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Where Risk Is Casualty California Courts Are Risky New by Michael L. Urquhart as Shaw Conkling Nunn From March 20 2013

They stole the front door key to keep my wife alone while taking everything I owned May 26 2010 causing more than seven years of homelessness then.

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December 27 2016 940AM | Disservicing Americans To Bleed Then Financially Too Is How Every Single Refinancer Of A College Loan Americans Were Lured To Because Of Incorrectly Set High Government Rates Not Allowed For Interest Stakes Of Being Americans Too Now Cause Further Disservices By These Loan Sharks Now Masquerading As Student Assistance Non Profits   |  IN THIS JUST PUBLISHED  in my forced to experience that disservicing of my civil rights as that pertains to containment unlawfully pursued to restrain my right to survive too even while that is by being kept in poverty conditions in California while others from other countries have taken all my job positions with blessings of billionaire babies  and then want-to-be  for that too and then for those foreign born now able to gain ill gotten gains from higher in value returned social security retirement claims when those are asserted if not just being able to retire younger than me already wealthy while laughing at me homeless in Alameda too their ill gotten for that is by stealing from other Americans jobs they were never allowed to have  | This lead in to my published title “hyperlinked” provided here and URL there is my AM December 27  2016 collection piece from On The Queue For Reading Too.

December 12 2016 1009AM |  My writing still continues in a composite format for using different avenues I set up to publish one is this named place which is supposed to be Shaw Conkling Nunn not using the + sign that was designed to reward everyone Google said was important but nobody like me so I am declining to use the + since it seems to be less plus and more negative every day. See current writing as that does appear more than here at Review of Matters And Mentions.   Also check around the site for missing important to know and try to also review what is going on at my Michael L Urquhart the Side-By-Sides too and also my consolidation of science writing from before there was history that writing as Michael Nunn Stone. 

December 9 2016 1215PM | Writing about history and memories of history is the original tagline if that is not being seen anymore I am now in the process of highlighting what could have been faded out areas now being expired in favor of how to just make it all work for people in other countries the whole idea of how Americans can be simply wiped out in even their standards of how to publish and remark to rights coverage with the British and the Australians and then even the English speaking Canadians and then with too most US Native Americans in the science spaces is also about how Motorola was wiped out needlessly too as an American icon company while in truth the policy of the government oversight was kept in a threatened context of facing sin patrols by a party of people that used women in Congress to hunt for sinners too | The passion for how to be a man in fortitude and compassion is also about how to realize the biology of being a man too and never does that when allowed interfere with the insight and then logic to be what one can be as a man too is in my usual technique of writing from the memory of who we are and once were and then before we became what we are.

May 25 2016 753 AM |  Apart in courtesy to online social media sites in those deliveries of incorrect concepts of life now a chronic mess in the US which prescribe also that anyone from any galaxy is allowed to be a US citizen and in some cases due to I believe how one of the first online places to be a online comment hacker place to be after their founding by those that also came from other countries or maybe thought they should have as all things Stanford are like seamless erotica causing how the comment hacker arena encouraged condom like names so that no one really knew where they came from and thus avoided the exposure needed is how it appears in New Mexico where the major news handling in proper on their knees formation to social media sites and their self described leaders since these founders and those that came later with dubious certification gathering initiatives from a private college in the east or from the west even while those in the different fields where these new thought to be spirits too thought that was a big mistake for the lack of relevant experience and then for many today no actual memory of who the American people really are is also how TV news coverage seen on TV while I have temporary inside stays allowable for my kept low by others social security retirement budget were in evidence cowed to these founders and did not properly account for the people’s origins for those involved in the “counter revolution” agenda to the Republican nomination process the waving of a Mexican flag seemed a clue a sad state of affairs that shows many years of misfitting different cultural expressions together and never gathering how their backgrounds might make them volatile easily or be more than willing to reach out and be violent since it might be a trait of fun for them too to undermine America for their lost cause of a free ride and then interfere with proper compensation due o Americans in their areas of impact for losses of quality of life and then less access to jobs and selectability of their own housing and for that if renting not to be subjected to landlords from other countries even sponsored by cities as they are in San Francisco and then Alameda the city incorporating that issue to extend to smaller hotels too. Since I have to evacuate my inside lodging for lack of having my missing wages and then my missing restitutions from those I have to still sue for making me homeless and stealing my Dodge Grand Caravan SE 1999 purchased in November 1998 and my home for no just cause just because someone else had a cause of wanting or needing my wife married to me since 1973 that by stealing the front door key to our home the only way to access my home and then by keeping my wife disabled and busy with their thoughts and instructions to keep me out of my legal marriage using or being instrumented in the crime with Santa Cruz County city police in my complaint and lawsuits versus them also Capitola By-the-sea and sheriff deputies and then in dismay for that discovery a unknown number of illegals or those saying they were not and living in several counties under police protection to hunt my location and call in complaints some of them were Americans in Democratic Party cloths easily made less focused on American concepts by constant contact and association with culturally misfits from other countries. I am also missing recompense from the City of Alameda for the slaughter of my physical presence while using the restroom commode in the seated concept in their public library which is a normal human need not to be avoided without health concerns specifically made worse under stress being caused and then for all that in the homeless injury caused too and then assaulted by a unknown to me still individual or fireman or part time police officer who came in with a mission it now seems to then requisition the handy city fire extinguisher but not the blow torch wanted purposely placed at the door of the men’s restroom downstairs to be used to assault anyone not apparently a insider to the savage context of the inside territory of the public library also due to the number of misfitted males in this case frequenting the spot since there are females too that use the library or other places as their “crip” and then for the tyrant males involved had failed to post their hours of need for the stall I used or thought it was just theirs always on demand or for the city employee concept called in by perhaps a type of democrat party aficionado to find my time of need location and assault me to score another egregious act for the police state sponsored assault against homeless white males since I did stand out as different for the area as it was then or may be which incorporates allowing people from other countries to complain and cause assaults on Americans or as that was before in case my online disclosures have caused that to be remedied or preferably not just covered up more. The raid of the Google offices in Paris has a ring of finding missing people from other places not properly accounted for there too. Are there showers and cots inside those offices and can any Google employee worldwide travel and stay there too? My claim to the City of Alameda for more than six hundred thousand dollars as that was properly worked out to be correct for the undue mistreatment received and injury caused was rejected by a all woman team of man haters or just happy they were in charge and could do anything they wanted to do for themselves too and then for them ignorant of how that means the police are in charge since they need them to fence their grievances against anyone determined to be now their grievance I am still wanting to know which city employee was in on the assault of my sleeping position at the claimed to be beach location where I had spotted in one incident already reported what appeared to be someone in a city truck involved in calling in the police to assault me in a surprise beach invasion at the precise beach location I was forced to use for rest the claim for the public library assault on me was rejected without a thorough investigation or one that could hold up to being one at all since I never received the copy. I even tried to contact the only male attorney working for them I thought might be the nearest to being an American born here and was trying to prevent discriminatory protocols and struck out even the insurance adjuster assigned was purposely a woman and then within days paid my money by borrowing it at a bargain zero interest rate from me taking it all and then making a profit in how the amount paid was less to a man whose woman attorney in a cultural affinity contest too was easily allowed to negotiate the more than four hundred thousands dollars claimed for his 2012 incident with city police now to avoid the proper payment to me and in the discriminatory process of making it appear there was no reason too instead paid it to the attorney for her and his share and then to their customer client and really the male’s caretaker benefiting the city by likely causing all of the money he or she received to be paid into services being provided to all including the care taker not just because the 2012 casualty incident male’s name was similar to the maiden name of the new mayor even after I had personally contacted her by email to give her a pointer of concern about her prenuptial marriage terms versus what the city marriage terms might expect of her as the major by removing her husband when they needed to bar him from any rights to have her be instead alone with any male with now candidates coming even from the new “sister city” she had the city nominate for how it also provides a far east travel location too for city employees where nearby or at least closer than Paris are island paradises that can be traveled to for a better enrichment. I have never been able to return to the library trying just once and feeling ill and uncomfortable having then to give up the better resources being provided to now just immigrants and anyone else like that arriving by plane to Oakland and then traveling by arrangement made with any probably non profit set up to transport anyone traveling to locations where they can use the resources for free which would be in this case then to the Alameda public library across the street from the police station where they can then by cell phone while watching in interest call in complaints and then direct the police to cause mayhem and assaults somewhere. The upstairs would be the best location for how they might be observing all this. For the payment of my claim made to the City of Alameda is the issue brought up about how the current political party or those in the past like them as feminine banners have caused all grant money previously available for individual consumption by application to be diverted to any non profit set up to drain the money previously there and now gone. For my claim made the discriminatory treatment has to be seen as an extension of those policies which is no white male able to use money wisely can ever be allowed to receive a claim paid for even a grant requested and applied for. Instead there has to be woman lawyer representing them while a male may represent a woman claimant and they the client or plaintiff have has to be crippled in some way since the control of the money passes back to state and county and city sponsored work effort in a racketeering concept that just circulates or launders the money back for usually a profit gained. I am still waiting for my claim to be paid and have to sue them too while the city and insurance claim rejction also included that threat of being subjected to a endless appeal process using city money or money taken from the public to keep the money never paid. The threat was not just that but a intentional objective to sue me for having dared to file a lawsuit which has to be filed just to uncover reasonably the discriminatory acts and then to discover no investigation was even carried out. For that case in a Federal court the new strategy is to make sure any city or county attorney is personally at risk for the funding of the endless appeal process too since it may be tort in progress and they may be or are exploiting a endless supply of money not at risk. For my recent exposure about the grant funding for individual non Americans the only group being represented by the non profit sector see my update due about the refugees sighted with what appeared to be EBT cards in Alameda the city as The Case of Life In California In Self Propelling Aims Is Now Under Control Of Social Welfare Madness In Which All Must Be Behaved And No Cash Is Ever Provided For Assistance Unless A Refugee Is To Be Paid at  | 113836046163131684898/posts/8i1H3DfAtCj | Commented | ⊂ 1 May 25 2016 834 AM  A portion of the event read of the online scene causing me to reflect about the condom distaste of fake names being deployed for online accounts to then be in a chatter formation and be seen in the scene while commenting after posts while professing to be anything more than only catching one’s eye and then then not even caring about what is being now said in the comment. It appears that many comment hackers have traveled from Yahoo! or places I never visited online to Google+ and then to now be present and counted in the mess of posts that can be streamed to everyone’s profile. How such misnamed chatter is cluttering and useless and then a wonderment of the funding behind their time for this too since maybe the money can be better paid to an American with heritage and a right to work and then also a skill that is really there and does not need to chatter endlessly while hiding who they are. Apparently the marketing has failed to focus on the professional merits of the profile making it now a dead end for the future. | ⊂ 2 May 29 2016  221 PM   Today’s “post” is republished after removing it before about a day later than I wanted for time correlation issues. My This separate web page Posts By Links retains the original publishing by restoring the original from the revision stack which is handy for leaving a record of everything said when the object is to keep it somewhere an advantage Word Press has over other want-to-be publishing spots where the object is to cause your death from ad overdose instead or see if you are smart enough to detect you are on a list that subjects you having to see ads that seem to always suggest something someone might say in jest or slight or contempt about you to someone else that is entirely not true or I may be looking at the old printings of the ads seen which I retain in printings of the web areas then which is quite a record of all that too.  The problem is that sometimes the ad comes with reflections in the event read that suggest the real motive is to deliver a type of message or cause a stroke.

