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December 27 2018 133PM  | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were | The June 30 2016 0890 AM PDT entry is the first record of date mention within this page in the event anyone is having problems scrolling to the actual beginning. 

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July 23 2017 221PM PDT | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were | The original formatting of the My Collections Of Posts incorporated an added provision created to show source content in a frame presented by the handler of the constant behind the scene frame handling for how authored content by US citizens appears inside content frames carrying forth technology created under the auspices of US Department of Defense spending initiatives as those stretched out for decades of encouraging science endeavor at bargain based price structures incorporating a non exclusionary licensing provision granted in perpetuity to the government for the people. Along with the process of profiteering were interest bearing notes of covenants that pertained to how dividend yields of so called entities formed under US directives were obligated to adhere to US Constitutional Law imperatives with respect to US citizens primarily and then anywhere US citizens resided in the world. The added format allowed the handler such as Facebook Inc or Google Inc to present a author’s material in the framing conventions each US sub nation entity determined was in the best interest of how authored content could be competitively augmented and then arranged suggesting that arrangement of content is caveated by US sub nation entity conventions determined in the commerce interest while adhering in principle in that to be interpreted in as matters of conventions do not or did not purposefully inflict injury upon the good name of the author | Replicated from footnote 3 of the one through four added to a document compendia of My Collections Of Posts web page now public again after being configured to be only seen by me when logged in until I could assess why the web page was not performing properly link to function while it was also using subscribed to frame handling feature that displayed my original writing. In this new series of republishings my web pages are being placed into single PDF affidavit contextual arrangement for ready comparison to that actually allowed to be viewed online – MY-COLLECTIONS-OF-POSTS-AS SHAW CONKLING NUNN EDITIONS-VERSION-UNADAPTED-FOR-ONLINE-07232017.pdf | Michael L. Urquhart | Michael L. Nunn | Shaw Conkling Nunn independent publishing © 2017

June 29 2017 801AM PDT | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were | The bleakness spread weakens the direction ahead when constant surveillance attitude over the circumference of the world envisioned by the police state mentality and then about their own world of renown offers no encouragement for how their vanishing control in fact returns and restores man and then as men can be to the proper place to be in their own clans and societies. The relating of the misfortunes to police rest is about the wounding of the country’s rest by over the top police intervention in the allowances for behavior creeping in the nuances of religion in the many orders and locale adapted doctrines too that spread across communities to construct a backdrop of governance in religious bastions of policing covenant. The confusion in any direction to be in navigation realm is how to spell out the statistical evidence and remedy how healing works to restore the proper health to the order of man and then their own rights as men to preside over their own orders of life and how that in equilibrium and focus on how memory is in perspective too with heritage of parental conveyances in matter of mind and physical conditions of life as well how that prevails when wealth prospects are not controlled like the masses are by police and colleges too then in their own self denial to how they are wounding in concert the problematic is presuming no one but them are in fact intelligent. More to follow as presumed or can be considered in the perspective to be about being able to.  In this review of matters mentions in the news coverage about police and crime is still absent of the root causes of the times while any declines in crimes as presented is more likely about presenting the loosening of police interventions and restoring the rights of the all to be in their own equilibrium consensus. This began as a reviewing of the headings at the BBC and also the diagrams seen. More to follow as can be presumed is also about as that would also be allowed for or as subject to subjected conditions or causes to subject me to adverse courses and causeways and degraded conditions of living not supposed to have been imposed upon me at all which is why there are lawsuits in progress as those developments have been and are recorded since the conditions began or about two months and several days after May 26 2010 now as that continues at my lawsuit pursuits website which for the present compiles together at the site writing begun using Facebook areas originally and then with migration of content to Google Plus how this was met with improper administration by these companies to the US law cases of US citizens is also recorded for the legal record too. Check for other usuals and customary’s about my prior saids at Records Of Matters Or Mentions  Clicking to the Home page is usually the last article written there or a purposely affixed top article to be read again and again with newer publishings then appearing below when scrolling downward to also reach my earlier publishings too | Michael L. Urquhart | Michael L. Nunn | Shaw Conkling Nunn independent publishing © 2017

May 22 2017 1120AM | Writing About Life’s Equations | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were |  My current last to date publishing at my science writing place Restoring Mind And Resurging Time In Science Of The Mind Tree And Awareness Bubble  May 22 2017 | Michael L Urquhart | Michael L. Nunn | Also writing as Michael Nunn Stone

