Stock Price Reel by Michael Nunn Stone is my event profile technique used to gauge the real stock price at any moment in the event scene my signature deed “A peek at the price reveals the reeling price”

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