May 4 2016 855 AM | My March 1 2016 report and then the following March 18 2016 logging is the issue of the resolved matter of how my social security retirement annuity was confusingly defined as a profitable income stream and not a preserved conserve and then return of that properly waived of being subjugated to onerous redactions and then disciplining too by the unwarranted removing of what is vital money needed daily to survive while not applying due process as is everyone’s constitutional right. This was also covered in close time proximity in my Michael L. Urquhart profile and then the facts were migrated to each of my index of posts webpage at my Word Press Com websites. The issue of how decisions come about from those in government roles is also about who they are and then what gender and then who has access to them if a female gender and how effective such persuasive presences can waive constitutional logic.   In my writing are reflections of cultural mixup in specific postures causing violations of rights of even foreigners just visiting or under diplomatic immunity and then just supposed to be asked to leave if a problem not strip searched and arrested or made a target of a stakeout to see if abusiveness can be developed properly to make a California head of justice be thought to be better than justice a foreboding for anyone in law enforcement being allowed to take over California as the governor is the sentence to life imprisonment for Californians. |  113836046163131684898/posts/AEMZ2gGzw3t

April 25 2016 1046 AM | A brief sideways glance of upcoming case issues in this statistically likely to be of concerning concern in less than ten days one just this morning regarding two individual group sightings of suggested to be refugees with brand new EBT cards with also destinations to go suggesting lodging is already there for them too while I still have to consume less than the adequate for my correct age 62 social security retirement annuity to stay in hotels for a few days until money runs out and then outside again sitting on benches at night homeless outside and then during the days since they do not wander around at night being contently somewhere I have to watch these sightings begin to occur now I have to expect more frequently in just Alameda California and then in just one area South Shore Centers where I had said before in my observations anyone illegal can just fit in and never be noticed unless engaged in conversation not like how my brother by luring me to Alameda and then forcing me into isolation and homelessness in an unfamiliar area when it began because I would not bend over and find a buddy or become disabled and then in their cause since it was my brother and his apartment sharer from another country to subject me to onerous conditions to then make certain I would be also the constant subject of ridicule the case issue of any lawsuit versus them and then likely memorialized with satisfaction among even the various groups of immigrants living here and working in my job they stole recognizing that their cards are all stacked for replacing everyone like me since I am homeless and they are not and then their bounty at always finding the housing too while displacing even the children of Americans  born as bona fide Americans growing up and expecting them to vacate the area and go somewhere else permanently too or be stuck in homelessness in periodic episodes having to find hotels at affordable rates in a kind of perpetual lifestyle of the not allowed to be the rich and famous.  Legal recourse only is required to make this issue be materially forming of the proper restitution for all of us now plagued with this confrontative and then affronting compression of resources we need to survive while the sale of the Governor’s home in Alameda bodes well for his staff’s following of my case issues and their concern for him about the problems of being next after leaving his role older than anyone born in 1964 and then stuck in Alameda or nearby in the county and then potential homelessness with an administrator of the county whose guarantee against homelessness for her in older age is about one half million dollars of pension annually paid impossible to accrue and really just a continuing salary commitment for life making the governor’s own take of pension likely less likely to be able to manage the out of control cost structures in Alameda County and how anyone male even married on limited steady income is a target of also a game of catch and see how long it takes to collapse their financial conditions and then seize all of the property for eventually granting to the large number of both Americans shame on them and then immigrants waiting to get bottom dollar return in then acquisition strategies of forcibly sold properties or how that might be also described as forcible abandonment of one’s right to possess one’s property to survive in one’s own country. When any married man is targeted in this fashion his wife becomes foreclosable on too and then will be coerced into armaments against the husband too to force him to either fight for his rights logically that is correct until that is over or maybe he dies or gives up and admits incorrectly then defeat right away which is what the police state wants and what the religious county dogma teaches.  More to follow about the sightings.  This is also now the titled reprinting as The Saga of Refugee Status And How Americans Must Be On The List Too.

April 13 2016 8:01 AM | The basis for how life in America is impacting the Americans is never really known completely in that known until one day everyone wonders where are the Americans except that may be a sin in “future shock” speak and in California not ever anything more than discriminatory attitude with graduations to jail time too for how that becomes measured by non Americans too in this brief event curve report after assessment of what the curve is curving around too in my began beginning about a news report about strikers at this company I actually like for its cell phone service I can not afford right now being still homeless and with a telephone plan and then number grabbed away by my daughter leaving me with no way to move back to Verizon where I was originally since I can not control my own cell phone number and then would be a new naked customer having to obtain a new number without any longevity as a cell phone customer while for that twister I left them for Cingular then because Cingular had a affordable plan for families when Verizon did not not yet there for how all family members would all have cell phones one day and may be in California where pets have a higher worth than any white male born in Marin County in 1953 also the dog too.  Verizon does not have the in place correct management for how to direct their long term longevity in the lasting value proposition Americans as shareholders of their nation are deservedly forthright in expecting… The Verizon Union Strikers In Tandem To Political Staturers In A Modium Of Issue Rinsing That Pertains To How Effective Management Of The Country Is In Realism About Business Management In Its Need Too | This lead in to my published title “hyperlinked” provided here and URL there the 8:01 AM April 13 2016 collection piece from On The Queue For Reading Too. | 113836046163131684898/posts/d2FXvrrMghG | Commented ⊂ 1 April 13 2016 8:24 AM  For my comment after followers I would be forced to obtain a entirely new cell phone number because I would be unable to locate and contact my daughter to then seek permission to move my own originally legally obtained cell phone number from years before and then in that possibly still find I was at the same time experiencing how the brainwashing of my daughters might cause them to remind themselves to spread ill about me will to now Verizon for the police state. The issue of this is my wife still missing even though I have contacted the FBI YES by email about that and then the daughter is missing too she being the one who has my cell phone locked up so I can not contact her or my wife as both seem to be in a fantasy witness protection program that in truth could have been laid out for them by a YMCA in Santa Clara Valley my wife worked for for years first as a contract dance aerobic instructor’s assistance and then as the lead eventually employed when the former developed severe bone issues or as that might be work place caused casualties from the constant need to also be at personal cost they caused my wife to absorb too to be daily prepared as that seemed to be too with new learned at home dance “routines” making the entire part time class instruction which was supposed to be for her health and fitness too or how that began originally to be about exercise to remain healthy in life now a unable to quit investment without any return on investment in terms of worth useful for a family value system too robbing my wife and then our family for that of thousands of dollars of never recovered cost in time recovered too for how long she had to spend in her own personal time learning new dance “numbers” for as it turns out charity sake as well since the YMCA is alll about conversion of the entire community into work obsessivelies for serving mankind and then how that spreads to now a entire body of providing that for in their beginning non Americans too while also training women to be prepared for abusive men everywhere except in law enforcement of course how could they in minister spirit formation be abusive at all and then for California as they are the only allowed husbands to be secretly or in plain sight to see. | April 13 2016 9:18 AM  My preceding comment elaborates on the cell phone being naked without the capacity to show a long term customer history at Verizon as a side issue of concern about missing family while ongoing in the background case specifics are being examined for updated lawsuit developments.  “Politcal” is political and has been corrected in my original article noticing that I am unable to see how the URL transformation to the title in my post reference translates into the corrected element showing it then. The URL stays as it is with the word misspelled since it is alloweable.  My formatting of the index to this post has been adapting to issues of how the click universes work when one can be the super of another which might be how Yahoo! may have inadvertently made less ad income for newspapers who did need more ad revenues if that also came from clicks too to pay their writers equitably and then not be compelled to set up freedom centers for anyone to now be a contributor to writing for them too and then make me wonder if they are being paid or then inadvertently causing wages or value exchange for good writing for their original staff to be kept downwards in that tracking ahead as the country’s many resources were eagerly consumed and then increased cost of living for all by so many arriving I am still waiting for that “X Files” on discovering a another planet has quitely invaded as one example for how that can happen California and is now using up all of the water and may be teleporting it to their home planet since it does appear to be freely here for everyone  See this comment added later at ‘https’ is mandatory for the bookmarked reproduction of this post and comments to show up. Scroll back up to see the same image of my cover photo writing as is supposed to be at the top of this profile too. 

March 18 2016 10:56 AM | My March 1 2016 update was absent of any actual relief mentioned in terms of how that might be evaluated by the amount of change in my monthly social security retirement “income” as that might be restated as being a refund or return of my money paid in and now being withdrawn and then a disposition agreeable for how any taken out or as I described that as the seized amounts from December through February were then returnable waiting for this third Wednesday of March 2016 to confirm that my deposit clearly shows the proper amount I elected to receive in September 2015 since it was the only amount I could receive at age 62 homeless and being kept from my marriage properties improperly and then in a unconstitutional abyss without adjustments required to make up the loss per month of the estimated $652 still missing for age 62 social security retirement for the gaps in my employment and then because of the interference in my rights to work in my own field in my own state caused by being forced into homelessness for now more than five years and then because of cursory inspection of one’s experience in a bad hiring pattern in favor of bullet proof discriminatory hiring procedures that threw the job market to anyone able to convince any college graduate in the hiring process that just because they came from another country and were not supposed to replace Americans in their jobs on purpose even though that was their plan they had a technical override in the hiring process by going to a private or state college in the US and surely the nice hiring woman in human resources recognized how such technicalities gave them the honest right to be hired regardless of how many Americans were made homeless or how many Americans faced forced sales of their homes and then also were forced out of their fields of employment to then have to work in lower paying jobs with lower social security payout if they lived long enough in now a more stressful life in duress to that day. | From my March 18 2016 10:56 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too | 113836046163131684898/posts/MVVqyPeFnAR | Commented ⊂ 1 March 19 2016 10:18 AM  My ASA disclosures began with the December 15 2015 and  December 27 2015 posts and was followed by the January 3 2016  and January 17 2016 posts and then my part I and II updates of February 21 2016 and February 22 2016. | ⊂ 2 March 23 2016 10:23 AM  The reporting of my social security retirement losses was accumulatively described for the annual loss statement to record also in my September 23 2015 1:14 PM my original assessment of $700 as that was reported in separate published statements became more probably about $652 monthly and not including the losses in total retirement return that would have investured properly at the proper retirement percentage at a higher age and then also how I faced adversity in my attempts to properly argue retirement before age 62 which led to my case arguments regarding longevity impact due to being pounded physically by the forced hardships and conditions of living in squalor homeless being prevented in my pursuit of years of careful study and application of health practices and then the presumption of my grandfather’s choices relative to his close association with the California retirement plans regarding age retarding factors of retirement elections which is a part of my ongoing cases about any matter of social security investiture which also incorporate my ongoing evaluation of my case versus the County of Alameda and disproportionality issues of due process rooted in a incomprehension of language formatives as that was constructed originally for inalienability and then what structures to be causing after my many disclosures as well a few cases to be overturned for men sentenced to life in proson and then being inadvertently for how the times distorted the concept of due process to cause district attorneys to move to other ways to bias for conviction and not notobly the prospects of how innocence presumed until found guilty does become altered in concept amidst juries in culture and gender mixtures.  My September 23 2015 1:14 PM as Michael L. Urquhart.