March 9 2017 640AM | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were | My writing appears online in different locations I moved into and then occupy which can be proofed by examining those if one can for how the retreat of public access always seemed to be a gain for international conquest a problem in how corporations formed under US laws are in country formations which suggests their aim to create defense posturing and then intelligence gathering and perhaps disarraying to counter gatherings how this appears in the news is always convenient too when fingers can be pointed for all to see at other sources of the same thing. In this early June 9 2011 in my technique in the read is also a refactoring according to the balance needed in how taxes at a constant rate measured to the pulse of the people case | A more thorough assessment of this read of the time is a different writing one day in concert with a proper way to also be able to live in equal standing as compared to those who I must sue properly for that too to make them properly address how my standing has in their favor been made into a homelessness | 525PM The January 26 2017 936AM has been revised replacing the image used to present one method I use to organize my publishing of my technique of writing in thought provocation while also adding a small bit of new writing in the caption for the occasion.  The 300 DPI rendering of this copy of my writing to image presentation has been adjusted in this new version which also replaces the PNG with a JPG while the click through should produce a smaller and more acceptable appearance. The image is now also sourced from this website rather than from my publishing site as Michael Nunn Stone.

June 9 2011 Short Shaw Conkling Nunn Top Of Post Level Front Page Page Version 01292014 Click Publish Date Only To Expand Properly Or Just Image For The Album Page Shown

My earlier writing employing thought provocations in this recall from the outcome of my earlier practice to also create private printings stored on my local disk drive of all my writing. My use of the Shaw Conkling Nunn Facebook Pages front page to distribute out placements of my writing also occurring in other individualized websites I had also moved into lawfully as Michael L. Urquhart and then as Michael Urquhart Shaw too was intended to make sure a public audience could see my properly placed disclosures or know where they were how that became stymied as I began to properly employ a publishing arena made with software I recognized came out of effort seen developed at Apple Computer Inc before colleges were provided the technology in graduated ways that also incorporated rights of ways restricted by covenants of corporate bundlings of inventive rights came about as the features of their application which I suspected management of the company began to systematically alter to create retreated public access seemed to be directed exclusively at my innovations of knowing how to make my writing in proper disclosures appear properly for that too.
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March 1 2017 712AM PST | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Are | Writing From The Memory Still | The logic of precedent law is how inheritance claws and how men primarily for that were endowed with their understanding of the common law too how much was sensibility and then conferred from precedences in life enacting the precedents too is how the country of the nation of the people’s purpose to be their own interest in stead was about monarchy opposed then and how in earnestness to appease disquality and morassness of the human stature in equanimity to categorize how to capture those avenues of proper resolute order to be in absolute calm and restive in the proceeding to gain the present then course of enacting restive nature to calm and then restore order of the land was about also enabling the constructing of the land in fortitude for the common good too and then enabling the coursing to prosper in the fortitude of all in how the rights to life promulgated to prosperousness in a wealth divide. When we course the aim of the people’s interest we may in fact have to recast and recall the people anew and then format the ordering of how they are the restorative and then also in that the originality in the vesting format too and then properly in that due for their wholeness again too while how religion may stride out the measures of proper spiriting to the avenue of return is also about unwinding the interest stakes unwisely for the aim of how to provide aplenty a prosperousness to a wealth divide which in that may be a class act to allowances to draw upon the equity stake holds to underwrite inherent obligation in presumes and assumes and then to be whole and in that be enacting of the concepts of will and servitude to the independent desires to be novel and inventive too as long as that respects the rights of any other’s own nature as well and never allows the depletion for foreign interests only | 0712AM PST This review of record is now titled and published separately as well in  When The Country’s Worth Is Abling Of Crediting That Too The Basic Allowance For How Life Is To Be Borne Still Is Then Underwritten And Balanced In Levers Of Interest Stake Holds And Equity Returns.

