The July 23 2010 To January 11 2012 Publishing Spree

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How It Looked Before  Allow time for this tall image of the front page to display. Click to the Shaw Conkling Nunn Public Page Active Link Version to view in full width and be able to navigate to selected reading subject matter by clicking on the publish date only while clicking on an image of a document or photograph may only arrive at a subpart of the completed writing piece and cause caption detail and comments where writing also continues to be overlooked.

Arranging of Content Framing Is By Facebook Inc.

The full width and in perspective slightly enlarged appearance of my publishing spree at my occupied property at is a record for copyright purposes too to show where my  placement of original writing is stored as photographic pages I described as canvases of word art and then as stored in surrounding areas provided by the frame technology created literally for practiced reduction into a formality of art form by groups of scientists of computer technology working for Apple Computer Inc before 1988 developing at that time a process for how to implement for copyright protected authored content a programmable frame technology in its rudiments and complexity.  The surrounding framed areas for survey of content and then review  of my original writing are also ‘Timeline’ posts and then for each stored photograph of my original writing in that form the photo album caption in any collection created as a category in a series and each photo page caption for each in the collection and also then each comment as inserted after any caption and also after any post.

‘Timeline’ is a Facebook feature and name.

¹ For best presentation of this context oriented index transferring the PDF to your local computer should provide consistent text clarity and better performance in clicking to subject matter while preventing unwanted reloading of the index PDF. Since the PDF is already downloaded by the browser to display it in the window completely clicking the Save As option usually is the technique to specify how to store it by name separately. In the local file context it is presumed the PDF viewer supports engaging to the active links while from that perspective it may be more expedient to examine and then click to targeted material without becoming lost in the browser.

² Periodic or systematically created stalls or redirects or just plain stoppages in how links are engaged but unreliant in their delivery to my public page content and then in then producing demands that users log in seems to be linked to a statement that now the links seem to be expired in how convenient it might be not to support properly aged links for public content. If this is indeed true at all and then just not plain blocking access to be plain or inconveniencing.  As of July 27 2016 from within a Google Starbucks WIFI hotspot my separately stored PDF of this exhibit fails to materially form my public content when clicking on links originally operable when not logged in as expected while in my recollection I have seen proper content framing service delivered previously clicking on these links thus properly displaying within the handling conformance of the site’s framing technology my original authored content publicly disclosed.

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