March 13 2016 7:12 AM | The standing record for homelessness in California may be about how to stand around while homeless when your automobile is deliberately stolen and then the discovery of how that instrumented by police and a sheriff or too to protect the Governor’s strangle hold on Mother Teresa converts if only he knew what God knew too since he might have thought a background in the grounds of priest hood would be also sainthood one day if only he knew what saints were for and then how they were never really saints at all but carefully put together political expressions of a politically attired religious movement much like how the YMCA with the support of the sheriff system of California and then how they took over every single YWCA to infrastructure rape crisis into a worldwide year or year objective to also overthrow the rulers of any country say like Syria where the man in charge is now apparently abusive too while for how Libya fell in a ‘who done it’ aura of needing a good British sleuth to in painstakingly fashion show how the US President and the Governor of California may have caused that by unwittingly giving women control everywhere while not in any way noticing how police people and then sheriffs too and then their deputies control women everywhere too causing the audience in that movie about the British sleuth on patrol now a thriller to be already ahead of the plot plan and then having narrowed down the cause of it all to California where it began.   In my customary technique of Writing From The Memories Of Who We Once Were  —-  Other signature signoffs Writing About History And Memories Of History | Writing From The Memories Of Who We Are | Writing From Our Memories Of Who We Once Were (Before) | Writing From My Memories Of Who We Are | From my March 13 2016 7:12 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too | 113836046163131684898/posts/arQM6kQNMqn | Commented | ⊂ 1 March 13 2016 8:13 AM | This is also now my published short subject Rigours Of Modeling California Christian Models For Women’s Rights Only of also March 13 2016

March 9 2016 6:49 AM | Yet another contact made with a personal injury team to evaluate how to remedy my stolen Dodge Grand Caravan SE 1999 in the Gilroy California mess created by those I did identify in Gilroy or far away for the property management company whose strict adherence was to the California labor laws that demand women be the only allowed in all roles of deciding basis as the forward strategy of the Democratic Party following by at least also making certain one man from India born there is allowed to take over any important government role too in that indivisible concept of their platform to thumb their noses at real men and then how the country was formed with men and women in specific gathering roles the additives in never retiring under fire of being wrongfully terminated from your right to work is also not to be homeless caused and then without one’s own capacity to move by automobile anywhere a horse would have sufficed before. —- The issue of really an outrage and then a bludgeoning concept the recent announcement by a protected foreigner in a Google position retiring with wealth aspects stated at a very young age and then in perspective relative to the number of actual years worked a kind of mallet to the heads of all Americans forced to work endlessly because the money paid to them is actually laundered before arriving and then is actually quite a loss of worth being entirely missing besides.  See as a starter for those just now finding the truth being said through my independent publishing sites my February 7 2016 8:03 AM which begins  A change in batton reveals a problem and then a wrong in how technology formations have become a scene of American casualites made | From the March 9 2016 6:49 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too | 113836046163131684898/posts/71yebR7S3Db

March 6 2016 6:47 AM |  The delay in being able to remove my self from a harried context of renewed attention to my rights to be able to rest outdoors in Alameda in a public corridor the grasping of this by inattentive largely US citizens in the category of securing the fortresses of property intersections and public access ways the dilemma in any retail concept is how the public domain layers underneath and then on top when cities or counties and then the state raises money to offset how prudence in business like catering to business like caterings is also an accounting madness in where the checks and credits go.  This is a continuation of my February 29 2016 8:42 AM reference to the issues of being sleep arrested again. | From the March 1 2016 8:54 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too. | 113836046163131684898/posts/TLkLhrPH8eu |  My tracking of the issue of sleep hindering or how that becomes about the right to rest in one’s own country during the nights when forced to remain outside as that also might be survival too a basic instinct that is basically in instinct the will and right to survive too | From my separate recording of this issue status also my Michael L. Urquhart  March 6 2016 7:48 AM now cataloged in my post index as a lead-in and then introduction to this March 6 2016 6:47 AM.

March 1 2016 8:54 AM | The Department of Education decision to remove vitally needed social security retirement is also about how the investiture for my law case is about insulators and then grandfather favors and then presumably without knowing before the fact of presenting the arguments for proper forebearance as rapidly as I could in a climate or context for how that can be provided and then given proper adherence to how good remedy “in faith do we trust” is about proper review and then the willingness to reassess that too given the discovery of an overlap in their review period process and then my closing arguments sent and then for all of that in the mishap discovered for my experience with GMAIL and the cause a mischaracterization of my inbox before the fact of then properly my received mail being in my inbox  and not somewhere else not customary to assume while in the redress of that with ASA finally gaining some attention to a remedy that works for now.  Excerpted from my March 1 2016 8:54 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too. | 113836046163131684898/posts/VCkpmPmZai4

February 29 2016 8:42 AM  | In this reference also reported by reference too in my collection LAWSUIT CASE LINKS and LOGS and MATTER  by Michael L. Urquhart the February 26 2016 7:30am posting  A Untimely Return Of Sleep Disruption Ordered In The Claim Made A Letter Was Cited And Then Failed To Be Produced ‪‬ | The February 29 2016 8:42 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too.

February 26 2016 9:17 AM | My event reads regarding the affair of heart in the Apple IPhone territory dispute that in that specific case issuances the urgency of causes not American in the aggregate is the consenus not tallied for the merits espoused in magnanimity in the present worldly approach to also saving anyone believed to be American too in my just published brief period piece The Cause Of Proper Remedy Inside A Cloud Of Transparencies Is Pursuance And Involute Promissories. | Excerpted from my February 26 2016 9:17 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too. | 113836046163131684898/posts/U1hvVYq6xcn | Commented

⊂ 1 February 26 2016 10:10 AM | My spelling issues is a topic already written about the concepts of being informed about spelling misfortunes from the perspective of how a profiler sees other’s in literacy then in their reading of the material and then spots their tendency to observe a issue observed in this slight bit of knowledge transfer about profiling techniques deserving a visit to my value exchange for return of the worth being conveyed and then pursuant to my business aims as those are explained.  In my February 8 2016 8:23 AM beginning “Spell checking requested by a reader of my written event period piece” referring to the subject reader is in a slighly different method I have also written about regarding curvatures in space time and how someone can send a message in their mind to another at that time which can sometimes be a persistent or nagging drawing of one to then see a misspelling.

February 24 2016 6:52 AM | My experience with GMAIL exceeds my capacity to tolerate how ‘socialist share and bare all to all technology companies’ are also presumed to be Democratic Party ticker sellers too for their focus on diversity in not hiring me and then hiring half the world and enriching them with stock privileges because the advances made over complaints from Americans like me who had to face rigid wage rules and then also paltry or no stock givings to match actual contributions ignoring my past disclosures still in legal steps about job discrimination by others even at Apple Computer Inc as far back as 1986 to make that a probable statement of being removed from being able to have the proper stock options for the times for how I and others paved profitability too and then witnessed how all companies became better at stock options and the compensation only as that seemed to enrich all those invading from foreign births in too large a percentage to account for all those Americans left behind and for that travesty and uncalled for lower thought about in life to now be thought to be in too to then have to watch not only these invaders get stock and large amounts of money since about the time it began for one at Daisy Systems which opened the door to him because he attended Stanford cleverly there for how that was a guaranteed job and then one less for an American on purpose courtesy of the Stanford causing many more to walk through later too and then for that when it also seemed to have been when it began for my experience of job exclusions the process building up from about 1980 in a broader agenda and perhaps not for others in their fields since invasion from India specifically while others in lessor proportions such as that that came about to be a good buddy to the former government of Iran back then  or in close proximity to India any country with people of the same philosophies about being the only teachers or leaders allowed anywhere they can gain or gained footholds as far back as likely the beginning of the seventies in theory since they came individually even in their collective replacement objective  “I come in peace” or as that might be “I come to take you a part and make my piece be larger than everyone’s part”. As I had written about the missing wages of America stuck in the stock markets as companies benefiting from wage controls and then the presumed right to export jobs and technology awareness to other countries as that became a high and mighty standing out of Harvard originally and then later Stanford as the battle cry of venture capitalists became an almost absolute directive to go ‘Off Shore” with the money invested which largely came from in the beginning large pension plans for Americans as another statement of how to withdraw money from the missing wages of Americans and give it to foreign workers too even as they entered the country to be foreign workers here as well leaving only social security as the last place anyone would look at for how that is being drained from Americans by reducing their returns at retirement now being transferred to all immigrants in the social security domain and then for those in high paying jobs likely giving them in injury to Americans born to be Americans and then for emphasis with also American born parent borns too then deprived in that process at the same time giving these invaders undeserved high yield return from social security at retirement too not counting any relative in the aged bracket brought to the United States to draw out supplemental benefits everywhere that is possible too since that can be quite lucrative as well. | Excerpted from my February 24 2016 6:52 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too | 113836046163131684898/posts/DFCYMqHTuSi

February 22 2016 11:49 AM | Part II of my update begun yesterday about how one’s social security annuity is not being properly subjected to due process in the obligation to convene a proper hearing in peer review standards in continuity to one’s constitutional service warranty before the fact of actually then “stealing” the money forgetting the obligations to review the matter before the fact properly then too was a matter of never forgetting that too.  The missing important to read and then to know about PDF attached letter prepared by January 15 2016 from ASA.ORG was mailed to me January 21 2016 by email and not discovered until I searched for it using my MacBookPro’s provided out of the box mail utility which I use to manage all my GMAIL accounts. There was some user error on my part for forgetting which email account of several addresses I use I had specified in my hardship request for accommodation to my homelessness and then in that daily condition of hardship a disabling of my right to equal rights to equal opportunity too and for that without a physical address to use for any mail to then in that request made by telephone have ASA.ORG use my email address to send me any correspondence relating to my request for stopping the involuntary seizure of my investitured social security annuity for those reasons then provided to the organization in those gravities already disclosed in my online publishing and as those related to my ongoing lawsuit preparations. All my inbox email is collected together with my Apple mail software program so any chances of me seeing the actual receipt of the ASA sent PDF letter was highly probable and my examination of the actual addressed to email inbox showed no mail at all until I then opened the folder created by the application to store the “GMAIL organized incoming” and discovered the ASA letter in the “SPAM” labeled folder. I then dragged it over to the inbox to make sure it was not deleted.  The regulatory context offered by the US Post Office a historical perspective that in truth for the memories of all of us involved in that common understanding of how lessons predicate to solutions properly envisioned to be evolving steadily from horse carried mail delivery to how today assurances in reliable point to point communication services using paper based correspondence is about also how privacy and accuracy is legally properly and then efficacably made too.  My recollection and then in that inspection earlier on was in how the US Post Office was the best regimentation authority for how to steadily improve and standardize email delivery and then remove how now as it shows up the tendency for cultural divisions in the technology endeavor to create the solutions properly for a people experienced in the historical with the challenges to avoiding highway men in their robbery.  In the survey of this are the facts that those involved with email communication standards were coming from the US Defense funded efforts to standardize operabilities and then across plaform definitions and scales the proper regulatory context for any transmission of electronically sent messages.  See also part one of this update as the post February 21 2016 7:33 PM “My calls to ASA have continued and then have been following up correspondence sent with receipt of one important sent to me letter by PDF email attached delayed BY ABOUT 20 DAYS or until February 9 2016 …”. | Excerpted from my February 22 2016 11:49 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too. | 113836046163131684898/posts/ZnRixzSAJo7

February 21 2016 7:33 PM | My calls to ASA have continued and then have been following up correspondence sent with receipt of one important sent to me letter by PDF email attached delayed BY ABOUT 20 DAYS or until February 9 2016 because GMAIL being for this moment without referring to how this became who it is inside Google or Alphabet deciding for me how my receiving mail should be received and organized and then for that how it should be disposed for me too for how that might be say describing any mail coming from ASA as junk mail to be discarded while hidden for long enough to declare the US Postal Service needs to inquire into exactly what rules GMAIL designers would like to build into mail service the US Post Office conducts so that the mail service can also inspect even the contents of all of the letters to identify how they should be organized and then placed around each customers mail address meaning their physical location and then the physical location where the mail is left so that a number of different locations nearby could be where the now organized mail is left instead leaving the customer to remember where those locations near the main mailbox might be and then also in courtesy to be favorable to how the contents of each received mail is properly analyzed inside and out if it is for how to be organized in a type of gracious progressive agenda to be also so friendly that only the mail that is recommended to be read is then left in the correct place to be the only mail to be read while one could suppose that during elections for the present administration all mail originating from the GOP or even about staying in specific hotels owned by an American gets junked particularly in California and then say in Nevada too where the Democratic party registration process needs to properly ask if everyone is a US citizen and then for cities close to California’s perimeters make sure that those voting are not just driving in to vote and then how that might be from across the border. GMAIL also junked and then hid until my discovery the official response to my original filing of a police report in Alameda using a online police complaint system reporting how my property and clothing was stolen by my brother and his partner amidst other issues already in disclosure phases some of that in terms of legal recourse planning was provided to others in legal continuity to examine while how this is an issue of my need to find housing and then having to expend the most of my social security annuity to be converted into the present market dollar rates for nightly hotel space and then for now about six days of needed rest in a hotel for recovering from being exposed constantly outside and then for that the improper quality of life and deprivation of being able to be in my home as all American truthfully American as birth statements deserve to be and then for their own due too a trebling of the damages when not allowed and so many from other counties are present and then have simply taken away not only the jobs but needed housing for homes for Americans too. My ASA disclosures began with the December 15 2015 and  December 27 2015 posts and was followed by the January 3 2016 post and then the January 17 2016 post | Excerpted from my February 21 2016 7:33 PM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too.