February 24 2017 849AM PST | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were | The continuing slide of feature support for my Safari Browser running Mac OS X 10.6.8 which did not have any problems with how it performed while now facing a constant inappropriate alteration of the common law of the Internet for how that might be seen as a way to describe the obligation to remain constant and then properly aligned to standards based designs and revisions so that anyone running older systems can still experience the Internet properly for its existence statement which came out of the US defense initiatives and then how that laterally impacted science developments and research endeavors which the US government relied upon and then inspired or funded to gear the country’s people for which it governs for the people’s vested interest too  properly for efficiencies  and then lasting benefits and then that faith in trust return.   Any extended journey with technology created by this bunch will have to also be by having all source code and capacities to build executables present in the journey too and then the expertise in also be able to unravel and correct the causes of any inoperable capacities in situ if this is not being addressed already.  See my explanation about how words when written by original humans also store then the linkages  to the memory of the meaning making any suggestion oriented AI technology for piloting or aiding surgery a potential disaster if not just replaying an actual person’s speech too and then also as a speaker that understands what is being suggested which will increase comprehension speed for listeners caveat on of like minds too.  See also my writing with reference to the glass jar .  Linkages to the memory has to be seen for different physical conditions of access as those exist different conveyances gained in the recouping of meaning which might be for some envelope like and for others a cue to unravel first all in determinants impacted in performance achieved for any interpretation gained even by how words written or speech is combined and transferred for interpretation emphasis on quality in transmission for voice suggesting systems |  Catch up is needed for anyone that does not know why I am unable to upgrade the operating system I use with my MacBook Pro 13 inch 2010 purchased model which I had to purchase to replace literally my stolen house too where I was living with my still today missing wife by May 26 2010 several days before I was forced to purchase the computer that weekend to then address legal work necessary and then kept in truth held up as in as a heist of my constitutional rights too which is still in that held up state | “Bunch” which does lump those indirectly referenced together may collectively refer to the different technology companies where they work and then are holding the country to their obstinance about what they want Americans to experience or pay for  | 859AM  I am still working with a revenue objective for any knowledge transferred or enrichment gained from my writing.  See my payment strategies which do use PayPal for now the processes I  provide can be made to also increase the amount paid. Refer to the quantity features at each payment button screen.

February 1 2017 1033AM PST | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were |  My use of comments to address issues germane to my own lawsuits is described earlier while also being about making a record of the matter.  In this particular address of concern the use of foreign hires to regulate US laws pertaining to US citizens is a concern when chief executive officers do not properly lead.


|  1138AM PST  This comment is presently being stored by Disqus as the comment collator I did not elect to use at all finding they had intercepted this writing event and then too late for me not to have to keep the record instead.

January 26 2017 936AM | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were | Event timed thought provocation integrating my memory of who we were before as collected under a new Explanation category and republished in a format chosen for that for my science from before writing |  A previous setting of this presentation of my writing and where to go for further surrounding detail is my earlier December 13 2016 752AM  | The small thumbnail size image is the original placement format as that was augmented from an original to integrate ongoing civil lawsuit issues and is the present cover photo of my Google Plus profile of the same name. 

Writing From The Memory Of Who We Were Before | . March 9 2017
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January 16 2017 651AM PST | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were |   The home page top item is now restored to the date chronology.  See The Death Bell For A Credit Score System Is Only One Settlement Provision For The Return Of America While Clemency And Then Amnesty From Further Prosecution Or Dishonor For Those Creating A System That Abuses And Created Classes Of Disservices To Cause Dishonor And Sentencing To Punishment Of Discrediting Services also by clicking the title from the Sidebar too.

January 7 2017 717AM | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were | This explanation is from the About page recently revised while keeping up with being in the present even while hardship conditions of homelessness still cause me to be forced from being anyone not also being restrained in their civil rights to survive by a credit report falsified for the actual material fact of why any report about credit is required or was really ever required when in fact being forced from any capacity to be able in equal opportunity and then equal access to all of that pay for one’s own case of life which does include a marriage and then be able to also afford to pay for any obligations required to be obligations required to be …   The home page is intended for now to lead to the column of all published articles. The side bar details sweeping your eye to the right when viewing published articles and then to the left from this page presentation to that integration of a separate column of links as that appears for larger display models contains arranging matter points to select ways to access tangentially the material presented in its different poses.  The site’s primary menu is also a good navigation advisory while being in the spirit of this writing site also informing art.  The site’s theme or “look and feel” selected from the domain provider’s catalog of non priced at the time themes scales properly for a smaller screen outline when accessed from hand held computer systems specifically using classically developed and implemented browsers adhering to the original intentions of the WWW which conformed to standards developed in the United States of America by people of the United States of America.