February 8 2016 8:01 AM | Spell checking requested by a reader of my written event period piece results in a correction to “Liberties” in the title missed in the usual grappling with a head injury trauma linked injury to my left eye causing me for that to not see the slender addition of the letter added in presumed error to then be “Liberities” which might be phonetically close or the more correct sound for the writing of it and then how this is all caused by how thoughts form too and then if in error for the conditions of being constantly under stress in the wrong location at age 62 now and then after more than five years of homelessness caused by those who I have to sue just to properly adjudicate their harm to me as the person too and then recover for the damages and injuries the compensation and recompense and then restitutions required even as that was caused in direct connection to before being forced out of the work force by thousands of people from other countries who get teary eyed American women to just ball and ball and ball for them in how that results in more jobs for them and then less American men being in them for how that maps to the police state of California agenda since it became clear to those “law enforcement” males how it would work out for their sustaining career gains where having all women in the work force side-by-side with immigrants allowed to work too just makes the police state management of those religiously defined  behavior laws easily carried out as most women do not care if any man’s constitutional rights are violated routinely and then for them are in a kind of realm where any attorney will  jump at any chance even spending their own money to represent any sobbing woman in any suggestion of any violation of the woman her training in that is even if a  man swears at her since that is not nice which could be grounds for death to him in California once the forces of how making him pay and pay and pay just for that will result in death to him and then jubilee for the women en mass congregating together to moan excitingly or complain more now being joined by opportunist immigrant males in high paying jobs wanting everyone to see how they fit in holding the candles too and then moaning in politeness to keep up appearances and spread their gushiness and then by that make their coming to America story be full of more gushy story to tell.  My writing in preceding publishings and how that incorporates adding much in comments after posts too explains much of the case specifics that also spread to eye coordinating problems after years of perfect focus or as that could be corrected in focus with only slightly adjusting eye glasses and then not still be blurry anyway on the left side before my 2006 heart seizure event led to a horror aftermath instrumented in part by how a woman in my neighborhood of Oak Canyon in the north Alamaden Valley area had transected her beliefs of being a sexual servicer of her own pleasures in abandonment of civil respects by preying on my wife’s failings in understanding how this horror happening was instrumenting her take over and my demise. | Excerpted from my February 8 2016 8:01 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too.  This publishing continues from February 3 2016 which continues my February 1 2016 reflections on price gouging affects of the Super Bowl on hotel stays when forced to be impoverished.

February 7 2016 8:03 AM | A change in batton reveals a problem and then a wrong in how technology formations have become a scene of American casualties made. One of my recent publishings focuses on homelessness causes for Americans. Indemnification Ramifications In Selectives of Plaintiff Portfolios In Evidence For This Case Of Prospective And Established Enrichments In Dispute For Having Caused Casualties And Losses Too | Excerpted from my February 7 2016 8:03 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too. | 113836046163131684898/posts/4rzbvx8PRMq

February 5 2016 8:38 AM | The issues of why I am unable to presume overlapping endears for my past association with Apple as it was Apple Computer then for the fact of its positions with other innovations in the same genre by other companies then in construction for their own aims of common gain overwhelmingly eradicated in history by how elements of regard in a twisted miscontruance of viewing these other companies then in a flavor not wanted too that only Apple Computer then remained while for all those good people who worked there or as they migrated there from other larger computer companies the professional attachment to being professional and then outside the concepts of any flavorings and then ingredienting for miscontruances about aims and then claims in that faceting was a happening of common interest to bringing together the collective awareness of how to create again technology we all knew from before while in that speculation amidst a misgiving about how rewards became in their own interest better for their contributions too the issue of how professionals in their steadfast perseverance to study and then make whole the better to then in subjugation of integrity for that and then character for that as well how they must always study how fortunes become in their own cases a misfortuning of other’s cases or their own and then for that how remedy under US laws is about also how to parent clause. In my style is this brief assessment of today’s interesting recall of a ongoing patent dispute still in dispute regardless of what is now being said for many reasons that have to do with also who exactly is the intellectual property owner of any patents cited in this case.  In regard to my own case of missing the overdue compensation I did in truth ask later via a email to Apple Legal than I could have had I known then the gravity of how I was made to depart life at Apple Computer in 1986 after I had created the first as far as I remain to be shown that this is not the case of this first embodiment of a virtual disk drive using a memory array fixed inside a computer system so that when instrumented it protocoled to a disk storage device peripherally in virtual association too while implementing the file system protocols transparently without emulation and then without having to alter how the computer’s software or hardware system performed. The issues in my lawsuit development areas of how homelessness abandonment is being thwarted by those I have to sue for causing my homelessness and then a missing family too and then for homelessness and then financial devastation how that brings out a need to examine how that needs to be examined for missing compensation and the job fixtures never received for properly being registered to have been received and then for that not to be deceived then instead and in that be thwarted too in how to avoid how homelessness as in that caused of concern they caused too became a obligation to focus on all contributors to the causes and then the obligation to seek and receive the proper remedies too. See this just published Assessment In Value Propositionings Regarding Claimant Territories of Property Assignments  | Excerpted from my February 5 2016 8:38 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too | 113836046163131684898/posts/HCWcLHRHLpG

February 3 2016 6:03 AM | From May 26 2010 onward when I was then forced into homelessness and then financial starvation the gas prices were astronomical and seemed to average about four dollars per gallon making any desire to conserve precious dollars or be cost effective a bleeding process of wasteful endeavor and then for that and for anyone who thought that might make sense driving around to find the lowest price on one gallon always remaining in the gas tank or be stranded anywhere that might be was an example of how others in their desperation for those with the capacity to purchase full gas tanks could also then drive wastefully just to find the better price and for that also not to be mindful of how gasoline mixtures are not even bargains for the price per ratio of compression and solvent matter which requires a fuel ingredient that more readily conserves the weaknesses in the waste matter of combustion which forfeits the cost of ratio to performance achieved by staggering the compliment of the proctored ingredients promoted to decrease alcohol emissions consistently.   IN THIS CONTINUATION of my just posted February 1 2016 6:13 AM  is this excerpt verbatim of paragraph three from my February 2 2016 publishing Price Escalations In The Welfare State of California Define The Sadness In How America Became Sodden With Cretin Moduluses Of Disgrace and Erosions Of American Liberties And Freedoms Giving Those To Anyone Coming To America Instead  | Excerpted from my February 3 2016 6:03 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too | 113836046163131684898/posts/5pGwD27umnk | Commented

⊂ 1 February 3 2016 6:12 AM | My February 1 2016 6:13 AM post is also now organized for improvement in searching my wriiting from this bookmarked location at my index of legacy and new posts . This lead-in to my published article is also important added matter.| After February 3 2016 6:03 AM

February 1 2016 6:13 AM | My commentary of concern in my January 31 2016 publishing link provided at the end for how it becomes personal and then heightening in the tensions for being kept homeless amidst so many from other countries  firmly in their conquest model in how the issues of some parties as in one collective political example became so feminized over decades of making that sew that then made the country unable to comprehend that ongoing changes in high technology leadership favoring selection of invasion dynamics is a sign of the feminine side of accepting conquest causing me to be concerned about the billions of dollars in their hands from the missing wages of Californians too for those American with at least one grandfather born a US citizen in that emphasis to point out contrary to what the feminine side thinks is about proper legal proportions. See my SuperBowl Benefits To Ownerships And MuniciPALS Causes Event Timing And Undeserved Enrichments When Americans Caught In Dire Circumstances Are Forced To Pay Escalated Prices For Needed Services To Survive Or Forego That To Then Further Increasing Of Endangerments And Damages Suffered To Tort Causes To Amend | Excerpted from my February 1 2016 6:13 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too

January 17 2016 9:04 AM | My call to American Student Assistance (ASA ORG) occurred Friday January 15 2016 in inquiry of the status of my ongoing request with three emails sent and then with one more to send while one of the three was initially to my Social Security Administration representative after the surprise discovery and then that in dismay and growing shock and how that traumatizes when in daily shock with traumatic impact by the minute experienced already being notified about a week before the fact by checking my pending deposits of the stealing of now about 15% of my social security retirement returns each month now in the second month as of this coming Wednesday January 20 2016 of causing increasing hardship such as having to stand around in the rain more than I had for the money I had received since September 16 2015 and then was repurposing into needed lodging in Alameda California my emails to ASA.ORG December 14 2015 and then in follow up on December 18 2015 with attachments for further explanations or as material fact for the record for my request for nullification of the college loan repayment obligation for the refinancing received for a original loan for my daughter’s education at a University of California campus which was obtained in proper parent concern and as that is a obligation remanded to parents to handle by our government to assure her chances at survival in California too where as that was a premonition before I knew how I knew what I knew that she would be barred from any high paying job or obstructed directly or indirectly in any career direction she might have pursued by alumni from Stanford in California primarily and then by Harvard migrants arriving too to greedily dig into the guaranteed job market for them as well and how all that was reinforced in adversity to Americans by any of them being from other countries now entrenched in replacing Americans in jobs domestically and thinking in concepts of mind and body properties that made them immediately mistrust anyone not having their concept of what higher education was supposed to be lined up with in terms of credential claims from specific colleges or as they as a body of people not in any way with any sign of life to recognize who Americans were and then still are in the legacy of American history and then in the common shared memories simply in discriminatory stance refusing to hire as I had experienced at one startup in Silicon Valley in which the founder using American ideas and technology had received funding from venture capitalists and then would not hire me even with the skills I had since I was not him or like him or not an American like me already having been one of those he had leveraged and then had to accept to be included as part of his thought to be his company to gain his undeserved advantages of the funding then a large salary and then his status as a founder with stock someday he was going to squander on his own agenda of bringing in more like him. | The immediately preceding logs to review for prior details disclosed are December 15 2015 and then December 27 2015 and then the January  3 2016 in this reporting about the stealing of about 15% of my social security retirement to repay a loan in dispute before the fact for being a loan that was bad too for overcharge on the interest rate and then how it never really seemed to be in a schedule that could be paid off without scathing me financially too and then for the matter of my homeless conditions caused by others still tied up in civil lawsuits for the remedy due to restore me properly to being able to financially be able to be in proper perspective for how to address any claim for repayment too. | See these bookmarked logs from this index as separate views  December 15 2015   December 27 2015   January 3 2016  Excerpted from the January 17 2016 9:04 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too | Commented