December 18 2016 747AM |  Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were | A alternate choice for access to my original note as that is referred to in the just prior December 13  2016 752AM is my publishing of the December 15 2015 A Study of Their Plan to Create a Plan Uninvited to Change How Intelligence is Controlled Too Weighing In Their Own Desires to Define How Only They Can Define Intelligence Too  and then in the paragraph beginning See this earlier original publishing as a note at my Facebook Page from August 11 2010. The link click through is supposed to directly display the note in the public domain without being logged in.  Click the 2 Comments text at the bottom of this early note technique to expand my writing in comments. All my writing areas features only my writing in the comment after sections.  My note technique came about in evaluating how to use a social media platform with publishing features and then migrated to more direct use of the column spaces while the trend for this topic then was a continuation of my beginning with that in letters by electronic mail to US Senator Dianne Feinstein to her at her Washington DC offices the first in the standing record made of my writing from the memories of who we were before being recorded in the US government context | Reviews of Matters And Mention

December 13 2016 752AM | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were | Event timed thought reading integrating my memory of who we are and were before as I pose and then emphasize the supposes and the fact of history too and then what might be said is a verbatim capture of the thinking then is my usual approach to how to also pose it anew too. 


For the explanations associated with this writing refer to my Thought Art In Canvas section as Michael Nunn Stone | 921AM The original as written is the first sentence written of the note referred to publicly referable to via in this instance my placement in reference of a URL to my own further publicly provided explanations to preface the background detail of how this was written spread across comments also that are being hidden but can be exposed to read in my own limited testing of their objectives in thwarting proper content display and then readily the right to review in the freedom to do so too which now incorporates a lurking overlain window of their instructions on the screen causing reading to be difficult without scrolling the content now behind meticulously their instructions designed to be disruptive of good etiquette in how to show public domain information originated by Americans in their own country and to coerce the viewer to log in just to see ads that may pass over the threshold of reasonable and customary.  “Publicly provided” refers to how my moved into Shaw Conkling Nunn page is configured to be public read only access with my use of the comment queue as a continuum of my writing to be presented too casting the role of the user into anyone able to arrive at the URL whether they are logged into their own holdings of a place or not | 944AM See in probable cause to my originator right to claim copyright and then royalties for derivative uses  The July 23 2010 to January 11 2012 Publishing Spree. | 1010AM My rights to reserve my rights to copyright and derivative benefits requires me to also be able to demonstrate how I conserved that right too.

December 10 2016 723AM | A capturing in real time to know | Thoughts are formed automatically but never really in automatic to “sea” because the “sea” part is outside of mirroring space and then not in timing existence. How “sea” is also “to see” is also how a view is captured space too.

December 6 2016 702AM |  My Michael L. Urquhart About was amended to clarify the origins of the surname Urquhart. My mother’s background did instill in her a specific attention to compatible genetics regardless of the number of husbands the State of California ran off with the obliging assistance of ever best friends or others instigating police officials  in religious principles . My inclusion of  footnote ² regarding the origins of the surname used in this legal name from the remarriage legal embrace of then a altered birth record too does make identity theft difficult to maintain in the present era of how effective publicizing of one’s own legal case deters needless wasteful effort to steal it by just going to a court and asking for a name change to what ever name suits the fancy at that moment.  In my early steps to apply for social security benefits by late 2010 a certainty of name confusion from then search results existed in there being three exact cases of my name in the public search records and then for that other property details and incidentals that had connotations to then be examined too causing for that wasteful effort and then a problematic disorder caused to my marketing aims which were to properly associate my names to my web presences as those reflected through name search results.

November 21 2016 712PM | A brief mention of my science writing for the record to properly also register a concern of being deprived of income from any uplifts delivered by that effort while others may have been been hired to study all of my writing from the past the August 18 2013 republishing Physicality and Locality In Relativity Is Spaciousness and Spacial Bliss

November 10 2016 Late Entry | About my November 4 2016 1240AM in concern writing about my treatment at night in the continued implied disturbing of my human right for survival rest in an area that has overlays of public access rights and corridors in public interests that avenue pubic access day and night mass transit is steps away with corridors also carved into the access ways the problem continues even tonight after having to check out of a hotel and then be homeless still but now outside waiting for social security to arrive by the night before the third Wednesday of the month that narrative to follow while in that progress my rest is being purposely arrested again by just one lone male in truth overreaching private armies used by property management companies or towing operations just being highway robbers may be better for now for countries with no civil rights | The November 4 2016 1240AM The continued implied disturbing of my human rights is determined to be …

October 29 2016 658AM | Disturbance Causes To The Rights Arena. My just recorded issue of security overwroughtness unnecessary in the presence of required common sense and how to be someone who recognizes proper liberty. See my Records Of Mattters Or Mentions October 29 2016.