⊂ 1 January 17 2016 10:33 AM   One of my presented statements pertains to my declaration of already being bankrupt and how that came about from being kept from addressing any aspect of financial concern as that was printed and published online developed in proper status of recognizing my law basis is defined by my birth details and then by substantive case history of having parents and then grandparents fore with birth facts too and then how their laws provide substance and bearing to my own rights in affording the equal rights clause while in that not ever be forced to accept any alienation in fact created by changing stances or angles of laws that had in their prerogative the right to be assessed for how any new provisions entered into a record of being against the forum and then the proclamations of inalienability could be properly stricken under our rights to hold our laws as birth records can attest in formalities of enrichments deserved for being American and then how that preserved the country from being run over by immigrants thinking the system of our country could be altered daily to then give them advantages or a type of monarch status or protected oligarch realms.  My originally presented bankrupt statements as a capture in a printing to PDF of the website in case their routers mask out my use of any Google or Facebook or WordPress websites have been presented to American Student Assistance. | After January 17 2016 9:04 AM

⊂ 2 January 17 2016 10:34 AM | My previous statements provided with my December 15 2015 and December 27 2015 and then January 3 2016 logs are in my concerning serial report about what is also a study in concern with remedy needed for how American borrow entitlements from their country have obligations in capital exchanges of assay valued preserves of entitlements which pertains then to how cost of funds is needed to be adjusted into the exchange or not and then how replenishment as a repayment goal have costs to manage and then in risk aspects with abridgement causeways for accommodating poverty ensuing or then being kept from the replenishing goal entirely too. See my December 15 2015 log then my December 27 2015 log after I had used up just about all of the then reduced amount of my still in poverty conditions social security retirement money to in that need to pay for lodging to stay indoors for the holidays and then because no conveniences were available when closed on those days and also because weather had turned to the worse causing me to now with less money have more health risks in the pouring down rain and then endangerments from being exposed outside day and night too while for the homeless conditions imposed in injuries mounting from callous treatment of my rights and in causing impediments to my equal access to remedy all conditions of devastation and destitution to the proper level of satisfaction and honor too to address the original  violations of my person and rights supposed to be guaranteed and then the more than five years of being deprived of my home and family since without any justification in any proper or correct or constitutionally allowed proceeding or for any reason of fact of act that was committed since none was. My discovery that Mr. ED was replaced as of January 1 2016 by a new head ED preceded my writing of my January 3 2016 log. | After January 17 2016 9:04 AM

January 3 2016 8:56 AM | The US President throws an anvil at me in my expectations of cancelling the ongoing theft for repaying a debt I was forced not to be able to pay by keeping me homeless on purpose long enough to disaffect any proper posture for debt consolidation in progress that was derailed by robbing me of my job prospects the amount in dispute about also unwarranted scathing me as a cash cow to squeeze every dollar out of me while I am in that breathe locked into a condition of life with now a reluctantly received dedicated cash flow they can get too the original college loan obtained for my daughter’s benefit then was refinanced from the higher improperly assessed interest rate the US government made me take since my daughter had to go to college in California  in order to be recognized as a human by private college alumni as that has turned out to be the flaw in the country side and then able to be allowed to work and survive as everyone has the right to anyway the amount being stolen in the monthly holdup and then reoccurring robbery any thief  would like to be able to receive too is about 15% of vital social security retirement payments already at poverty level the money is being returned to me for having worked and then accrued the annuity even when that is still damages caused by being less by $652 per month that is missing for the age 62 election I had to make to stop starving and then avert total financial destitution in hardship bound conditions for being kept from working steadily in my career in my home state by not only those I am suing who kept me homeless for more than five years to keep me from suing and then by  also immigrants being allowed to steal all the high paying jobs but also by hiring policies developed to discriminate towards anyone not from a private or preferred college. | My discovery of a problem in accounting in tables for poverty provided by ED also came about in discovery of a change in their department head as of January 1 2016. My own case of poverty made worse for poverty worse by the taking of my retirement money using high interest rates applied to inflict the maximum punishment for having not paid on time and then unsavory accrued charges enriching a debt collection agency employing workers in other countries too causing then their enrichment to be about injuring me in their collectively as well the debt collector’s undeserved charges about $2317 and the accrued interest amounts to nearly the same amount as the collection fee they claim the interest had accrued from June 29 2010 after I was made forcibly homeless instead while the interest rate is still at 4.875 percent in highway robbery scale and not if needed to be in just replenishing the capital exchange I had exercised as an American at the proper zero interest rate applied or in the average allowances for cost recovery only for the government side not to be more than about 1.4 percent inside or how the Federal Reserve manages cost of funds aside. | For a comparison see my reference in this separate link provided too to the proper accounting for each state’s cost of living in which housing cost is a primary factor of being able to survive in reasonableness and then in equal rights to equal opportunity too and then how poverty must be scaled in proper accounting scale too if not eradicated for Americans as the main objective not for those arriving to exploit America as the main objective by clicking to my link to US Defense Travel Rates And Tables.  See the explanation of  current issues affecting the housing issues for my case of being a veteran in poverty too. The link provided at my VA complaint explanation web page is to the Per Diem page that then produces as well a basis for justifying hotel costs for any area in which no housing is available for anyone being given housing assistance.  Choose Basic Housing Allowances and then click to the BAH calculator. Use O3 or W3 or E6  for a reasonable rank to assign any American when specifying the zip code for the proper American non military or government employee case too. ‪My VA Injuries Caused In Sustaining Life Voiding | US ED Poverty Indicators Understating By Regions  | Verbatim from the January 3 2015 8:34 AM publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too | The Collections | Commented

⊂ 1 January 3 2016 4:29 PM   See also my related period brief on this issue as  A Problem In Accounting For Poverty Reaches Out To Improper Properlies. | After January 3 2016 8:34 AM

December 27 2015 8:21 AM | Being hindered in the right to survive and then harrowing signs in residence of private college training to drain America of its own aplenty  In this update to my December 15 2015 reporting my contact with Mr. ED the US Department of Education is in a discovery process still now with two separate emails in the process of dispute being allowed to send email to somehow be provided to an unidentified department working with the designated non profit ASA.ORG I contacted that acts as a go between students and presumably those like me as the parent of a student with then the US Department of Education  ASA.Org says it is part of the US Department of Education while also communicating with them and then presumably through them to the unidentified hearing officer or committee of individuals of unknown country origins in residence at the US Department of Education if that is the secret place my email appeal if that works for proper resolution is being remanded to and then also being likely only Democrats I may be facing which I am not my emails so far providing to them the basis for my expectations to see a return of the money already seized and which has already caused discomfort and risk in my daily homeless conditions by now forcing me to stay outside more time in the number of continuous days of increased risk to exposure and then how that is harrowing and debilitating and constant until the third Wednesday of January of 2016 and then by then my hope that there be a ceasure of the now planned monthly robbery pursuant to arguments simply put that likely opposes the profit motive of the U.S.Treasury which seemed to know how to bailout corporate America and then those financial institutions behind the scathing of the American people but not in any way reminding these various beneficiaries that the same consideration was expected of them for their customers too except for banks we are not customers but just cash cows and husbandry of human cash cows seems to be easier than not being greedy and causing a national disaster in forcing Americans to be made to give up their homes instead of properly taking the losses which on the scale of that seems to be a game of “Monopoly” by cheating the other players and then just taking all of the property cards  The US Treasury in direct interface to Americans also seems not to know there are American people deferring to the cash cow concept too instead of recognizing the right of all Americans for relief noting how much relief has been handed to those arriving from other countries and then also in how money has been sent to assist other countries too I would hope then in that assistance received not to just pay for those many that suddenly appeared to now live here   I am still not happy about the Brazilian family who claimed their son was to be kidnapped and then sought refuge in the US and then could afford to send their son to Harvard to then collect about five billion Facebook dollars of undeserved enrichment and then in how that was the missing wages of Americans in the stock market piggy bank for immigrants to withdraw in abandonment just because he could out argue the other one from Harvard in a courtroom while neither apparently could exercise their grandfather rights or not enough directions to go there to quash the other then fleeing the country in his victory to take the money abroad for wasteful spending and then never to be properly redirected into this nation’s cash flow and business opportunity creating jobs for Americans and only because no one wants to calculate the damages due in replenishment in dollars now paid in arrears of all those made to suffer at lower wage specifics for far too long before reform only rewards those arriving in America and then all of the first generation of immigrant children. Homeless on foot while having to be at a Starbucks in Alameda California to use the WIFI after exhausting money impacted by a missing fifteen percent robbery to stay in a hotel as long as I could to avoid being stranded on Christmas Eve and day without any modern conveniences and then to avoid standing in the rain and then just be exposed at night to the now freezing cold. Publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too

December 15 2015 6:21 AM | A discomforting disservice in discrediting is how my social security retirement payment now being forcibly reduced by about fifteen percent in the amount received is being directed toward purposeful infliction of pain and suffering timing that to be the holiday approaching as those I am identifying are now extorting me and then purposely enjoying their enrichment courtesy of the current US President and his ideas about saving Americans caught in high interest rates for college loans when the debt became a deep burden to pay because the interest rates were deliberately too high too because those deciding interest rates may have been in fact focused on their personal backgrounds of being in a profit venture and unable to comprehend how the American people are entitled to low rates of exchanging value propositions for how to remain solvent in America as non Americans and then greedy Americans through financial enterprise staged a robbery of Americans in broad daylight using the financial credit reporting system to enact a taxation for corporations which in that totality became undeserved enrichment for foreign nationals too and then profiting in injury caused by how for Americans misery was caused.  The surprise assault on my capacity to be able to survive in a reasonable way better than the last five years of devastation caused by those I am suing now exposes untenable extra charges that appears to be plundering of any American as a person now taking social security retirement with the US President’s blessing. The total amount taken is too much relative to what is being received to mitigate my hardship others caused and then give me reach to achieve equal equal rights to then remedy their wrongful acts which does now incorporate any lost money in this latest attack to make my conditions worse and in that disable my capacity to manage the inadequate already.  More to follow. Homeless on foot while having to be at a Starbucks In Alameda California to use the WIFI. Publishing in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too | Commented

⊂ 1 December 15 2015 7:09 AM   This  publishing is also incorporated into my Google+ index of posts in its entirety to augment search results which for those searching for related case issues may not extend into Google posts written by anyone. In my case all is public domain and there could be a flattening of the pubic domain reach and then the public domain knowledge base if true by not allowing search to easily penetrate to all publshings as posts too. Reference . | After December 15 2015 6:21 AM

December 13 2015 8:06AM | The “OpenAI” plan to create a plan to change how intelligence is controlled too.  My chance discovery of another individual possibly in the class of being foreign born and then using American concepts of science matters able to work at Google in a preference in their position there from being likely via Stanford being only the preference in his hire noting no biography of record is substantive enough to gather in the intelligence there while he has now moved to a new non profit concept that smacks of communism in a different garb as “OpenAI” where everyone sits around the bar being served love and kisses for mankind and then yacks about how to take all of the existing technology already paid for and derive from it all without paying for anyone’s original contributions in a proper royalty or licensing manner.  The problems in graduate programs is how pick up artistry exists too which is about collecting the works of others as one’s own or be influenced by their work in the industry and then parlaying that into one’s own concepts for their decree standing and then how that applies to every minute way they think about how only they can think about thinking about thinking about.  Colleges then are difficult to use as proving grounds for anyone’s promissory in future innovation for such classes of need without first recognizing how patterns take hold and then egos become bold and then how this is injury in finance terms for the losses to those dislocated and kept purposefully out and then in how that leads to unequal staying power or opportunity to even travel by jets into private worlds where deals are parlayed around to garner more cornerings of who decides who are Americans and then what Americans and now the world can do every day in their freedom to be in their country which for the American relief where freedom seems to be about how wealthy one is wealthy. Continued In A Study of Their Plan to Create a Plan Uninvited to Change How Intelligence is Controlled Too Weighing In Their Own Desires to Define How Only They Can Define Intelligence Too. Excerpted in my collection On The Queue For Reading Too

November 28 2015 9:15 AM | My just published short essay a recapture in perspective anew of my previously published matter of concern about captivity inside a credit report system and how that holds me a prisoner in Alameda California homeless on foot with about seven or eight days per month in hotel stays allowed from the cost of that and then what I am being paid out of my social security deposits after being forced to elect that at age 62 to stave off constant devastation still in the order of the day without a home or automobile even with a now a steady income monthly to pay for a new automobile then and being denied that for a credit report that scorns and damages my character and then thwarts just one step to progress somewhere better in this exploration of a new writing track in this first edition on removing the credit reporting scorning system unless everyone American emphasis is on that please as a minimum bar also obtains the best credit score and then the best interest rate in every case where there is a need to leverage their American right in equal opportunity and never more than anyone not American in their birth case state.  In the case of my first hand experience control of my acquisition of a new automobile by a foreigner in fact everyone on the sales team was someone whose American case would not be even close to my own at all would have precluded arriving to terms that met my need and were equated to be equal opportunity in the closing purchasing plan even with a credit scorn free report.  The manufacturer received a bailout from our government while no one American is allowed any personal bailouts ever unless of course in fairness to what I know for my case I am facing Americans in their rational process of grasping how that might be reasonable in granting the endeavor.  Dear Santa on Christmas Day please deliver a brand new best model of the Escalade motor car fully equipped and then for me by also letting me know to the parking lot behind South Shore Center in Alameda with the keys of course make the color a shade of black provided and then also fill up the gas tank and then also leave a debit card for me in the glove department for purchasing gasoline for at least one year of having to probably be driving endlessly. The Death Bell For A Credit Score System Is Only One Settlement Provision For The Return Of America While Clemency And Then Amnesty From Further Prosecution Or Dishonor For Those Creating A System That Abuses And Created Classes Of Disservices To Cause Dishonor And Sentencing To Punishment Of Discrediting Services  From my collection On The Queue For Reading Too | Commented | ⊂ 1 December 20 2015 9:08 AM   See now also When We Route Evidence Of Affairs We Also Justly Aim For The Cause Too | After November 28 2015 9:15 AM

October 3 2015 3:08 PM | The latest revisions and then cuts of matter to digest from this link and then reconsider how any election approaching is not supposed to be a immigrant’s dream come true considering the latest in the extension of the jobs scene for U.S. government workers not properly filtering out just those seizing jobs and then asking them to go home only or in a massive inquiry of origins just finding all of those illegally working for the government then and asking them nicely to go home and wonder if they are causing injury too by contributing to the housing shortage in California which needs ten million units in housing terms per year just to handle all the women still coming and not even those all grown up yet falling off trees in Alameda as babies the issue of the extension in government budgeting a ominous red flag for us but then reassuring for foreign trade of jobs and business potential allowing those under the EB5 visa program to buy property and housing space as foreign nationals if they promise to pay or bring one half to one million dollars to purchase an American located business and then hire at least ten foreign hires disguised as already having arrived here ‘Coming to Americas’ trying to vote too since there may not be a obligation to hire just real Americans just provide jobs to anyone they might know. They are also apparently promising not to identify the source of their funding which might be missing American wages paid to them in foreign trading of American knowledge and then technology application and then how that creates floating of currency for making them wealthy and depending on their origins the easy money could also be U.S. State Department allocations for different programs of mutual trust or U.S Commerce Department grants for stimulating foreign interest in coming to America or U.S Department of Defense spending in their countries and then missing money. Cases Formed In Consortium Of Third Parties Stealing The Marriage Canoe Debasing The Husband Too And Consorting With The Devil In That State Of California’s Agenda To Dishevel Family Law of Families  Also in my collection Logs To Read After A Post Is Red | The October 5 2015 909AM As Following Comment Two Notice to re-review necessary revisions to the reference document cited in this post and then as that is also referenced by name at the article that is the better read of the post to address what it is and then outline some more detail missing in a very fast style still ripe for corrections but not desired for the need to focus on all cases directly for court filing including the County of Alameda case and then the case of my brother and his partner keeping me homeless in Alameda while stealing away clothing and everything else I had stored in his garage needed for any  matter to address in my own personal affairs and then how to deal with the City of Alameda’s lack of care regarding how their public library is endangerment when using the rest room in a conflict arena related in the movie version of Lord of The Flies. ‪

September 23 2015 8:52 AM | My collection of rare to find technology steps in innovations is about keeping those involving one’s own work. The objective of my idea for why such keepsakes are important is also about assuring that history is correctly told too. This rare source code listing compiled and then printed and kept as an example of my revisions to the source software before I even departed Four Phase Systems to work in the LISA team at Apple Computer in 1982 of a client server system of networking and data exchange I advertised in a repricing at $1,343,232 now for now a loss value too until it can be located and then assessed for any intellectual property compromises. MISSING PROPERTY (COLLECTIBLES) | Also in my collection Logs To Read After A Post Is Red

July 19 2015 10:41 AM | Logs following the posts you have already read. This collection is designed to cut down finding updates made to past posts and then how comments are added to update the context too in this post also about introducing my migration to collections to flatten the post stream and then place prominent pieces of my writing into perspective areas of review while at the time refraining from posting and then becoming burdened with probable consequences of how the public context is worldwide with bandwidth allocation in allocations allowed being less than how a performance gating algorithm as is provided by the ATG Commerce Suite would optimally skew bottlenecks aside. | From my collection Logs To Read After A Post Is Red | 113836046163131684898/posts/Hc2oApVN26R

July 17 2015 7:46 PM | New event timed read from July 17 2015 amidst having to accept a low social security retirement payout impacted downwards in total actually supposed to be due for even being at the age of 62 after being clamored all over to remove me from a marriage unconstitutionally too and then before that and afterwards causing me to not be able to work at my capacity in accord to my rights to work in California and even to be able to experience that missing shower today having to see so many even here illegal show up around me while I have to be homeless and they have fresh clothes on and a body all clean too even with soaps purchased from organic food stores apparently in a luxury to spend spend spend.  See About Uneven Registrations Of Public Reactions To A New CFO In Action | As other posts often have event driven comments added too be sure to review these comments after 113836046163131684898/posts/BjQyyT6zaNy

July 17 2014 6:43:57 AM | California is a prison modeler’s model in how even a shelter must conform to the model since the influence of law enforcement groups in control of California simply causes any idea for sheltering people to become a prison model which in that case is dumping as many men into the same space as possible while causing disruption in their independent thinking models and for some vague dream memories of others goading them on to mischief or mayhem or in some cases being advised to become the wrong advice from the nearby sleeping guy not supposed to be in one’s dream state at all. See my author’s spot civil litigation development website and the home page and then the status board while also evaluating as they appear those references to other written material facts of the ensuing issues of how bungled is the concept of sheltering men who are homeless and how worse it has become for veteran men whose post military life in the hands of non profits is to be stripped of their rank and not paid too for being housed together in one large room. From the description of my tag The correct next step is to cross link to Michael L. Urquhart author spot case highlights and status reports for detail about being imprisoned in a housing project called a shelter in East Oakland which is also published separately in my series The Tag Archive Shaw Conkling Nunn In reference see also Urban Prison Life In California Strife Management By Folly Posted on June 18 2014 By Shaw Conkling Nunn This post is now the commented after January 17 2014 log in my collection Logs To Read After A Post Is Red | 113836046163131684898/posts/7DzYVFMzZpf

January 10 2014 11:20 PM | My quickly put together record publicly made while determining my next steps to obtain the return of a keepsake drivers license stolen and therefore missing from my collection of other keepsake drivers licenses tonight from a Walmart parking lot in Gilroy by a armed woman deputy whose failure to note my passport was a holding of the drivers license too… | 113836046163131684898/posts/LYT3iySBuoV

December 9 2013 10:01 AM | My recent writing reflects an evaluation in my customary event profile technique of the lauding of Google and its founders now providing my freely owned “free” web place on that day in the news… | 113836046163131684898/posts/N1A5eqLDsh4

August 13 2013 2:04 PM | The saga of life in California and its religiousness and job slaughter places of discoloring honor and behind the scene hands that shake and disengage honor is how corporations conceived as sub-entities of a nation now see themselves in a separation of state and country when weakness in the governance of the government for the people allow them to subjugate and steal the wealth of the country and deplete its people. As Michael Nunn Stone  13 August 2013   The Yahoo! Deleting Of An American in The Wrongful Termination Of A Hire | The related matter of Summly in  About a problem also seen at EBay from March 26 2013 | For previously’s see my index for all links and much more while noting all comments attached appear better in their scope and perspectives when the index site is used to link to each of my writing in the post columns.  | The popular mini saga about religious folly in a country of liberties and rights of folly is simply too good to not read too in my April 22 2013 publishing about sin and discipline and for those very young how to never even enter the job market and lose one’s place to foreign workers filling in one’s place which is not a problem for wealthy do gooders of saving jobs for foreigners too since if they have children they might never have to work unless of course in religiousness their parents never give them any money at all because they were born in America and now have to ask God every day to be saved for the all in The Discipline Behind DUI Discipline Is Religiousness And Its Cries  | My republishing of earlier writing is now being reran with new material at Thoughts Form Free Of Quantum Energy Formed In Brain Chemistry Conformed while my place there has been reformatted with a new look. | From my collection Logs To Read After A Post Is Red | 113836046163131684898/posts/ErR4cV2Bw35

April 22 2013 8:51 PM | The Discipline Behind DUI Discipline Is Religiousness And Its Cries   In this case of another celebrity in a marriage duo being subjected to police inspections of their rectums I do not accept Reese Witherspoon’s afterwards statements reported in the news of being a good little submissive woman who is so sorry for offending police officers. We advise she seek a better counsel and confer with her husband about a joint statement only while any attorney who refuses to bow down before police officers or the judges and give away one’s rights of being free to make mistakes and be one’s own judge in life too is always a good consideration to hire too. In our lessons of life we know a problem in stride and that is how to control police officers out of control and instill in them common reason and not a obsessiveness to hand out religious concepts and deprive everyone of their freedoms or apply laws of contempt created for them to hand out in contempt.  In our certainty is their firing required for their lack of common sense when encountering a man and his wife compromised if in any way compromised that night and also any judge who actually agrees that those poor officers had to go home and cry and cry and cry likely to be followed soon by their irritating public statement of their moaning and groaning too usually with a moaning and crying district attorney as well. In news reporting protocols are now the requirement to inspect all of them to see where they pray and prey and prey and wonder how it is they exist or what it is they really are and how do they live and play while making everyone else be forced to obey a jail god. The flaws in Atlanta’s religious government is the same in California too no common sense for safety that simply incorporates making sure everyone is safe which might be to escort anyone not considered safe for the moment home to safety and sleep not put them in the dungeon and spend time brainwashing the woman so she can in the future dump her husband under therapy or in fearful response to police officer thunder which is the loaded gun. AsMichael Nunn Stone 22 April 2013 |  Recent  (2013 timing) civil lawsuit redevelopment If You See Her She Has Been Forcibly Kept Captive In Her Mind… | Previously About a problem also seen at EBay then and how living in a state that created Hollywood… 113836046163131684898/posts/R2dumRwXfS8  | This post is now the Aprl 22 2013 log in my collection Logs To Read After A Post Is Red | Originally linked as 113836046163131684898/posts/XYdXNpqWM2 This post also incorporates my March 21 2013 cover photo | Commented