October 24 2016 AM | Several of my refer backs to conclude in this first my brief recap and then explanation not intended to be overlooked in how thoughts form from thoughts formed into forms of formation in my writing from the memories of who we are in those many ways that my writing wrote about those words of original origins in my methods of presenting who we are or how not to forget who we were before that referred too in proper overlay meaning to how the country was formed by men and not one woman outside of being in a marriage with a man.  For the record regarding my January 24 2016 writing of When A Reading Is A Proper Sensing Of Life Meaning Memory Is Relied Upon Too While The Reader Can Be Self Reading Too How The Sensing Is To Be Understood In Any Meaning For The Reader’s Life Too as that was published at my science writing site as Michael Nunn Stone   paragraph one is just one thought. When we speak our thoughts one complete thought can never be completely written as the thought while how the thought formed into words may in fact have different meanings of the thought form formed and then can be re-supposed by simply surfacing different thought bubbles so that in the arithmetic not needed countless meaning actually can be | For any gain or uplift for receiving this proper value exchange refer also to how to make payment to my gain after accounting through my business entity formed in 2010 while homeless then the payment features should incorporate in different publishings of my writing a view of the button for payment to me as I have added each for the known worth producing aspects usually from my originally introduced concepts of science from before the payment features built entirely using the original Ebay funded startup of funding arrivals in America in their journey to become part of the wealthy elite coming out of Stanford primarily which did for that occasion rely upon a woman CEO liking the men involved and then forgetting there might be Americans born with ties going back to the technology memories too with just as good an idea or with better ways to make the technology work and then reduce the time to make it useful less complex or less bothersome for its usefulness I am forever feeling that no one trusts the payment handler or wants to incorporate the payment handler’s gain in the payments I receive which is the cost of doing business that I did not complain about at all. My donation website was the first that characterized how to properly use the accounting for that while my email to another company was about how they seemed to sprout new wings as a startup using my accounting principles the startup was in business before but did not even have any history of their present donation concept for the masses before I introduced my donation button user experience. They never paid me and may have been encouraged by venture capitalists to just steal the principles. The issue of that may just be a culture shifting process of how venture capitalism in high technology has become a population with many whose early education and then development never occurred as a person born of America.   My January 24 2016 writing referred

October 12 2016 | My just published mention about the present political climate created out of the Democratic Party’s penchant for mass hysteria of women to cause all to vote for a police officer by writing his name in on the ballet or just pick her since that would be the same for anyone in California trained to see all men as abusive when they are not nice or use language they might while the other side of their coin says focus on only what men do with women and never what women do with or to men or how they talk about them too. See my October 12 2016 The Momentum Of Progressive Wades Interiorly To Progressives In Pause Of Superiority In Thoughts Of Providence.

Division In Hysterical Formations Of Forming Foam Formations September 8 2016 | My April 6 2016 publishing of this related subject matter title Dimensions In Rotating Spokes Knead Light Weight Intensity  may have been overlooked for my payment expectations in case that has happened. This more recent writing from my memories is part of my series of similar original writing to also establish revenue from my independent publishing or how any of my writing provided lift off to others with capital gains then obtained noting salary consumption already being paid or being wealthy and then paying one’s own way are not exemptions from the standard for how to calculate when deriving any enrichment my specific addressing of different methods to arrive at how payment is appropriate is in my payment discussions my very early on description of how donations work may have been misunderstood as a free idea now making people richer when in fact it was clearly about expections of being paid too. My use of website menu titles with augmenting detail may be overlooked if mobile users are being canvased through specialized mobile applications designed to hinder inference and intuition or side rail them on endless spot checks via a computer software application instructing them using their smart phones to walk them around to empty spots as if the smart phone were the human and the person carrying the smart phone was not really aware of that. Far too many actual sightings of this in my immediate seated area in Alameda California on more than several occasions while being forced to remain homeless suggested yet a new way to stagnate Americans and then America.

August 31 2016 | My capture of the behind the scene scene seen in this exhibit capture pertaining to what I encountered in my access to my area during examination of why my public domain page was gotten rid of by Facebook Inc without due process involved my logging in through my page administrative account where the evidence of the company’s restraint illegal conducted before on my own place’s name editing still persists as a separate record that discloses this specific illegal act to restrain my own name editing refer to my separate online disclosures for the statements of matter of facts for the legal record which in the evaluation are then prospects of how that might have to be remedied in concert with the original matter of how I was locked out of my use of my own property rights again pertaining to the public domain area I had moved into and presented as the Shaw Conkling Nunn public page during their IPO about six months where my own content was under their control and then could be for how my original writing was original and entirely unknown by anyone before then could have been parceled off to writers and stage presentators being informed on how to create their own lift offs to niches of their own now false claims to claim and then in that obtain undeservedly obtained enrichment while not in any way paying attention to my revenue objectives which I believe the company somehow shuffled out of being viewed properly. This is a continuation of my August 30 2016 947PM logging of this matter of concern regarding the disappearance of my public domain page Shaw Conkling Nunn in the Facebook areas of the Internet. I am still contemplating how publishing anew is really that and then a yet to be discovered alteration in my presence that damages my presence. In terms of how the shutting down of my public domain occupied and then properly for that to be in control of my own independent publishing is also costing in terms of time unnecessarily having to be spent in the examination of personal injuries intentionally delivered too is also about how important proper management of public domain spots being used to properly disclose needed to be properly managed by those who know how to properly manage that too is another statement of period regarding the present political climate too in which there is little division between this company and the present agenda of the counties of California and their behind the scene in active deployment of the Democratic Party “machine” which is also about behavior training in punitive concepts and then also unduly about love and kisses for anyone not American coming to America to move into all of the properties they can so that one day Americans will wake up if they have not already and see each other as entirely isolated and alone in their own country and then impoverished in every aspect of the customary and usual expectation of being able to live in one’s own country of being American born to be American and then have equal wealth prospects too.

August 30 2016 947PM | My discovery today my public presence using a page I had a right to use since I occupied it and then placed my own content in the interior of the structure which does have a public address and then many public domain areas to examine such as my Facebook Public Page NOTES area  all now being denied service by the executives of Facebook Inc whose administration of a software upgrade may in fact have failed to materially form a customer satisfaction approach for how to never take down a customer’s site and force the site to be offline permanently while waiting for the customer to discover it after the fact and then not even be able to know how long it has been causing disreputation if it has for now not correctly linking from offsite websites where many of those accessing my exhibits and then finding the denial of service might have thought I had been killed off by Facebook Inc in order to teach everyone a lesson and then remind them to obey the laws of Facebook Inc which is just how the counties of California work too when backed by a police state but may be able to say their operations are entirely in California and then not in some other country where decisions are being made by those there for Americans. My concern is again executives as claimed are not really in charge and others from other countries are causing the two top executives and there could be more they are targeting to appear to be the offenders which is about sponsorships of foreign workers and how they may be invited to leave so that Americans can be hired to properly make any upgrade in software features so that no one can be left in a state of now believing they were perniciously taken off of the air to gratify someone at the top which does sound like it could be a plot to overthrow the boss if so but also could be complete madness in how to manage any software upgrade and then not have anyone on staff originally involved in how the software made it to Harvard and then came out of there while leaving out all of the nice features that showed how to migrate software without causing customers to mind since everything was kept working the same way or there was a graceful way to just see that there were ways to upgrade while leaving what worked quite well alone to work quite well particularly of keen interest to all might be how links are supposed to know how to be intelligent and just be able to live with the times and just always correctly arrive at the original content every time. This unnecessary disruption is troublesome for now having to waste time evaluating the problems that may now be introduced by the publishing anew demand note which suggests a possible link to make it work better for how any area could be marked unsuitable by Facebook Inc decision deciders in violation of my civil rights and then opposing the instrumentation of truth in faith and trust which also is how corporations as annexes of public structuring of the cause of the people may not in any way engage in personalized pursuits to instrument any American’s denial of rights to pursue rights to pursue. In my past writing and then in a complaint made to the FCC regarding a different company is the issue of anti-trust if the concepts understandable by most Americans born in America is not quite grasped in that intuity which is that any company formed in the United States of America is obligated to respect the constitution rights of all Americans which might also relate too to when wives are possessed without regard to the husband’s right to possess as my wife was by Facebook Inc when they blocked my access to access my wife’s properties which were my properties too. That matter is still not resolved since I have not seen any attempt to correct how I might overcome any blocking and then how that was an unauthorized restraint of my legal rights as a husband caused by others who gained control of my wife’s account the feature needed my right to directly be able to access her accounts and no I should not have to send a copy of my marriage certificate to India or another country for someone there to make a decision that is not supposed to be anything more than conformance to laws of the United States of America not Mexico or any countries in the “Americas” just in case there is any problems identifying just where the company is located and then under which country the company was formed noting any change of that does not change where the company formed.