⊂ 1 April 22 2013 9:45 AM  In my own observation of the original news report as all should agree Reese Witherspoon’s own insistence at being respected as a American and her willingness to watch out for her husband and reckon with the interference in his freedoms and her then likely concern about being abandoned on the spot alone and then be subjected without her husband’s right to deter those expected advances on her by armed men expecting her to be demure and otherwise submissive were correct while the eventual taking of the marriage duo to jail was a kidnapping effect causing payments to be due to them in restitution and equitable relief  of about one hundred fifty three thousand dollars ($153,000) not including accounting for future losses and then settlement due should other states join the assault on their character now that they have been tagged as police game. | After April 22 2013 8:51 PM

March 26 2013 11:04 AM About a problem also seen at EBay then and how living in a state that created Hollywood by providing a backdrop with good weather allowing non stop endeavors is not always the best place to make decisions that are about Hollywood if the money is being directed to also tell a new story every day on TV too in made up TV for you in my quick review of one of several acquisitions by California technology companies without remarking at all about how experience and good breeding also requires recognizing how needing is also breeding too in my new column direction about technology companies and their direction too in this case of one of many like Summly in the end.   The problem with California is that is draws other people in from other states and then creates a safe haven for funding and realization of becoming wealthy if you are from another country since as Hollywood likes to drive everyone to appreciate when a new star is being developed also bringing out the promoters to layer on their own ways to make money from that being developed as well – those promoters some who in fact may have been American born once and then completely lost in the greed created for them to need in private colleges to also then play Hollywood star even when giving lectures when back at college.  In our cases before us are a number of private decisions by decision makers in charge of companies using up the resources of California to give away money to foreigners not from California and not even from America while the reasons cited are interesting and inviting for all to see a star is being born and all have to see that Hollywood knows best how to promote how someone said to have taught himself to code at twelve using great technology from California and the U.S with instructions created to teach everyone at twelve how to code like the rest and then said to best the best entrepreneur for the rest of his life perpetually old at age seventeen who was in fact as said too funded by a billionaire or few in theory at the onset to make new ground be broken while really receiving a luxury way it seems to spend a lot of time planning how to reinvent and position as the greatest to be something that was already there and seen.    For that person in their deciding role my recent email to the Governor’s inner circle for his hands is a must read and toll – another is on the way for being publicly available too – see my added remarks (rmks) at the end of this column piece about her previous hire of another country’s needed higher instead of those already qualified as being born in America and having U.S. laws at their side – my suggestion to review my complaint and expectation to be paid that indemnity claimed for only $189,000 to be paid each year to me with a bonus at the very beginning  – I added that – like now – for accepting the indemnity at the time of now.   Apart from receiving undeserved enrichment even for those behind the scenes in the stated total thirty million dollar Christmas present at the expense as well of many who are not receiving any enrichment at all for their own contribution basis before or even now bringing a seventeen year old to the California scene may be a risky business bet too without his parents being involved as even women judges in the Superior Court of the State of California may want him to be their star too or if being blasé at the time or in the public in any way not addressing his need to be a remade Christian too or complained about by anyone in San Jose have him then spend time in a mental asylum to cut and paste him into a all new person reborn anew ready to donate his excise taxable fortune to law men and their charities for more law men too while the pain of all who are not receiving their just income due or when it was due is to watch all the money being taxed instead which is what may have to be accomplished to discourage profiteering while purposely stealing other’s ideas or being behind the idea that steals other’s potential for work and just rewards instead.   My writing business model for a value exchanged in cash only and cash sponsorship is referenced In the Links.   My previous column piece of March 24 2013 9:08 AM and destinations recommended will kill you if you do not pay attention to how a Personal Judge is needed to represent each of you if in a Superior Court of California not for star effect for those female judges under control of disciplining or discipling sheriff deputies and mainly police officers of LA County and the central California coast enforcing religious laws of the county and easy access for them to everyone’s wife and woman even in the bedroom – they use the age old divide and conquer or vanquish and submit psychological technique to force their way in to then secure always getting in and hearing what they want even the husband to hear even when it is not even true at all (rmks) – it always works with women since they are biologically linked to being oppressed and submissive to men with power and never really see how it became temporary brainwashing of them and then permanent transferral of their ideas from long term reacquaint oriented contacts in a commune like backdrop where now all of the local people you never will ever want to ever even know move into the house.  | The remarks are being added. My headlines are at the top of my profile too.. | 113836046163131684898/posts/R2dumRwXfS8 

March 24 2013 9:09 AM | A replay with a better way of describing my March 20th headlines is here today as I depart from my usual part and create a connection to make to my other headlines that play into how the story about a celebrity whose life may be still facing a lobotomy of chemical and psychological elementals is the same story played endlessly under California religious rules which crept in without anyone noticing more than a few decades ago when fostered children grew up and moved into the government buildings and threw out anything that had to do with Spanish law about assets and property of assets and laws and translated them anyway into a gibberish of misconceptions which in its essence did not grasp how the holy aspect of the Catholic dynasty of creation and legal framing dramatically integrated with Spanish royal decrees and then with other countries of royalty to create the knowledge of how marriage and property had no semblance of being anything more than a properly achieved property acquisition more or a biological fact about men and women who men can stack into their own estates with their jointly created children with all of the laws made to properly equate how to invest and how also to divest property properly to their children.  | My last column piece with my Photo Marquee Writing™ the subject of this show rerun to see is really my headlines to see too and is now my previous succinctly which is about personal judges for you now required when we are forced all to face California superior court religious judges to beat us into  submission to their religious purpose or fall since that may be their primary religious purpose overall while women are the worse and need a male judge from outside the court and older too to properly correct and restore the order of her court and her linings too.  My last column piece is also about birth state laws or why would your parents conceive you to face ruin and chemical lobotomy as adults if their law basis is yours too while even the judges themselves were never subjected to their own rulings to destroy themselves. | Conventions to know – my place headlines provided through my Photo Marquee Writing™ appearing at the top of my profile are cut out of a PDF Backing that also contains supporting material in writing and links that link to other important to review material too The PDF Backing can be downloaded as well by following its link from the caption for the headlines while noting how I might incorporate other notes still.  | My post column index for my primary writing sites today have related subject material to convey  Check also Michael L. Urquhart and Michael Nunn StoneMy previous succinctly about Personal Judges and an assault on a New York born by a religious hegemony intending to force all to be reborn is the March 20 2013 9:42 PM post  |  The important stunning updates in the PDF Backing from my headlines at Michael L. Urquhart from March 22, 2013 available from my caption by clicking on my headlines.  |  My format for story and tellings about science from my memories and how those facts accord to how I see daily events that happen is now incorporating the area of the About where longer passages of story line can now be headlines to the links to related headlands to read. Best seen to appreciate how it works.  Also see my science piece about postpartum “doom” which is how one should see how “depression” after birth is really perceived by the brain since it is not translated correctly because the mind delivers predicate detail about acting out the correctly carried forward steps in order to make the corrective steps step   p.s. My better way to explain in this replay the March 20, 2013 airing of my headlines is to share it directly from my Scapbook instead of copying its iink and placing it directly into the column writing while I am writing which provided the wrong size image to see the headlines easily but happened to show a partial caption about which to know. |  113836046163131684898/posts/KBAVX1Fe2ox

March 20 2013 9:42 PM Personal judges from constitutional law states are needed as counsels in California superior courts in this long and winding avenue to birth state venue or how to immediately involve a Federal court order to abandon the judges of the LA Superior Court | 113836046163131684898/posts/eSmEMVXUSbZ

113836046163131684898/posts/YRooTwk89DK February 26 2013 12:01 PM When we create life we are always supposed to manage it too for how parents in their surrounding soups must be managing how the surrounding nature is fixture’d too. In the case for how specie is promulgating of its changes of form the causative nature of a physical universe we see…

113836046163131684898/posts/STh3AZJtkox February 18 2013 1:20 PM In this recap my reference to how legal filings are more difficult when educational guidelines remove how to create a lawsuit that works…

February 5 2013 7:40 AM The right of all is to properly claim their birth case law which holds that any law remains the same for them from their birth state on and in inalienability is the tragedy for all to be subjected to hopeless ideas of a small minority playing God to all. From my creative piece and comment of reference in a day of reference…  | 113836046163131684898/posts/iRDpSwz4Yoq |

113836046163131684898/posts/Qs1d2fUFd7r January 31 2013 5:53 PM Regarding my own legal case with the assault on my mind for devious alteration purposes and on my marriage and the unauthorized religious conversion of my wife without my permission as her legal husband for those in that market a contract still must be formed with a legal marriage…

113836046163131684898/posts/XDL1Kxx7rRv January 28 2013 7:44 AM When another man “pees” on your property

113836046163131684898/posts/dhVXDMcsHEX January 26 2013 9:03 AM The Seaside Police Department-Starbucks joint operation to kill a homeless man by a process being put together in real time the actual place and method not yet defined on December 20 2011 was caused by…

113836046163131684898/posts/VKKuoBcEYRW January 15 2013 4:16 PM In our heart content is the desire to grow our content and in family practice is reason and focus about reason and focus and practice again when children grow up to cause tragedy…

113836046163131684898/posts/MWTLyypisk8 January 8 2013 8:41 AM In our wonderment about armament and how it is we as American believe we have a right to criticize our own rights to decide when to leave another country alone and not to be alone in how sentiment is about how we feel all should feel but never at the strong arm of the heel…

113836046163131684898/posts/KV1RZtjCw9V January 7 2013 10:43 AM My brief recap again. Warning strong language about California and its religious calling of removing value family systems and creating a heated night for any foreign man to arrive and find his woman in life, usually another man’s wife courtesy of law men and their trafficking in women life.

113836046163131684898/posts/BY3bqDnjw4k January 3 2013 11:40 AM The hall mark of scathing abhorrer is how rusty it can be made to scathe and cause horror.

113836046163131684898/posts/bBd6HBTcQft December 25 2012 10:56 AM In this comment about comment about, see my  placed Report#5, page 10, about for fee email delivery options, from my 1995 Apple Computer Inc internal published paper about integration of telephone and email using a telephone numbering plan…

December 21 2012 4:49 PM | About the common standard protocols of the American California exported disease to shame and disgrace every male not holding a gun and those with guns not being in law enforcement at all caused by inbred religious ideas rooted at the county level from a past of fostering children in a young christian context of not ever being parented by parents with children. | In the collection Logs To Read After A Post Is Red | Comments | ⊂ 2 May 26 2013 12:08 PM | In phonetics are sound rushes and then sound stops… | 113836046163131684898/posts/dyEgBwb2RLP

113836046163131684898/posts/8Y24aDXYgQN December 16 2012 1:16 PM When we think singularity we are never mighty in our soups and when we lose our parenting we never really understand why we never really ever stand (in a click to my Michael Nunn Stone post)

113836046163131684898/posts/QFyDygRVWxg November 29 2012 11:05 AM What is a black hole anyway?

113836046163131684898/posts/8MgiryJSPjc November 26 2012 6:37 PM Character Assassination With ScanSafe Blocking and Hindering Of Free Speech and Right To Seek Business Payments Online Folder

113836046163131684898/posts/fsxtZeGEs6c November 12 2012 10:21 AM Our General Feelings About Generals That Have Feelings, today’s concerning in brief about the CIA… 

113836046163131684898/posts/FZaU5UzTc1U October 28 2012 2:39 PM About a USGS reported Earthquake today in October of 2012

113836046163131684898/posts/UexbkkfWmH9 October 16 2012 10:45 AM When we begin to vote our conscience are we a willing conversion in our awareness to be who we are and when we are men do our wives understand their Zumba instructor or best friend from Facebook as well is not who they rely upon to vote if they are a family too. See our commentary today about the debate on the way.

113836046163131684898/posts/2FWAbnUr1uW October 2 2012 12:33 PM Our glance at a photograph as we thought about a nuclear blast 

113836046163131684898/posts/P4siqTgNnND September 30 2012 10:24 AM More about a diplomat’s premonitions likely known by the CIA and the U.S. Army too.