July 7 2016 1010 AM PDT | The question of where all my missing money goes whether that is into the private use of thousands of non Americans living in California even all those arriving with pet loving in their minds because they were likely told that is how they can find sympathy from Alameda County sympathizers of anyone who is a pet lover since it does help train for foster caring of the many adults now being cared for by culturally misfitting in all of the new arrivals who need work and can find that easily by just being a care giver person for anyone the county has either taken all of the property from once before and is now much older and in recluse or is really just the end result of having gotten rid of the husband years before and now the recluse who has to be wheeled around while keeping the body alive to allow for assuring that the services used for that can be used to now pay so many from other countries making their daily “bucks” from care servicing all of the Americans being phased out of existence except for the Governor’s extended family who one must think are going to be allowed to survive in the New California where border patrols set up by every new Republican president will probably require constant vigilance to keep all of those also illegal  from entering from California into the rest of America even just to visit since that might might encourage them to find new locations to encourage others like them to invade too in case that is not yet begun. My update on my living conditions is also a further deterring of how to remove myself from Alameda California is in this report about the theft of my EBT card funding made to coincide with the Fourth of July holiday while non stop paying everyone arriving under the Democratic Party flag from other countries and in that comfort and aid with EBT debit cards fully funded for food and likely general assistance so they can have cash in their hands too and then paid for bus and BART services so that they can enjoy sight seeing everywhere they can arrive to without their chauffeurs too while no doubt with billionaires funding them as well new automobiles may be in their future as well  making that prospect of how to spread out from the areas where only buses and BART exist quite likely.  My sentiments about what a Republican president might do other than be what is needed for being a man regarding closing the borders of California so that no one can escape into America was covered much earlier in my writing and had to do with how dangerous the population is when trained to focus on hunting for abusive  men which for their training is any man not in law enforcement and these earlier relatings had nothing then to do with electing the correct US president as a man who also in that truth for the ordeal he has to expect is going to have to reeducate American women with what a man is since most have forgotten and then for that have been unduly trained or are being trained to see men as either gay or as properly being men in law enforcement and then their husband.  Stolen Food Money Due To Me Discovered On The Fourth Of July To Maximize Pain And Suffering While Those In The Offensive Enriched Themselves On The Holiday .

June 30 2016 0949 AM PDT | In the fortitude of preserving the country’s beginning which did have men running everything regarding the California puzzle for how to make even any new head of anything not the current royal family which does have precedence in how that works the reach of the Democratic wing to the UK  must not be made part of ongoing elections for US President too which has to be about how to retrain women to know what men are and how they normally conduct their affairs.  This began with the June 30 2016 0821 AM PDT just before which then jumped to my civil litigation page which records matters and mention and continues any of the moment’s readings.

June 30 2016 0821 AM PDT |  A quick canvasing of my site can produce specific angles of advantage in how to approach being informed even in elections of “the madness of women” just in case no one is noticing that the US presidential election is about how well everyone listens to California’s police state concepts of the Democratic wing there which is to do as you are told which in California is to not look but just do and then always vote for a woman candidate too.  In this quick jolt of objectivity my style is evident and then matters written about are reformatted into this method of republishing too.    Todays Commentary On Sentencing To Appease The Gods .   See this follow too on to extend the publishing reach while each writing becomes a still of the event need for the record too.   Records Of Matters And Mentions June 30 2016 834 AM 

June 30 2016 0890 AM PDT | Our specific calling in name span diction was how we began to explain how the mind trees became a faceting of name quests over a large span of history in that quest.  How this is particular to the name alterations that also became the trend is simply how to recall how name linkages remained intact and could be tracked again and again.  When adoptions occur in a bonding venue the specific queues of casts for how to dial in the memories too are specifically linked to protocols of higher mathematics to give those in mathematics a quick rush to nowhere in particular since the concepts of how to relate this is not in mathematics except how that could be useful for organizations of matters of facts of protocols in adherence to facts of protocoling.

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