113836046163131684898/posts/bLroKy6MQy7 September 24 2012 10:50 AM In the news again California charity for the ends in how we speak about a state that became a feminine case of solving problems about men.

113836046163131684898/posts/gVEwAGFPJXf September 12 2012 6:45 AM Premonitions of Diplomats Are Never Publicly Known

113836046163131684898/posts/R7QwWgCUosJ August 17 2012 12:38 PM Abstract: Casualty and Losses In Job Causes

113836046163131684898/posts/PpwPyefKvgf July 28 2012 12:34 PM A woman judge will dismember any family to greet the New Year every day by exclaiming one less man in a marriage every day is her only goal to live in life as a unmarried YMCA wife.

July 19 2012 2:59 PM Travel by air is not advised for two years without recognizing how travel is used by the ears and how sound is amplified when amplified by shape…  | 113836046163131684898/posts/aeTeqcvFA46

June 30 2012 12:42 PM Immense light weigh beam technique in my brief but original fifteen minute writing piece about quantum division across quantum quantum divides  | 113836046163131684898/posts/aP9hUVuu39G

113836046163131684898/posts/fGEfW7vrvfU June 16 2012 1:55 PM Our stature began in our founded beginnings in a process of resolution in how man survived in a different calling in a place of seclusion far from the reaches of how men had to be obedient to allegiance when allegiance was falling fallow to surrogacy and leeches. Thus as we note in a very brief side note the construction of the Company of the Country of the United States came about in commerce and … 

113836046163131684898/posts/M7zXEH6q3BY June 10 2012 5:18 PM After the El Camino Hospital personal injuries caused permanent eye damage and impacted head injury and eventually leading to simultaneously experiencing of loss of time and consciousness best described in appearances as watching a person unable to keep their eyes open while jerking in minute seizures the sudden sleep was so pronounced until use of espresso quality coffee and whole milk in a dilution…

113836046163131684898/posts/QDR5uqW2dvH June 8 2012 2:54 PM A relapse of a women’s memory relapsing is caused by excessive exercising and age onset complications including child birthing as noted in my medical assessment and concussion from a fall not properly understood for how women’s cranial injuries are more persistently onset and delayed at the same time while constant repetitious exercise in excise and in volume of stress inducement to focus body dynamics… 

113836046163131684898/posts/audSkNFUwxG June 4 2012 5:25 AM The About contains narrative about the case against specific individuals and case specifics about the lack of constitutional rights in Santa Cruz County of California elaborated in different sections of my publishing presence at Facebook established to document my utter inability to correct a heinous wrong committed against me as a husband of thirty seven years by a lesbian judge named Heather D. …

June 3 2012 3:00 PM Science and Herbalism and Chinese Medicinal Allergy in my writing from memories about biology | 113836046163131684898/posts/crxXhuTpqBE

113836046163131684898/posts/D3CzCMLiC7w May 15 2012 11:59 AM My original assessment of a good tax rate published June 9, 2011 at my Michael L Urquhart place, Facebook place, came about during a time period when panic was in the capital about paying bills and billionaires were meeting to address concerns about death taxes and favorite causes to avoid death taxes grouping together to discuss grouping together and how to give money to each other’s charitable trusts… 

113836046163131684898/posts/AqgMrRoHDBy May 3 2012 6:54 PM When we see property values in the Central Coast of California we see value valleys and propagation alleys and ways for enrichment and siphoning off of the values as we noted before on Facebook our technique for valuing property in Carmel and our previous statements on Google+ too about the after market value of Facebook before they then purchased patent holdings of rights that may not incorporate … 

113836046163131684898/posts/LyomdnW7McE April 23 2012 1:28 PM The average worker is making less than twelve percent of what they should earn today factoring in how wages are supposed to be catering to how well the country redevelops the resources of the land into work potential and worth while resources to remain as part of the land using the age old premise thought to be what would be expected by cave men to allocate their respective allocation of their means… 

113836046163131684898/posts/LKPdsQrQXxb April 16 2012 1:35 PM Our Push And Shove Today Lawsuits about technology patents are never really hard to patent and never really own up to the facts that patent which are all companies believe they own the patents when in fact inventors who are people are the inventors of fact and then we wonder what they walk away with even years after those facts. Our thoughts about the Sun-Oracle take over of Google which should result…

March 25 2012 1:42 PM | Our Daily Dread Has To Be Force Fed  Our posting today about the deportation of two Americans a man and a woman alone sitting in a couch and chair inside the Starbucks coffee shop inside Safeway Del Rey Oaks City State Monterey March twenty five of 2012 before eight AM   Our observation today early morning along the way of being able to actually use WiFi again at Safeway ably or not to fix in some matter…  | 113836046163131684898/posts/UcSQ5o6VTxb

113836046163131684898/posts/8imuJ5Tf2UJ February 27 2012 9:24 AM When we are about to be awakened in our own awakening image of our important beingness of being we are never about to be anything but how we are to be when we are rebirth’ed and free and as we begin the transcendental ride to lift our sails aweigh we have to become sedentary and focused to in order to compensate for the soup and juice our only dream in how we are interiorly the beingness and then the…

113836046163131684898/posts/VoN57F5CUCb February 3 2012 9:09 AM When we see public offering we hope U.S. laws are germane and executives of Facebook look carefully at how Twitter and Google are aligning content access and rules to country laws our laws in the United States enjoy in theory freedoms from seizures of one’s own properties as of tonight our page owner Shaw Conkling Nunn but not our public page of the same name both still locked and preventing our access…

113836046163131684898/posts/3iuhj5WntMG January 18 2012 8:39 PM See the update to my Google Docs repository of exhibits and my letter from January 20, 2012 to Facebook’s CEO and also to their VP and Legal Counsel using their own online form to again address the issue of Facebook’s seizure of my access rights to access and manage my Facebook Shaw Conkling Nunn public… 

113836046163131684898/posts/MPpYucCkpnk January 14 2012 6:32 PM My previous examination of earth bound effects of gyrations in orbital mass of centricity and mass revolving around a awakening of sentience in the celestial time table for rotating the curvature of space time around a pivot is recorded on Facebook in my Michael L Urquhart account which begins “Our phenomenon characterization of Pacific Rim earthquakes is recorded by date and time as a matter of record…

January 13 2012 9:25 AM | Exhibits in Starbucks And Seaside Lawsuit Notification contains commentary useful in narrative presentation and chronicle the immediate hours and then days following in terms of revealing details recalled but are not exhaustive of all the details to provide while the exhibit inserts which are the references provided allow a closer examination of the included replica of the original subject created and then communicated to Seaside Police Chief and named officers and then to Starbucks regarding the incendiary issues of policing coffee drinkers excessively at the named location in Seaside the last place to meet someone you like. Amended January 30 2012 at 7:14am | References in PDF for exhibit photos Seaside Police Chief Takes Over Starbucks To Evict and Seize  Amended January 23 2012 at 9:06am | Previously we said See the About and also note the destinations on Facebook linked there where we are struggling to maintain our composure about software design ideas in how to obstruct access to a owned website conveyed for our private use by Facebook Inc | Inline comments have links to specific references to review inserted January 14 2012 at 6:28pm | Inline comments have link subject references January 23 2012 at 9:11am | Commented

⊂ 1 January 14 2012 6:28PM  My Facebook January 11, 2012 at 5:58am post ‪permalink.php?story_fbid=113031732150365&id=128590343851569‬. | After January 13 2012 9:25 AM

⊂ 2 January 14 2012 6:28 PM  My Facebook December 21, 2011 at 5:02am post ‪permalink.php?story_fbid=206784962741215&id=128590343851569‬. | After January 13 2012 9:25 AM

⊂ 3 January 14 2012 6:29 PM  The original December 20, 2011 at 10:56pm post in alarm ‪permalink.php?story_fbid=296634337047168&id=128590343851569j | After January 13 2012 9:25 AM

⊂ 4 January 16 2012 9:58 PM  Our Google Docs story of the blocking of our access to our Facebook page owner and then the barring of our access to administer our own content and copyrighted writing including our Wall writing we note the restricted access even in our About here where we had placed the link to our people page admin account there now blocked everywhere we think and likely will be deleted even though we complied with their I9 request to verify our identity which they already knew anyway we sent our passport image twice before they restricted everyone’s ability to see the account in the search menu or follow links to it and after they blocked our access because of our telephone issue described in sequence including our email with our passport image as we note there on Facebook and here on Google+ we documented our legal surnames of our parents and grandparent which apparently the executive management of Facebook does not agree with even though many artists use names not matching their legal birth names and are not being disabled. Our screen shots of our story here we note carriy the Facebook framing of our original writing surrounding the exhibits of the screen shots depicted and all are now legal exhibits. All this followed our discovery of the defacing of one written creative piece of our art form of writing.  See a.a.9.0 Public Page and Page Owner Shaw Conkling Nunn Websites Blocked By Facebook the Story ‪  | After January 13 2012 9:25 AM

⊂ 5  January 21 2013 3:51 PM  To recap this story for those not aware how I began to report this mess of mistreatment at the hands of Starbucks and Seaside police and how I immediately began reporting originally on that night after the eviction by the Seaside police and one savage thinking woman shift supervisor incensed I was inquiring why I was being falsely accused of watching pornography and who were the complainers anyway since that was how she began the assault while in the aftermath the Seaside police chief’s attention to detail about how never to be allowed to sleep in one’s car In Monterey County led to my vehicle of last refuge and safety being permanently damaged March 12 2012 when a younger man in a pickup truck rammed me while I was making a legal left turn that caused by endless stalking of me to find where I was sleeping while the Seaside Police Department among other damages due still owe me a replacement vehicle, already specified in my publishing of the specifications within my spaces here at Google+, also incorporating by that specified too in the exact monetary amount to be received, my expected and long over due hotel costs for every day still needed since December 20 2011. | My related Michael L Urquhart April 19 2012 post January 21 2013 comment 5 update is noteworthy too  ‪113901104666057431205/posts/4wADCQFkiTT | My previous next to top post at my Facebook Page.
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October 11 2011 9:18 AM | See My About  First post in preparation to use of this co-marketing platform  while still able to access and publish at my Shaw Conkling Nunn Page at the Facebook portal. | 113836046163131684898/posts/cvTE7Hgec3E

June 23 2011 2:53 PM | Facebook Page |  Our dismay and abhorrer is about abuse of our rights and removal of our husband rights to be concerted and concerned in our own wife’s case of medical decline while being contained in a loss of liberty to be in our home with our mate without ever bothering to have a hearing before imprisonment or containment to refute in our case false allegations leaving room for others to end up in control of my controllable wife and the end of our relations as she was converted to be a willful informant of anything they needed her to say about our life as long as it could be characterized with words that led fearful female judges who loath men anyway to scream inside in holy terror even as any man stands in front of them to protest as is their right as we also note some females judges not being prone to easy terror are also so man like they are arrogant and quick to fry any man’s testicles to remove envy and hope that in time they will be simply seen as the right kind of man to be in a state emphasizing singles and same sex fantasy since some sex acts may likely still be illegal or easily become illegal in the make your own laws up counties.| From my last comment to my June 23 2011 9:10 AM published writing and record of the rape of a marriage by the State of California and its agents. The column of my comments below what was originally a wall publishing of my writing shows the evidence of the defacing of my “admin” account for my public page. The comments noted as Michael Urquhart were deliberately altered by an inside Facebook Inc employee from my originally specified Shaw Conkling Nunn name I established legally he using an idea he could make his own laws up too. The inconsiderate act diminished the character of my comments which in this case was supposed to be by me as Shaw Conkling Nunn. | permalink.php?story_fbid=210458055664797&id=128590343851569 (with 9 comments after)

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